Creation Debate

I didn't watch the Creation vs Evolution debate between creationist, Ken Ham, and evolutionist, Bill Nye. I did notice the significant media hype before the debate telling me that the pagans clearly expected their science knight-in-shining-armor, Bill Nye, "The Science Guy", to win hands down. I figured that, in order to get the debate with Bill Nye on TV, Ken Ham had to permit the debate to be rigged against creation just as happened the last time Ken had a televised debate with evolutionists so I was wondering, "why does Ken bother?"

After the debate, I was surprised to see almost no news items about the debate. I only saw one article I didn't read because I thought the pagan media would be blowing off about how they won the debate with a ton of articles (read plenty of reading to come), regardless of who won, and then I saw one article by a pagan asking, "What does it matter?" The latter article told me that, most likely Bill got his butt handed to him by Ken because, if Bill had won the debate, it would have mattered a lot and been a major celebration by every pagan evolutionist in the world about how only ignorant and stupid people believe in creation.

So I am sitting here days later asking, "What happened to the party?"

It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that Bill Nye got his butt handed to him by Ken Ham and the pagans are ignoring it hoping it will all go away. "What does it matter?" Before the debate, it was very important and now it doesn't even matter? Yeah, right.

Then I see this twit, Pat Robertson, supposedly a Christian, reprimanding Ken for debating evolution at all. According to the article I just read, Pat told Ken to stop insulting Christians by literally interpreting the Bible to determine how earth was formed. Really?

Pat is purported to have called creation "nonsense" (he believes God is nonsense?), said, "There ain't now way it is possible" for all of this to have happened in just 6,000 years (he doesn't believe that nothing is impossible with God, as the scriptures tell us?), "Let's be real. Let's not make a joke of ourselves," (he believes God is a joke?).

Let's get it straight, it didn't "just happen", as Pat stated, that is evolution. God caused it to happen, which is creation. And God didn't take "just" 6,000 years to do it, He did it all in just six 24 hour days, according to the Bible, which Pat doesn't believe in. And Pat is a Christian leader? Yeah, teaching paganism.

So we know that Pat is an evolutionist calling God a liar (we shouldn't believe God, we should believe lying scientists when there are plenty of scientists who do believe God) and is chastising Ken Ham, Ph.D., a scientist, for believing God. Oh, what a great Christian Pat is!!! Listen, Pat is a huge part of the problem with our church by teaching paganism from within the church which only encourages Christians to believe more paganism and less of what God says, after all, you can't believe what God says. Gee, I wonder why we are being punished by God, not really. It gets more obvious every day, doesn't it.

This should tell you what?

That Pat is a poser Christian, who doesn't literally believe the Bible, and closet pagan helping destroy the church from within, one pagan step at a time by teaching paganism. "Here, believe this paganism, here believe that paganism, and etc., because the Bible shouldn't be believed literally because it isn't really true, God lied." I don't want to be standing anywhere near this pagan clown on Judgment Day because I don't want to get hit by the splatter.

Anyone who gives Pat and his organization any money is guilty of aiding Satan in Satan's war against God. Don't stand too close to me on Judgment Day. Maybe I should wear a rain coat on Judgment Day, it is going to get a little messy.

You know what is going to happen, after Pharaoh Obama declares martial law and forces Shiria Law on us, outlawing Christianity. Pat will be one of many "Christian" leaders who will suddenly have a revelation that Christianity and Islam are the same religion (after all, you can't literally believe the Bible) so Pat can justify converting to Islam (to save his own butt), taking who knows how many millions of people with him, and quickly become a Muslim religious leader to keep making millions teaching Islam. You will be amazed at how many of our top "Christian leaders" will do this very quickly. You can bet they will follow the money.

To me, Pat chastising Ken for literally believing the Bible, is one really huge red flag telling me that Pat ain't one of us and is a pagan mole. Keep an eye on this and here is three big cheers to Ken for believing God and not paganism.

With "Christian leaders" like Pat, who won't stand up for the Bible because they are afraid it will embarrass them, you really need to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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