Critical Mass

Dead Sea Scrolls

For a very long time, the God hating liberal evolutionists have been using a lie to "disprove" both the Old Testament and the New Testament. They started with the lie that the Old Testament wasn't written until after the Jews returned from captivity in Babylon, which would have been more than 300 years after the Exodus, therefore, they argue, the Old Testament was written based on hearsay and old wives tales, meaning it isn't reliable. The lying pagans have persisted with this lie even after scientists have proven almost everything in the Old Testament prior to the Babylonian captivity including the existence of King David, the Exodus, the Hebrews invading Canaan, and almost everything else.

As a matter of fact, this lie worked so well, the pagans decided to use the same lie to discredit the New Testament saying that it was not written until at least 300 years after the death of Jesus and, therefore, it was written based on hearsay and old wives tales and could not be considered accurate even though almost all of it has been proved to be accurate via archaeology and other historical sources.

Then they found the Dead Sea Scrolls, which the pagans, of course, tried to discredit with more lies before the scientists even had time to take a good look at those scrolls.

Well, the scientists took a really good look and were surprised at what they found. First, the Dead Sea Scrolls were buried by a conservative sect of Judaism when they realized that Rome was sending an army to destroy Israel because of her rebellion. These Jews knew that the Roman army would destroy every vestige of Judaism they could find so the Jews hid all of their most valuable scrolls in caves in the Dead Sea area to keep the Romans from destroying those scrolls. When the Romans invaded and destroyed Israel in 69 AD, they wiped out this community destroying all knowledge about the existence of these scrolls which have remained hidden since before 69 AD making those caves almost 2,000 year old time capsules protected from the destructive hands of man....and Satan.

Something like 75% of those scrolls had to do with the daily life and business of the community which hid the scrolls. Most of the remaining scrolls were copies of the Old Testament in the newer Hebrew used after the captivity in Babylon. But there were quite a few scrolls which were copies of the much older scriptures written in the older Hebrew which was only used prior to the Babylonian captivity proving that most of the Old Testament, especially Torah, really was written a long time before the Babylonian captivity. These copies of older scrolls were almost identical in text with the newer scrolls, most of which dated to about 300 BC. Therefore, the Old Testament has been validated as having been written well before the Babylonian captivity, have been proved by archaeology, and the pagans lied....again. Hey, they have to protect their false pagan religions and the only way to do that is with lies.

Buuuut, the Dead Sea Scrolls also contained pieces of more than one dozen books from the New Testament, including Matthew. You have to understand that, these scrolls were buried prior to Rome invading and destroying Israel in 69 AD, only 36 years after the death of Jesus and when almost all of the witnesses were still alive. They estimate these scrolls or books were written by, at the latest, 50 AD, only 17 years after the death of Jesus, when all of the prominent witnesses were still alive. Therefore, it is very clear that the New Testament was written when all of the prominent witnesses were still alive and not hundreds of years later based on hearsay and old wives' tales so the New Testament has been validated by the Dead Sea Scrolls and those scriptures are 100% consistent with today's scriptures. Once again, the God hating pagans lied, you know, to protect their false pagan religions.

Have you noticed that God keeps bringing things up out of the dirt God buried long ago to prove the God hating pagans wrong? Gee, I wonder what other truths God has hiding in the dirt and elsewhere to prove the liars wrong about the rest of their lies?

Critical Mass

To me, having recently re posted and further discussed the water model God showed me and I explained in the essay "Waters", this was God confirming his dream and model as being correct and from Him along with a few other things concerning recent posts. This confirmation along with everything I have been predicting for anywhere from years to more than a decade suddenly all coming together at once, right now, tells me that everything is rapidly approaching critical mass at exactly the same time and will take place very soon, you know, like finding the ring of water in a dream about 20 years ago and the lost city in my first vision or dream. This is extremely exciting. This means, among other things, that the pagan fairy tale of evolution is about to quit kicking and give up the ghost.

The creation story of God using water to sculpt the entire cosmos is about to be confirmed in a big way, so big that anyone continuing to deny Biblical creation will automatically get a free honorary life time membership in the Flat Earth Society. End game, God.

