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UK's David Cameron said that Obama some times calls him "Bro".

Does Cameron think that makes him black? Don't liberals know how to use a mirror?

Stock Market

Food for thought: Is the upper class trash artificially running up the stock market so they can cause a super crash and destroy almost everyone else's wealth in mass?

Think about it, they artificially inflate the prices of stocks, get you to buy into those stocks at the highest possible price so your loss will be greatest, and then artificially drive the prices of those stocks down to almost nothing causing you to lose everything you have invested. BTW, the upper class trash call this "shaking the tree" to get rid of other rich people. It is a consolidation of power thing, you know, like I have been teaching you for years. Keep an eye on this.

Chinese Christians

Thomas D. Williams, Ph.D. wrote an article posted on Breitbart which said, "A new study in the China Economic Review exploring the impact of religious beliefs on economic development has found that 'Christianity has the most significant effect on economic growth' and that the steady increase of Christianity has played an important role in China's economic rise." and "The study by Qunyong Wang of the Institute of Statistics and Econometrics at Nankai University and Xinyu Lin of Renmin University of China finds that Christianity has significantly contributed to China's economic growth. The researchers discovered a positive correlation between areas of particularly robust economic growth and the prevalence of Christian congregations and institutions in these areas." and "The study builds on the prior research of Zhao Xiao, a Chinese economist who gained attention for arguing that China's economy would benefit from the spread of Christianity." and "Wang and Lin analyzed provincial data during the ten-year period from 2001 to 2011, comparing the relative impact of different religious beliefs on regional economic growth, and they found Christianity to have the most significant effect."

So, in China, their growing economy at the same time Christianity is booming and the US declining economy at the same time the pagans have seized control of the US, are sacking the nation, and are persecuting Christians just might have something in common? Think about it.

BTW, I am noticing that US Christians are not being fooled by Hollywood's liberal distortions of the Bible and the liberals look like they are about to lose their butts on the movie, "Exodus". What, did the liberals think Christians would flock to anti-Christian hate movies just because those movies are supposed to be about the Bible? Probably, liberals are kind of stupid that way.

The Young

Ashley Pratte wrote, "Young America's Foundation has released its Youth Misery Index (YMI) numbers for 2014, and it's a record high of 106.5. The Youth Misery Index (YMI) is calculated by adding youth unemployment, student loan debt, and national debt (per capita) numbers." and "Young people are experiencing hardships like never before under the Obama administration, and this generation is especially suffering the consequences of this administration's leftist policies."

The "official" youth unemployment is 18.1%, 70% of college graduates have student loan debt with few jobs to pay those loans off, National debt per capita is $58,437, and the youth misery index has risen from 98.6 in 2013 to 106.5 in 2014.

Ashley concluded with, "Since 2008, the YMI has increased by 53.7 percent, the highest increase under any President, making Obama the worst President for youth economic opportunity."

This is at a time when the US economy is finally getting better because of the fracking Obama tried to stop driving down gas prices and Obama trying to take the credit for it. If Obama had gotten his way, there still wouldn't be any growth in the economy. Unfortunate, the growing economy has caused Obama's popularity to increase from 39% to 47% which is why democracy can no longer work.

Clearly, too many people have been dumbed down, brainwashed, are not paying attention to what is going on, and blindly believing what the liberal media tell them to believe for democracy to work. Obviously, almost 50% of the people in the US easily fall into one or more of those categories and you only need 51% of the votes from the people to set up the liberal communist dictatorship. Plus almost all of the politicians are corrupt and in the same bed.

So, how is that false pagan god, democracy, doing?

Muslim Backlash

With almost no one but Muslims and commies killing people around the world on any significant scale, people's eyes are opening. As the slaughtering gets closer to home, you know, in the Western countries like Europe and the US, it becomes more personal and obvious so that fewer people are believing the lie about Islam being a religion of peace.

Oliver Lane wrote, "The German anti-Islamisation group which has sprung from a small meeting of a few dozen to tens of thousands in less than three months has enjoyed a record turnout despite stiff opposition from the German establishment and an increasingly violent counter-movement." and "The Patriotic Europeans Against Islamisation of the West (PEGIDA) movement has now spread from its home city of Dresden, where up to 20,000 took to the streets for their first weekly 'stroll' of 2015, to other cities in Germany and Europe." and "Cadet groups who have vowed to begin their own strolls in coming weeks have been launched in the United Kingdom, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, and Austria." 1 in 3 Germans say they will join such a protest, if one takes place near them. That is huge.

Mean while, the liberal commie traitor media are trying to keep everyone focused on the counter protests being put on by the commies and Muslims. The liberal commie dictators have been shutting off lights in the areas of the peaceful protests by the anti-Islamisation groups, the commie/Muslim protests are getting increasingly violent, and German chancellor Angela Merkel told the German people they will just have to get used to Islam and its murdering of Christians and others.

You think that attitude might end Merkel's career? Do you think this is building towards a civil war?

This recent slaughter of French Journalists is rapidly turn even liberals against Muslims, especially in Europe and the US. In spite of the liberal efforts to cover up for the atrocities of the Muslims globally, people are increasingly turning against Muslims.

Also, with the new US commie/Muslim strategy of protesting during Sunday brunches in restaurants liberals love, the commies/Muslims are quickly turning increasing numbers of liberals against blacks and liberal activists. It is alright with these liberal yuppies when the commies and Muslims burn down businesses in other cities but not acceptable for the protests to get in the yuppies' faces, especially during fun activities. I am also seeing increasing signs that liberals and blacks are turning against each other, just like I told you they would, and they have not yet finished setting up their commie dictatorship. Be sure to enjoy this liberal/Muslim infighting as much as possible.

There is definitely a growing division between the commie/Muslim faction and the rest of the West, but even between the commies and Muslims. The line has been drawn, eyes are opening, the wars and killing have already started, and informed people are choosing.


Have you noticed that liberal Harvard is suddenly not liking Obamacare?

It is starting to hit them in the pocket with increased costs. How many of the elite intellectuals will stop being socialists when it hits them in the pocket? They thought they would be immune and special because they are commie traitors, you know, part of the gang. This is hilarious. The people who have been responsible for teaching and pushing Marxism are getting some of their own. Be sure to keep an eye on and enjoy this irony.


I received an e-mail from one of my three site readers stating that he has also noticed the same low kill count by his cat on birds, even with a bird feeder in his yard. He mentioned that he was wondering whether the one bird kill by his cat was because the bird was sick. A good point.

There is so much to teach about biology. Entire libraries of books have been written about biology.

It is a well known fact in biology that predators will go for the easier, safer kills every time. This increases their chances of making kills, saves energy, and decreases the potential for the predators to get hurt or killed in the struggle. It has been known for decades that better than 90% of the prey taken globally every year is the young of other species.


Because they are the easier, safer prey. They are smaller, weaker, slower, less experienced, and the majority of any population following the reproduction seasons. (Remember that, for a population to remain stable or the same size, predation has to equal reproduction.)

Included in the easier, safer prey category are the sick and injured.

Many predators, like wolves and lions, will spook herds of prey into running so the weaker members of the herd will get dropped by the herd making them more obvious and easier kills. In biology, we call this culling the herd and it helps prevent things like disease outbreaks within the herds.

When considering all of this in relation to my observed very low kill rates for cats on birds, it becomes quite obvious that the most probable killing of birds by cats is the cats taking the weaker members of the flocks or culling the flocks. The cats taking the weaker members of the flocks helps prevent disease outbreaks within the flocks which is what our upper class trash don't want and must might explain their campaigns to get rid of free roaming cats.

There is no way cats are devastating bird populations.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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