The Database

Remember that I told you that the Muslims (read Obama and company) have a copy of the database the upper class trash use to maintain control of their liberal activist puppets?

If not, then how do you explain 400 million liberals converting to Islam in just six months or less?

In order for that conversion to take place, the upper class trash had to send orders down the chain of command for everyone to convert to Islam and that requires a database. Plus they had to have all of the activists indoctrinated into the basics of what the upper class trash wanted their followers to believe about Islam for the conversion to take place.

Why would they convert to Islam?

The liberals are all Satanically mesmerize and controlled, Christian and Jew hating pagans who have been dumbed down, brainwashed, coerced, bribed, and whatever to get them to be obedient followers of the upper class trash Luciferians (convert or lose your nice fat checks) AND Muslims also hate Christians and Jews and are planning to kill off all Christians and Jews globally, you know, just like the pagans are planning to kill off all Christians and Jews globally. They both have something very important in common, they have the same evil hatred. Plus the upper class trash Luciferians plan to kill off all Muslims anyway leaving only the Luciferians.

Basically, they were all sent a notice that they will at least pretend to convert to Islam with many actually doing it because they were told to and under the influence of Satan and his demons, you know, so they can legally kill off Christians and Jews globally.

Have you noticed that, since this conversion, the global number of Muslims has dropped back down from 1.6 billion to 1.5 billion because of Muslims killing off Muslims?

Have you noticed that an increasing number of the Muslims fighting and killing and being killed off are converted white liberals being purged by the upper class trash? Oh, did that turn on a light bulb for you?

"Hey, we need to purge these little liberal traitors anyway so just send them off to die fighting for Islam." Most stupid, brainwashed little liberal traitors will never figure out they are being purged.

You know that, with the Muslims working with the liberal white crackers for decades, the Muslims already had a copy of that database but now that they have all "converted" to Islam, the Muslim leaders definitely have a copy of that database, you know, just like I told you.

But this gets better.

Remember that, as of January 1, 2015, the Catholic Church and its members will convert to Islam?

Pew estimates that, as of 2010, there were 1.1 billion members of the Catholic Church globally but the number Catholic Church members has been declining over the last few decades with increasing numbers leaving the Church. I think the conversion rate from Catholic to protestant has been something like 17% over the last decade leaving the Catholic Church at about 1.1 billion by 2010, probably fewer today.

I would expect a conversion of from 500 million to one billion Catholics to Islam by January giving us from 2 to 2.5 billion Muslims globally and that doesn't include the liberal protestant churches, which I also expect to convert to Islam. The total global protestant population is estimated to be from 500 to 800 million globally. I roughly estimate that there will only about 500 to 800 million Christians left globally, including the Catholics who rebel and refuse to convert. It could be a little higher because of Catholic rebels refusing to convert, especially those Christians who have had a personal experience with the nasty side of Islam towards Christians.

Plus remember that the converted liberal traitor Muslim teachers are right now brainwashing your children in public schools to convert to Islam.

This current conversion won't leave too many Christians globally, will it?

It is all about power and control and our glorious leaders really don't believe in anything except themselves and Satan. It should be obvious by now. They have no souls left, they sold them to Satan a long time ago, are Hell bound and determined to send you ahead of them.

Now do you understand why the Muslims have agreed to accept the Catholic Church as Muslim converts?

The Muslims will eventually kill the Catholic Church leaders who are converting to Islam but will be more than glad to have more puppets to die fighting for them and you better bet the Muslims will have a condition for the conversion that the Catholic Church provide the Muslims with the database for all of the new Muslim converts, especially all of the leaders they will want to kill, but the Muslims leaders will still need to control the rest of the converts. But, hey, don't feel sorry for the evil leaders who sold you out.

Was that a big eye opener or what? Do you still believe you don't need God to save your butt?

Always remember that God said, "if you call on My name, I will hear you, I will come, and I will save you". You are going to need that very soon.

Also remember that man plans, God laughs.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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