This also means they are about to find the lost pre-flood city God told me about in my first dream or vision, which I find extremely exciting. You have to understand that God encapsulated that city in a layer of mud early in the development of the flood to protect it from the devastating forces of the flood crisis and provide us with valuable information. Some of the things I have been quietly wondering about since God showed me this more than 20 years ago have to do with just how much information did God save for us to find and that would depend on how God structured His time capsule. You know, that no matter how God structured His time capsule and preserved information for us, it will be at least massive in quantity and quality of information. Has God been saving His best revelations for last or what?

God encapsulated anywhere from more than half to possibly all of an entire large and well developed pre-flood city as His own personal time capsule?

Just the thought blows my mind. That protected city will be sitting at the lowest possible level below all of the "evolutionary" geological levels, even the Cretaceous level absolutely proving creation and a global flood. Not even a liberal idiot would try to argue against that. Eyes will open and people will chose. But it gets better.

Not only was a city entrapped in that mud slide with homes, businesses, government buildings, humans, technology, tools, possible documentation in at least stone tablets (clay tablets might have dissolved during the flood) and engravings but also plants and animals from almost all of the geological strata confirming that all the geological strata were laid down by one global flood and not a bunch of piddly little floods like Catastrophism says. You know that those people had pets of quite a few varieties and plants for both food and interior and exterior decorations, they were people just like us. That mud layer has been protecting that city and everything in it for 4,400 years from everything including humans, that city may have existed for 1,600 years prior to the flood and it may be buried under hundreds of feet of flood deposits but, when appropriate, God will make its exact location known to us.

Since God showed me the significance of that dream more than 20 years ago, He has also been showing me other things He has done to provide us with additional information (He buried in the dirt) and He could have done with the lost city in my dream. They have found at least half a dozen petrified dinosaurs with their skin and internal organs still there, mummified ancient animals with everything intact, and even considerable soft tissue from some of those ancient animals, including a T-Rex, AND all of those animals died within days of the time God covered that lost city in my dream with mud killing everyone and everything inside the city. This means that everything made of human, animal, and plant tissue, including paper, parchment, and clothing, could be fossilized, petrified, or mummified pending the chemical composition of that mud when it covered the city and it would have happened very quickly, especially with the mud already being supersaturated with water and it still raining very heavily. There will undoubtedly be some kind of written documentation about pre-flood life in God's time capsule. Of course, it will be written in the first or original language of man and will have to be deciphered and translated.

The potential information about pre-flood life the lost city will contain is mind boggling. Remember that these people were more intelligent than we are and God gave them the knowledge for quite a bit of technology we have lost such as building structures with massive stones. We are about to find out just how intelligent, knowledgeable, and advanced they really were and this raises all kinds of exciting questions.

In the first part of my dream, my family played the part of their family using our family car to drive from our home, south of modern Grants, New Mexico, which was being over run by lava from Mt. Taylor, which was northeast of modern Grants. Remember that Grants wasn't there at the time. When the family arrived at the laundry in the city (I figure probably owned by a family member, hey, they were all family), they parked their vehicle outside of the laundry. So we know they had vehicles for transportation but were they animal drawn or did they use motors or engines? Could they fly with things varying from hot air balloons to aircraft? Did they already develop early space travel? What kind of ships did they have? Were their roads paved and with what? Did they have electricity and light bulbs?

We have found primitive batteries but we don't know what they were used for.

From some of the things we have discovered, we know they had a form of very sophisticated mechanical mathematical computers or calculators so they were very advanced mathematically and mechanically. What else did they have?

In the dream, God showed me that this lost city was large, circular and on the west face of a hill which probably had an incline of no more than about a 3% to 5% grade. The main gate was at the bottom center of the hill and city with a large plaza in the center of the city surrounded by government buildings. The gate, plaza, and government buildings will almost definitely have stone inscriptions, carvings, mosaics, and statues which will provide additional information. If this is true, you can almost bet there would be statues and paintings of EVERYONE's maternal parents, Adam and Eve, so we can see what they looked like and what they wore, find out what they did beyond what is mentioned in scripture and learn about their children who are not mentioned in the Bible. There will probably be information telling us the name and shape of the one continent they had and where other pre-flood cities were so we can find the ones which survived and excavate them also to gain more information, which could help us improve our technologies.

