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Crunching the numbers for all of these poser Christians converting to Islam is a real eye opener. When you realize that you will be left with probably no more than 700 million Christians globally or less than 1/10 the global population and the Muslim global population will increase to anywhere from 1/3 to 1/2 of the global population or about two to three billion people, then it becomes very obvious that it is no longer possible to have a Christian/Western style democracy of any kind, including a republic.

A successful Christian democracy of any type requires a conservative, Biblical Christian majority and the Christians (including liberal posers) in this world are about to go from the largest religion of the world with almost two billion people to significantly less than one billion people by no later than this coming spring.

Eyes are opening and people are making an informed choice as to which side of God's line they will stand on.

It should also be obvious that a democracy cannot work because Muslims hate democracy and will only use a democracy to set up their brutal Muslim theocracy (the way they are all currently doing everywhere) and other pagans will only use any form of democracy to set up a pagan dictatorship or pagan theocracy, the way the US pagans are doing right now. Under paganism, democracy failed in both ancient Greece and ancient Rome and, in both cases, was replaced with brutal pagan theocracies or dictatorships.

This is why the Millennial reign of Jesus and Paradise under Jesus will both be Christian theocracies and monarchies ruled by Jesus. Basically, the pagans and Muslims just killed the very concept of democracy by destroying the West. We need to deal with this and move on to the best we can have because democracy is dead, it has failed every time because of corruption. Corruption is the absolute worst enemy of any nation, the greatest threat to national security, and has destroyed every great nation in history. Therefore, corruption is treason.

It should be obvious by now that the only way to have any kind of Christian style nation and culture with any form of humane treatment and respect for good people is to have a Christian theocracy imposed and protected by a powerful military and civilian militia. It is the powerful civilian militia which will guarantee individual freedom from oppression. Even then, when our military is significantly surpassed in technology and/or numbers, the pagans and Muslims have made it very clear they will invade and conquer us. They are obsessive, compulsive butt holes.

I believe this is one of the reasons why God is going to have us Christians colonize other planets, so we can hold out long enough for the Tribulation to almost end while building a Christian defense and assault force to take back Jerusalem and hold it long enough for Jesus to get here with reinforcements to win the battle of Armageddon. Basically, God will be turning space into a moat to slow the advance of the enemy (moats only slow the enemy and never permanently prevent the enemy from prevailing) long enough for us to build an assault force to counter attack and take a foothold in Jerusalem for the final conquest.

You have to understand that a defensive posture never holds off a hostile enemy for very long. They will eventually gain enough strength in technology and/or man power to conquer you, if you don't conquer them and eradicate the threat. The liberal commie traitors talked us into the failed strategy of containment against our enemies following WWII. These contained enemies are still there growing stronger and learning while our personal enemy, the traitors within, has destroyed our military and industrial might from within which proves that containment only works for and not against a hostile force by buying the hostile force enough time to get strong enough to defeat the peaceful people.

It is only common sense that the best strategy is to soundly defeat the enemy the way we did with both Japan and Germany to eliminate the threat completely. But, when you suddenly find yourself at a serious disadvantage of having both a significantly smaller force and a military which has been devastated by your traitors, the only option is to create and use a tactical retreat or withdrawal to a safer position you can more easily defend until you can rebuild your economy, industry, population, and military to win an offensive fight against your aggressive hostile enemies at a later time of your choosing. You pick your fights and don't let your enemy pick your fights.

Get it straight, the Muslims and pagans will eventually develop the technology to follow us into space and wage war against our new planets and they must be destroyed here on earth, their home turf, and the threat removed before they can achieve that goal. The best we can hope for at this point is to fight a delaying space war to hold off a Muslim assault against our new planets long enough for us to build a strong enough assault force to counter attack, defeat the Muslims, and eradicate the threat.

This means that our new Christian nation must develop a completely independent and thriving off world economy, industry, and military as quickly as possible. Our new nation MUST become so completely independent that it can function completely off world with no dependency for earth based resources or revenues. Our new nation MUST become more independent and efficient than the US ever was.

But we must wait to begin colonizing until we have rebuilt a booming economy or the drain of colonizing other planets on our economy will cause our economy and the colonizing to both fail, leaving us to the eventual doom of being conquered by Islam, enslaved, and murdered. We must do it right or lose, which means we cannot permit ANY corruption, which will only decrease our national growth and development.

The thing everyone MUST deal with, most are not wanting to deal with, and everyone will soon be forced to deal with is that, thanks to our liberal commie traitors, democracy is dead and we MUST deal with this and move on to what is our next best option as quickly as possible. We are fighting a war of survival and to lose is death for everyone. Adaptability = survivability.

Civilization as we know it has already ceased to exist. Just look at the brutal pagan barbarism surrounding you, even in this country. Rome has fallen and the pagans are sacking the city as you read this.

You are about to find out the hard way that only God, His wisdom, and His guidance can save our butts.

You Better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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