I keep seeing things like the cops need more of this, that or something else but the one thing I don't see is that the most important thing the cops need is fewer criminals resisting arrest. If the criminals stop resisting arrest, the cops will have to stop using force to make those arrests.

If you resist arrest and end up getting your butt kicked, whose fault is that?

Not the cops.

Any time one starts a physical altercation, they are facing the risk of possible death or serious injury, especially on the really bad streets where these cops work and are nothing like the nice, quiet neighborhoods most people live in. If you don't want to get hurt or killed, don't start fights.

God taught me a long time ago that, if you go looking for trouble long enough, you will find it.

If all the bad guys quit looking for trouble, they would stop finding it and then whining about getting their butts kicked when they did find it. Most of those bad guys have hurt so many people they deserve a much worse beating than Rodney King got and many of them have given that kind of beating to others. And we feel sorry for them when they start a fight with a cop and turn up dead?

When I was a kid, I grew up in some really bad neighborhoods and we REALLY hated all of the middle and upper class who didn't know what they were talking about feeling sorry for the criminals with all of their great sounding psychobabble and turning them loose on us to commit more crimes against us. I have never felt sorry for one of those criminals when I see them get what they have done to others many times. Most people are completely clue less about the living hell those bad guys cause for good people who live in those neighborhoods and they feel sorry for the criminals? Those criminals are terrorists who terrorize entire communities. Many times I heard the people in my communities say, "Hey, you feel sorry for the butt holes? Take them home to your family in your neighborhood but don't send them back to our families in our neighborhood to commit more crimes against us." We were always glad to see one of them die because that meant that much less hell for us and that the middle and upper classes couldn't turn the monsters loose on us again.

While all of the middle and upper class people living in their nice, quiet neighborhoods are running around impressing each other about how compassionate they are by feeling sorry for such criminals, there are plenty of innocent victims in those other neighborhoods who wish the cops would kill a few more. There were plenty of times I was one of those victims and know just how it feels to wish the cops had killed a few more. I have no sympathy for the bad guys when they finally get themselves killed making those neighborhoods a better place to live by one less bad guy.

Are all cops good?

No, but when a good cop kills a bad guy in self defense, shut the hell up.

If you think I am wrong, go live in those neighborhoods with those bad guys for a few years and then tell me about it. It is NOTHING like what you are seeing on TV or hear from the "experts". You combat vets have seen those bad guys in such neighborhoods in Iraq and Afghanistan and know what I mean. They are mean people who enjoy hurting other people.

One of the things I am seeing with this is how the media and other liberals are using the coroner declaring the death was a homicide. They are acting as if the coroner calling it a homicide means it was murder when the truth is that there are different types of homicides such as justifiable, accidental, premeditated, and others. All homicide means is the death was partly or completely caused by the actions of a human, in of itself, it being a homicide does not mean a crime was committed. From what I have been seeing, too many people are taking or pushing the idea that the coroner declaring it a homicide as meaning the cop committed a crime or murder.

It is not the coroner's responsibility to determine whether a crime was committed. That is the court's job and the court ruled that no crime was committed. That should settle the case. Everything else is ignorance, garbage, propaganda, lies, misinformation, racism, and hate crimes.

For anyone to insist that a person should be found guilty of a crime just because of the color of their skin is racism and a hate crime. Therefore, the only crimes being committed in these cases are racism for insisting cops should be found guilty of a crime because they are white and the accompanying hate crimes.

Why is no one prosecuting these criminals for these crimes?

The Cops

I had a friend who did competitive shooting and coached kids in competitive shooting. He said his club in a former city built an indoor shooting range for the kids and some local cops asked if they could use the range for practice. He didn't think anything about it and let them use it. When he went to the range later, he found the cops had shot so poorly that they had devastated his shooting range so that a lot of it had to be rebuilt.

From everything I have seen and heard, most cops are really lousy shots. When you have a terrorist (Boston bomber) pinned down by over 100 cops and they have to bring in more ammo because all of the cops ran out of bullets with the terrorist only slightly wounded, that is lousy shooting.

I don't know how many times I have seen cases where dozens to hundreds of cops have one or more bad guys pinned down and the cops keep running out of ammo.

Remember when the LAPD had the SLA pinned down back in the 1970s and they ran out of ammo at least three or four times over a period of about six to eight hours and finally the wood frame house caught fire because of so much hot steel striking the wood in the house that the house spontaneously combusted?

All of the SLA terrorists died in the fire and the coroner determined that only one of about a dozen people had been shot and the rest died from the fire.

In a wood frame house with the cops using NATO rounds and they only shot one person in about six or eight hours? My first thought was, "how many times did they actually miss the house?"

Most cops definitely need, not just more, but better training.