There will also probably be other important information such as Noah prophesying the coming flood, building the Ark, the location of where he built the Ark, and the animals arriving and going into the Ark. There will probably also be statues and paintings of people like Enoch and Methuselah with additional information about their lives. We could find out about their jobs, recreation, music, art, dance, sports, type of government, their economy, and many other things. Remember that these people lived for anywhere from 500 years to more than 900 years each over a period of 1,600 years and they would have each learned and developed a lot in that time.

Such an advanced society would have had astronomy, which would give us information about our pre-flood cosmos and solar system. We know there was a planet where the asteroid belt currently exists between Mars and Jupiter and they may have left information about that planet and its demise.

Remember that God destroyed that planet to create a giant wave or tsunami of asteroids screaming through space to cause our global flood?

Even at 20,000 mph, it would have taken a month or more for those asteroids to reach earth which would have allowed plenty of time for the pre-flood people to record the beginning of their demise. They were certainly terrified and believed earth was going to be completely destroyed the way that planet was destroyed but our moon took the brunt of the battering by those asteroids on its back side saving earth from complete destruction and they would have seen and recorded those impacts on the back of the moon. Even after that wave hit the moon, they would have had hours to record the rapidly approaching armada of asteroids still heading for earth. We know one very large meteor struck in Northeastern Arizona and another one caused the hole or fracture in the earth's crust which caused the volcanic activity which resulted in building Mt. Taylor but they would have been far enough from both to survive both and record the events. We know from my dream that it had been raining long enough for the soil to become super saturated and have standing water so we know they survived at least the first few days and it took 40 days for the water to cover the entire planet so they could have recorded at least the first few days to week of the flood crisis. This all means this one find could provide us with details concerning the global flood, its beginning, and put an end to the pagan fairy tale about there not being a global flood in spite of there being hundreds of global flood stories from around the planet.

Then you know there will be other types of nearby information archaeologists love to dig through for information such as a nearby cemetery, garbage dump site, and human waste disposal area or just the road the family drove to town on, farms, plants and animals close enough to the city to be covered with the mud slide. We would almost certainly find some of the pre-flood people mentioned in the Bible buried in that cemetery, possibly even Adam and Eve and some of their immediate children, maybe with some DNA left so we can see just how corrupted our DNA has become and maybe help us find genetic cures for some of our diseases. If Adam and Eve are not buried there, there could be information telling us where they were buried.

Since we have all come from one set of parents, none of us evolved from monkeys or apes and no one race is superior to anyone other race. Get it straight, we are not evolving upwards from protists, we are devolving downwards from Adam and Eve. You know the racist and superiority Luciferians, Nazis, and others will hate this revelation because they will have to come up with another lie to justify their hatred and murder of others based on race. Evolution never happened and was started as a lie by the ancient Greeks to prove racial superiority over other people to justify their crimes against those other people. Eugenics is premeditated murder based on racism.

The only way we can find out what information is contained in God's time capsule is to excavate the site but just thinking about what could be there based on the information provided by God and other information we have gotten from lesser sites is extremely exciting. And, with today's technology, they can take digital pictures and post them on a site on the Internet for everyone on the planet to see and share within hours of the finds.

Excavating this one site would open up an entirely new world of history to us requiring the rewriting of most of our history books and the use of all evolution based books for fertilizer because they are full of crap. This could be the most exciting thing to happen in our life times and God said it is going to happen soon.

Here is a little food for thought: What ancient city was large, well developed, round, had the government buildings in the center, and sank beneath water, you know, just like the lost city in my dreams?

Answer: Atlantis.

