Citizen Security Force

Remember the liberal commie Citizen Security Force (CSF - I call it the Commie Strike Force) which had a standing army of 250,000 only three months after Obama took office? Who knows how many traitors are in this secret army now? It could be be tens of millions.

I have been watching these videos we see passing around the Internet which are supposed to be cops gone bad or out of control much more closely. In most of them I have noticed that, if you watch and listen to them very closely, most of the time you can tell the cops were justified in using the force they used and also that the cops are almost always being vindicated by an investigation. But the people who are passing these videos around are making it look like the agencies vindicating the cops are supporting our cops being out of control and abusing their power and authority.

I have been thinking about this and realized some interesting things.

Remember the big deal they are making about the NSA spying-on-us thing which I told you had been made public knowledge while Reagan was in office? Then the liberals have been passing around videos of military troops training on city streets and movements of military equipment across the nation on trains trying to make it look like the military is about to crack down on the people and help the upper class trash set up their dictatorship when these are really nothing more than our military training to protect our nation. The liberals are also putting out all of the bad PR they can on other US government agencies. Yes, there are obviously some bad people at the top of these agencies, called liberals, but most of the people are good people or the commies would already have their dictatorship.

I have been thinking, why all of this misinformation to make our cops, FBI, NSA, IRS, CIA, military and others look evil and bad when they are not? The liberals have been trying to turn the US people against these groups of people who are working to protect us since at least the 1960s. They have been using TV shows and movies to turn us against these people by portraying these groups as the bad guys in their shows and movies and portraying the bad guys in the movies and shows as the good guys.


It is obvious, the liberals are subtly and deceitfully turning the people against all of these groups of people so that, when the commies send in their beloved Commie Strike Force to seize control of the nation and set up their beloved commie dictatorship, they will be able to convince us that the CSF is here to "save us" from the evil cops, FBI, NSA, IRS, CIA, military and others so we will embrace their Commie Strike Force as our commie knights in red armor, and stand with the commies against our real saviors and protectors.

The strategy is simple and uses psychology. First, you cause the people to fear the cops, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and military to turn the people against and hate these groups. Have you noticed that our liberal commie traitors are so very good at using fear to manipulate and control most people? And it is always lies.

Second, after and only after, you have turned the people against these groups and have the people both hating and fearing these groups, you send in another new group of "saviors" to deliver the people from the "bad guys" the people hate and fear.

Basically, you turn the good guys into dragons and then send in a knight to slay the dragon but the real dragon is the group you are sending in to "save" everyone from the good guys, who are the real knights. Our liberal commie traitors are so very good at smoke and mirrors, confusing, fear, and other ways of getting good people to go along with bad ideas.

Unfortunately, from what I am seeing, it is working very well on most people. There is a huge number of people out there who are falling for this crap and THAT is what is scary.

Me? When the Commie Strike Force comes around to "save us" from the good guys, I am standing with the cops, FBI, CIA, NSA, and military. I know who the real good guys are and won't fall for the liberal commie traitor sucker punch or trap. I also know who the real bad guys are and they are the CSF.

BTW, have you also noticed that increasingly, the Republicans, even supposed good guys like Ron Paul, are ALL defending the evil programs put in place by the Commiecrats like Obamacare and Common Core and supporting legalizing illegal aliens? They have absolutely no plans to repeal those evil programs and are so open about it now they don't even try to hide the fact that they are in the same bed with the liberal commie traitors, because they are all liberal commie traitors regardless of which party they belong to. It is just like I told you, they are all owned by the same puppet masters working to enslave us. No matter who you vote for, you are going to be voting for the same bad guys working to set up their commie dictatorship and enslave us and everything else is smoke and mirrors.

You still think our Republic hasn't already failed and isn't already dead? Just watch the politicians and they are telling you with their actions that the Republic of the United States of America is dead, it just hasn't finished kicking yet.

How is that pagan democracy thing working out? Ready for a Christian theocracy yet?

It is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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