I Told You So 106


Remember that I told you that Putin staging 200,000 troops on the Eastern border of Ukraine is Putin preparing to take Transdniestria and then the Eastern states of Ukraine which have large Russian populations?

NATO's Supreme Allied Commander Europe, U.S. Air Force General Philip Breedlove, told an event held by the German Marshall Fund think tank that he thinks Putin is getting ready to use those troops to take Transdniestria because it has a large Russian population. Buuuuut General Breedlove thinks Putin is planning on attacking into Heavily protected Eastern Ukraine and through Central Ukraine to reach Transdniestria instead of the way I said Putin will stage the assault. Obviously, General Breedlove hasn't paid close enough attention to Putin or he would know that Putin doesn't take the path of greatest resistance. Putin isn't stupid.

Unwittingly, by making this statement, General Breedlove is helping Putin set up Putin's coming "fake and take" by reinforcing the misconception Putin will attack into Ukraine's strongest defended point in Eastern Ukraine to take Transdniestria.

Remember that this is exactly what people thought Putin would do to take Crimea, that Putin would attack into and through heavily defended Eastern Ukraine to take Crimea. But Putin is a brilliant strategist and will always attack the point of least resistance which is why Putin faked the attack into Eastern Ukraine with 150,000 troops to draw Ukraine's forces to the Eastern border and then staged an attack with his Marines and Spetznaz from Putin's Black Sea Fleet to take Crimea without firing a shot. Putin went in the back door, folks, and he will do it again.

Putin will do this by faking an attack into Eastern Ukraine with 200,000 troops to draw the Ukraine forces to the East in mass and then taking poorly defended Odessa and Transdniestria with Putin's Black Sea Fleet Marines and Spetznaz, which will be the path of least resistance AND open up the Eastern Ukraine for Putin to follow taking Odessa and Transdniestria with an easier attack into a less defended Eastern Ukraine to take what Putin wants there by forcing Ukraine to move some of the Ukraine troops defending Eastern Ukraine to relieve Odessa, Ukraine's third largest city and one of her most important ports. Putin is faking with a right cross, will hit with a left hook, and follow it with an even stronger right cross.

Putin has not been ready to make this move yet because he has been busy cleaning out the last Ukraine forces holding bases in Crimea. Putin just finished that operation this morning, cleaning out a base by sending in his forces with guns blazing, will need to reload his forces on his Black Sea Fleet (if he hasn't already - Putin could have used the forces he recently landed by boat to "reinforce" his Black Sea Fleet forces for clean up while loading his Marines and Spetznaz back on the fleet), and will be ready for stage two of his operation, to begin soon.

The idiot leaders in the West are finally beginning to realize the sanctions are not working and are actually back firing. BTW, Putin can also cut the West off from access to the space station because we have become dependent on Russia for reaching the space stating. Putin was brilliant in setting up everything in his favor before he started grabbing land. Now what is the West going to do? Global Warming II by generating a lot of hot air via talking, maybe they can melt the snow in Russia and cause mass flooding.

New Normal

It seems that the Western leaders are realizing there is now a new normal on planet earth, Russia and China taking land with impunity.

Duh, hello! What did our intellectually superior liberal clowns think was going to happen? You destroy the economies and military might of the Western countries, who have been protecting the world from aggressive countries, so you can set up your global dictatorship and what do you think is going to happen? Common sense should have told them the aggressive countries would go on a rampage, you know, like they have. Welcome to the "new normal" courtesy of our intellectually superior upper class trash liberal commie traitors. They got greedy and power mad to the point of destroying any remaining common sense left over from too much inbreeding and opened the door to the barbarians. Oops, not so smart after all.

God said, "Pride goes before the fall" and the upper class trash didn't believe Him. Now we are all going to pay the price for the upper class trash insanity. Isn't that always the case?

Russia and China have figured out that, if they take smaller pieces of land with short, quick attacks, the West won't do anything to stop Russia and China from taking more land. Keep an eye on Russia and China taking more small pieces of land very quickly with the least possible fighting, you know, like the Japanese Senkaku Islands and Transdniestria.

China Civil War

Remember that I told you that China is fighting a very brutal civil war against the Muslims?

Most of China's Muslims live in the Xinjiang area or the western most providence of China, where China has quite a few military bases, does most of her new weapons research and development, and has quite a few nukes stored. The 300 to 400 million Muslims are fighting a very bloody civil war to separate from China and set up their own Muslim nation, you know, with all of those Chinese nukes. For some reason, I don't think China wants to lose the Xinjiang providence.

Gee, I wonder why Al Quaeda sent those 17 leaders into Xinjiang providence to organize a Muslim Chinese civil war more than a decade ago? It couldn't be because of all of those nukes, could it? That and a few hundred million more Muslim terrorists.

To counter this, China's new leader, Xi Jinping, is trying to change the basic mentality of China from revolutionary oriented Marxism to unifying nationalism, you know, that little thing the West wants to destroy so the West can set up their global dictatorship. Xi is hoping he can get the Muslims to quit their civil war by making them all proud to be Chinese.

There is one little problem with that, Islam forbids Muslims from being loyal to anyone or anything except Islam. In Islam, being loyal to a nation is a sin, which is why Obama hates to show any loyalty to the US or its flag. Get the picture yet?

Yeah, that isn't going to work, is it?

What does all of this tell you?

It should tell you that the Chinese leaders are very concerned about their little civil war and things are not going so well for the Chinese leaders. China's little civil isn't quite so little and is causing China more trouble than China has been letting on. It seems this little Chinese civil war is worse than even I realized it was and is probably interfering with China's plans to conquer the world. Isn't if fun watching all of these evil people's plans fail? God is taking care of it.

Man plans, God laughs.

It is definitely working, so it is good to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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