Crony Capitalism

For those of you who don't know, I am going to share with you how our corrupt crony capitalist government works and why the Clintons and Obamas will be all washed up if Trump does what it looks like he is going to do.

From the first day Billy Boy was president, the Clintons began infiltrating their corrupt liberal commie traitor lackeys into the government to make billions of dollars abusing the power of a corrupt government. They spent 8 years infiltrating their lackeys into the government from the top down.

The way the Clintons worked the system is they bribe their lackeys for government favors and then sell those government favors to the mega wealthy for much more than they paid their lackeys for those favors. Over the last 24 years, the Clintons used those liberal commie traitor lackeys to rake in more than $2 billion in bribes, much of which went into their pockets with the rest going to pay off their government lackeys.

When Bush II got into government, he started to replace the Clinton lackeys but the Clintons used their corrupt and complicit main stream liberal commie traitor media to shame Bush into not removing most of the Clinton lackeys, especially the most important ones. But, over his 8 years in office he did replace quite a few of the Clinton lackeys which took a chunk out of the Clinton earning potential. That is why Hillary ran against Obama, to replace Bush's people with her corrupt liberal commie traitor lackeys and increase the Clinton earning potential for at least the next 8 years but Obama won.

Obama has spent the last 8 years replacing the Clinton liberal commie traitor lackeys with his Muslim lackeys so he could spend the next 10 or so years making a few billion dollars doing the same thing he saw the Clintons get rich doing, you know, crony capitalism. Obama pretty much cleaned house on the Clinton liberal commie traitor lackeys, which is why Hillary ran this year and was so very desperate and determined to seize control of the presidency to put their liberal commie traitor lackeys back in control of the government. Hillary knew that, if she lost, she was washed up and would be owing a lot of very wealthy, powerful, and corrupt people a lot of money.

But Trump won and it looks pretty obvious that he is setting up his government leaders to quickly purge both the liberal commie traitor and Muslim lackeys putting both the Clinton and Obama crime sprees to an end. From the investigations which are already under way and already being worked with by the people Trump is appointing, it looks like Trump is probably going beyond purging the criminals out of our government to actually prosecuting them and putting them out of business permanently.


Trump already told you that he feels a corrupt government is bad for honest businesses.

"But", you say, "won't he just put his lackeys in the place of the Clinton and Obama lackeys?"

I doubt it because Trump is a self made multi billionaire who did so legally and made much more money legally than the Clintons and Obama have made illegally.

Especially at his age, why would Trump risk going to prison by making less money stealing the way the Clintons and Obamas have than he can make legally and not have to worry about going to prison?

I think it looks very much like Trump is setting up a government of relatively honest people to actually clean out our corrupt government and do so quickly. If Trump does so, it will mean that both the Clintons and Obamas are washed up and made ineffective in making money by abusing the power of government and are probably facing life in prison or even the death penalty. For Obama, that means, at the very least, him going from living the life of absolute luxury he has lived for the last 8 years to living off of just a few million dollars, which will be a huge step down in luxury for him and Michelle, the poor wittle darlings. And that is if things go well for him, if not, I hope he likes wearing orange jump suits or dodging bullets in front of a firing squad.

Also, with the recent poll showing that better than 60% of the Commiecrats are wanting "someone new" for the next presidential race, that means Hillary is definitely washed up so don't be surprised to see her die in a car accident with a few bullet holes in the back of her head, especially after she took in more than $2 billion in bribes to pay for this last election and her upper class trash owners not getting anything they paid for and they are not happy about it. Hey, when you dance with the Devil, expect to get burned.

Now do you understand why Billy Boy is working to get Princess Chelsea into the US Senate so he can run her for president in the near future?

Me thinks the jerk doesn't want to have a fatal accident in the near future. But, if the Commiecrats want someone completely new, they will also reject Chelsea, which will mean Billy Boy will also be washed up and disposable. Here cum duh bus, baby.

So you can now see why the Clintons and Obamas are suddenly so desperate and have a feeling of "No hope"?

This is one reason why Obama is quickly doing as much damage as he can before he leaves office. He is acting like a spoiled two year old throwing a spiteful fit and getting revenge at our expense because he knows Trump is going to undo all of his plans. Everything he worked for over the last 8 years is about to get flushed big time and very quickly.

Fortunately for us, this just means there will be more work for Trump and his team in cleaning up the Obama mess because all Trump and his team have to do is undo those things Obama is currently doing to cause this mess and this just increases the probability that Obama will be facing charges soon.

If Trump does what it looks like and he says he is doing, the Clintons, Obamas, and their accomplices are screwed big time. It kind of makes you glad Obama is currently making room in our prisons for him and his pals by letting so many other criminals out of prison. They're going to need the room.

I hope you realize that what all politicians and bureaucrats are doing with crony capitalism is making a fortune selling out their nation and people, you know, YOU. That is why crony capitalism should be considered treason and a capital crime. Everyone involved in crony capitalism should be hung , shot or otherwise executed for treason, including the rich people bribing the government officials and everyone else complicit such as the media and academe. Crony capitalism has brought down great nations and empires such as Greece, Rome, all of Europe, and now the US. It is the single biggest threat to any nation's national security.

BTW, a side note is that they have found enough evidence that Hillary and her accomplices did steal that $6 billion that went "missing" from the State Department while she was Secretary of State and there is currently an investigation into it. She very clearly deposited her share of $1.8 billion into a Qatar bank this summer with her accomplices dividing up the rest of the $4.2 billion "missing" US dollars. Hopefully, they will all be going to prison or executed soon.

BTW, in Obama's January "good-bye" tour, he is planning on giving a "thank you to Chicago" speech in Chicago on Tuesday, January 10. They are currently looking for some place big enough he can give a swan song speech to a dozen idiots. Maybe he can give the speech in someone's garage.

Keep praying, people, I think it is working and we really need it.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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