Could this be the ancient City of Atlantis? Could it be they have been looking for Atlantis in all the wrong places because they disassociated Atlantis from the global flood because of evolution, began to think of it sinking in a sea or ocean when it was actually on a continent away from all seas and oceans and sank beneath the waters of a global flood?

Stick around and we will both find out.

If God punished those people for their crimes, holding them accountable for their actions, then God must punish us for our crimes holding us accountable for our actions or He will not be a just God.

Believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved.


Did you notice that the commie Pope is not only dumping Jesus, God, and the Bible, and teaching Islam but has endorsed evolution?

Just a wee bit late, I might add. Talk about changing boats in the middle of a fast moving river when the boat you are climbing into is sinking.

Did the commie Pope drink too much commie pagan Kool-Aid?

Add to that, that Islam has a creation story which means that the commie Pope is converting to Islam while committing blasphemy against Islam, Muhammad, and Allah by endorsing evolution.

Not getting off to too good of a start, is he? Maybe they should read the Koran before they convert to Islam?

Then the commie Pope said that God doesn't have supernatural powers to do things like creation. I guess that also means the commie Pope doesn't believe any of the miracles in the Bible. No wonder they are dumping Jesus and the Bible. His god may be impotent but my God isn't. Basically, the commie Pope and other leaders of the Catholic Church are saying they don't believe ANYTHING in the Bible.

But hold it, who caused all of those miracles done by all of the Catholic Church's saints?

Oh yeah, if they are converting to Islam, then they are also dumping all of their saints because those saints definitely won't be accepted in Islam. Want to bet the commie Pope is really an atheist?

I am still wondering what Muslim name they are going to change the Catholic Church to, after all, they said they will change the name of the Catholic Church and I believe them. Does anyone know how to say, "We who blaspheme Muhammad" in Arabic?" Does anyone have any doubt that the Muslims will not accept the newly converted Catholic Church into Islam with open arms?

Don't be surprised that a condition for the acceptance of the Catholic Church into Islam will be that the commie Pope have his head cut off for blasphemy.

Question: If the Catholic Church is converting to Islam and moving its headquarters to the City of Babylon, what are they going to do with the Vatican and all of that expensive Christian art? In Islam, all of those Christian pictures and statues are blasphemy and must be destroyed. Oops, didn't read the Koran, did they?

Want to bet there will be a revolution in and mass exodus out of the Catholic Church soon?

Man plans, God laughs.


BTW, someone has finally quantified what they mean by "building a nuke". What they are talking about is Iran building 10k nukes, you know, like God told me in my dream Obama will use to nuke Chicago. Iran is insisting on maintaining enough nuke development capability to build thirty-eight 10k nukes per year and Obama is clearly helping Iran.

Gee, Iran wouldn't be building an arsenal of nukes, you know, just like I told you they are, would they?

Also, Obama is aiding the GOP for this election in a very arrogant way telling me he is taunting the GOP. This tells me that Obama has something up his sleeve which has to be one of two things, 1) the commies have the election so rigged with voter fraud that they feel they can't lose the election or 2) Obama has his 10k nuke, courtesy of Iran, is prepared to stage his false flag event by nuking Chicago and killing off the top white crackers while they are dancing in formal drag so he can suspend the US Constitution and disband Congress and the Supreme Court, leaving Obama as the first Pharaoh of the US and it won't matter whether the GOP controls both houses of Congress.

What Congress?

Wow, even more coincidences?


Have you noticed how the liberal commie traitors are bending over backwards to spread Ebola all over the US by stopping all efforts to stop the spread of Ebola without any personal concerns about the disease?

The courts, the media, politicians, and everyone are working to infect as many people as possible and showing no concern they might also get infected.

Gee, could it be they really do have secret vaccines for Ebola?

If so, you can bet that most of the vaccines given to their fellow commie traitors were placebos, you know, like I told you they would do to purge better than 90% of the traitors because no one can trust a traitor.

No one is protecting the people. They are more concerned about the "rights" of those being quarantined than about stopping the spread of the disease.

Yep, it looks like we are approaching critical mass. You might want to practice ducking. The fecal matter is coming by the boat loads.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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