I Told You So 126


By the strangest coincidence, both the Syrian Revolutionary Front (SRF) and Harakat Hazm, who have been fighting Al Nusra, the Syrian branch of Al Quaeda, suffered devastating defeats by Al Nusra within a few days of each other and were forced to "surrender" to Al Quaeda, including all of the heavy weapons the US has been illegally supplying these terrorist groups by calling them rebel groups. ISIS, the proxy of Al Nusra, just got a bunch of heavy weapons, including GRAD rockets and TOW anti-tank missiles, the US has been providing these terrorist organizations. Oops!!!

Remember me telling you that we should not support any of the terrorist organizations in the Syrian War because it would turn out this way with Al Quaeda getting our weapons?

100% of the time we have aided bad guy elements, it has always come back to haunt us. We have to get away from this failed idiot idea that the enemy of my enemy is my friend. It has never worked. You can have two enemies like Al Quaeda and Taliban fighting each other and it doesn't make either one of them your friend. They are still your enemies, so the best thing you can do is pit them against each other and let them kill each other off while you help the people they are victimizing.

We also need to get away from this failed commie strategy of containment our liberal commie traitors convinced us to adopt following WWII because it has never succeeded and has always made things worse. Not one time has containment actually solved a problem. We are still containing all of the enemies we started out containing spreading our resources thinner and thinner for more than half a century.

How many more centuries must we contain our enemies, while they keep murdering people, before we just conquer them and solve the problem?

With our devastated military and the growing militaries of our enemies, all caused by our liberal commie traitors, it is probably too late for that, which means those contained enemies will probably eventually conquer us. Only God can save our butts now.

Liberal Republicans

The top Republicans, you know, like the liberal commie, Mit Romney, are talking about providing an amnesty bill when they get control of both houses.

Hold it, isn't that a liberal commie policy that will destroy the US economy?

You bet it is. And the top Republicans have also stopped talking about repealing Obamacare.

Gee, could it be that the liberals have seized control of both political parties and everything else is just smoke and mirrors, you know, the way I told you it is?

Gee, I wonder what other surprises the upper class trash white crackers have for us after the election, you know, like blaming Obama for all of our problems and exposing his many crimes, impeaching Obama, then trying Obama for his many crimes (of which the upper class trash are also guilty), executing Obama for his crimes (read to silence Obama), and using all of this to turn most people against those "genetically inferior blacks" so the upper class trash can use their brilliant sounding Eugenics to commit racial genocide against blacks? Nah, those wonderful, lying, murdering, thieving, Marxist slime bags wouldn't do that, would they?

Keep an eye on it.


Remember that I told you that the liberal media and polls keep saying that Obama's popularity has plunged again and again to 39% without his popularity ever going back up so it could plunge back down to 39%?

I just read that the commie site, Huffington Post, did a poll and, surprise, surprise, Obama's popularity has once again plunged to 39% in nine states.

Are these people really slow and late at getting the news out or when did Obama's popularity ever go back up over 40% so it could plunge back down to 39%?

The truth is the liberal commies absolutely refuse to admit that Obama's popularity barely exists. If they ever put out the truth about his popularity, it will probably be close to or less than 20% and he will be the least popular president ever. My farts are almost as popular as Obama.

Mary Landrieu

I am trying to figure out what is going on with this liberal politician and Louisiana Democrat, Mary Landrieu.

She is clearly losing her political race for the Senate but then tries to turn it around by insulting her voters by calling them racists and sexists?

Either she is the stupidest person to ever breath or she is intentionally throwing this Senate race to make sure the Republicans will get control of the Senate so the Republicans will impeach, remove, and try Obama. Keep an eye on this.

New Nation

For years I have been telling you that the Republic of the US is dead and we will have to build a new nation. The ugly truth is that the liberals have made such a mess of the US that it is impossible to clean up the mess even with a dedicated team in permanent control for even 20 years. You add to this the number of international treaties the liberal commie traitors, you know, Carter, Billy Boy Clinton, and Obama, have imposed on the US, especially with the UN, and it is absolutely impossible to clean up that mess.

The only way we can ever have a great nation again is to just clean the slate and start over and the only way to do that is for our states to secede from the Republic of the US and build a new nation. If we were to even try to take the time required to begin cleaning up the mess the liberals have caused, it would open the door for the liberals to regain power and finish the job.

The liberals have only left us two choices, 1) build a new nation or 2) be a conquered third world nation. Besides, Obama is going to finish off what the liberals have started so there won't be any mess to clean up. We will be forced to build a new nation.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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