The Criminals

One thing I don't see anyone talking about is that the cops are dealing with aggressive bad guys or criminals, most of whom have put people in the hospital with just their hands and feet as weapons, some have killed. Most of them could kill you with one lucky punch or kick. When being attacked by such a person, the military and cops know there is no such thing as an "unarmed person" but the lying media keep calling these violent criminals unarmed to turn people against the cops and get people angry.

What, did the bad guy leave his hands and feet at home?

We need to find a way to put the word out that these bad guys are NEVER unarmed and are dangerous at all times to counter the lies of the media. There is no such thing as an unarmed criminal, especially a violent criminal. Every cop and citizen who is in fear of their life because such a criminal or bad guy is attacking them should have the right to use deadly force to defend themselves whether or not the bad guy is holding a weapon in their hands because their hands and feet are deadly weapons.

We need to find ways to counter the media lies.

We didn't obey God and kill the criminals we should have because we let the liberal pagan shrinks convince us that these criminals are victims of society and we should treat these animals with compassion, you know, so these pagan shrinks can make a lot of money "rehabilitating" the criminals.

The problem is that the shrinks have not rehabilitated more than just a few. The statistics they will tell us about say that better than 70% of these "rehabilitated" criminals are back in prison within one year. Please note that this statistic doesn't include all criminals who committed a crime and were not caught or all criminals who committed a crime and were caught or all criminals who committed a crime, were caught, got prosecuted, and got off for some legal reason or all criminals who moved to another city and were committing crimes but only the criminals who got caught, were prosecuted, and sent back to prison in that prison system. Also note that they don't tell you about the percentage of their "rehabilitated" criminals which are back in prison within two years, three years, four years, five years, or ten years.

Could it be that the percentage of their "rehabilitated" criminals which are back in prison within two years is very close to 100%?

Of course, when confronted with these terrible statistics proving the shrinks are not rehabilitating more than just a tiny handful, they use the lame excuse that the shrinks "know" the criminals were rehabilitated when the criminals were released from prison and the criminals were just "seduced" back into crime when they hit the streets.

I have been on those streets when those criminals got home and know what goes on. There is no seduction. The general pattern of what happens is that they go home to their "woman" who has been maintaining their home or base of criminal operations and spend whatever time with her is necessary to make up for the criminals' prolonged absence doing things like making love, going shopping with them, and going out to eat. When the criminals feel their woman is satisfied, usually about 24 to 48 hours after getting home, the criminals walk straight from their home to where their gang hangs out and go back to work committing crimes with their gang. The criminals even gain in stature within the gang for having been "in the big house".

The criminals are not victims of society but society is their victim.

You have been feeling sorry for these monsters and turning them loose back on their poor neighborhoods to commit more crimes against the poor people in those neighborhoods so God is going to turn these same monsters loose on the middle and upper classes to commit their crimes against you because God meant it when He said, "do unto others what you would have others (including God) do unto you."

Remember that Obama stated before he was first elected that he would empty our prisons? Did you know that there has been a very large Muslim program in our prisons with large numbers of these violent criminals converting to Islam?

Why would so many violent criminals convert to Islam?

Because Islam is perfect for these monsters because, under Sharia Law, they not only can commit the crimes they have been committing against you but committing those crimes against you infidels is a good work earning salvation and, if you resist, try to have them arrested, or in any way try to stop them, they can and are supposed to kill you. Islam and Shiria Law are absolutely perfect for these violent criminals because it makes the crimes they love committing against you legal and a good work earning salvation.

What I expect Obama to do immediately after he sets up his Muslim dictatorship is to offer all criminals a complete pardon if they convert to Islam and join Obama's CNSF. They will go from being criminals on the run or in prison fighting against your law officers, who have been protecting you with you betraying the law officers by tying their hands, to the criminals becoming your law officers and overlords able to freely commit their crimes against you at will. You felt sorry for these monsters and turned them loose on others so now the monsters are going to be turned loose on you. Believe me, eyes will open.

Remember that our prisons have become so full that the corrupt pagan politicians have been turning them loose on us for decades and it is getting worse because you let the pagan shrinks convince you to stop executing those violent criminals the way God said? Remember that those over filled prisons are helping bankrupt our states and federal government?

God is purging those criminals you stopped executing but after the middle and upper classes get a taste of the reality of these evil pagan beasts preying on them. God will take those criminals out of our overfilled prisons and off our streets into the CNSF. He will then take most of them to the Middle East to die in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39. The rest? You will have to fight and kill in the coming war to regain your freedoms the way you should have killed them decades ago for their crimes, but after you get to see their vicious crimes up close and personal.

You still think you are not being punished for letting the pagans convince you to follow their paganism instead of doing things the way God told you to live?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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