Death Panels 2

I keep hearing people talking about the upper class trash liberals trying to get death panels set up.

But they already have the death panels set up and the death panels are already working sentencing people to death and no one seems to know it because no one is talking about it. Everyone who talks about this is thinking and saying the death panels are something the lefties are trying to get started in the future and no one is talking about the fact that the death panels already exist and are already passing out death sentences to people.

I know of a number of people who have already been told that, if they need life saving treatment, they won't get that treatment because of existing medical conditions and/or their age. Technically, legally, and medically, that is a death sentence passed down by death panels because the extremely empowered and idealistic people have already decided to let you die instead of providing medical treatment for you. You have been sentenced to death by a death panel. They have already decided to pull your plug for you before you ever get plugged in.

What the lefties are trying to do now is empower these insane, Satanic death panels to actually murder people by having those people injected against those people's will, you know, like they do convicted murderers. What they are trying to do is empower these nuts to be able to look at your age and/or medical condition and determine that you will be murdered by the glorious commie state at a time of their choosing to get rid of you, A.K.A. euthanasia, which is just a nice way of saying murder. You know, like the German Nazis euthanized or murdered 6 million Jews and 5 to 7 million Christians during WWII.

Gee, what a coincidence in how similar today's liberal progressive commies are to the German Nazis. Are you getting the picture yet that the Nazis were not finished off during WWII because they were not all killed off, they just went underground, reorganized, changed strategy, and have conquered the world from within instead of with tanks, planes, and guns? Now that they have destroyed our nations and gotten themselves in control, they are trying to use their guns to force you into their death camps so they can finish what Hitler and his bunch started.

Gee, I wonder who these Nazis will force into their death camps?

Well, the Jews and the Christians, for starters, and then anyone who apposes their rule and, oh yeah, the liberal commie traitor activists, because no one can trust a traitor.

Gee, is it possible that these Nazis are using the Internet to gain information or data, you know, like watching people on FaceBook and Twitter to find out whether those people will appose the rule of the upper class trash?

Why do you think they are spending so much money to buy data from such organizations and what data are they buying?

It isn't for business marketing purposes because very little, if anything on FB, has to do with products and services. Almost everything is people discussing and supporting/apposing ideas. So the only "data" Zuckerberg could be selling to the government is about what you think and say on FaceBook.

Why do you think those little FB signs keep being sent around saying things like, "if you support or appose X, then share"?

They have tracking programs on those items to keep track of who shares to provide the upper class trash with data or information about who apposes or supports certain things and THAT is the data the "government" is spending your tax dollars to buy from those organizations. If you share those signs, they know more about you than you do. I don't share anything which says, "If you X, share". Those are sucker punches by the upper class trash, you know, people like Zuckerberg, Gates, Soros, Turner, and other upper class trash. (Remember that I told you that I have seen videos of people like Gates going around teaching Eugenics or murdering inferior people to purge the gene pool to upper class trash white crackers while Turner is preaching that they can murder off all but a maximum of 250 million people globally? They call it depopulating the planet because it doesn't sound as harsh as murdering everyone off.)

Almost certainly, your name is already on a kill list owned by the upper class trash. Remember that they are right now working to kill off better than 95% of the global population, therefore, it is a 95% probability that they are working to kill you off and you are already on their kill list.

You need to be aware that the death panels already exist and what they are doing is trying to empower those death panels to light the burners on the ovens. The real death panel is the inner most core of the upper class trash who have already passed a death sentence on better than 95% of the people globally. If Turner gets his way, more than 98%.

Now do you understand why these bad guys have to be completely eradicated and not just defeated?

We defeated them before, didn't eradicate them, now they have defeated us, and are forcing their insanity on us. This time, do it right, finish the job or we may not get another chance.

But remember, man plans, God laughs.

BTW, everyone is speculating on the clothes Obama and the other world leaders wore during their visit to China in that stage presentation. Though not in commie red, those are the same design clothes which were worn by the Chinese communist leaders when Mao was in control. The world leaders having to dress up like that and parade around on stage in front of the world was the upper class trash enjoying showing how they control their little puppets. It wasn't that long ago that the world leaders would have been insulted by dressing up and putting on a little pro commie show like that. That little show was meant by the upper class trash running things to be demeaning and show the power of the upper class trash over their puppets. The cat was playing with the mouse. Look at it again, you will see.

Also, have you noticed that all of the world leaders are going to the same places at the same time?

Why, it is an international puppet show touring the world? How wonderful.

Mean while, our glorious leaders keep coming up with lame excuses why the good officers in the US military should resign "in protest of Obama", you know, just give Obama complete control. Fortunately for us, our good military officers were not born yesterday and refuse to do something so stupid.

Keep an eye on Dr. Ben Carson because he said that he feels people in cities should not have automatic weapons, which would mean disarming better than 95% of US citizens because better than 95% of the people live in cities. Is he trying a different ploy to get around the second amendment?

The drama called our government continues with Reid and Pelosi obviously ramping up to draw the female vote in 2016. Pelosi now says that anyone who disagrees with her is being sexist and Reid put together a team of four Democrat women senators saying that women think differently than men, implying women are more intelligent. You can bet liberal women will positively respond to those messages.

Men Leaving Their Families

I just read an article where the author was using psychology to justify "men leaving their families." I am really tired of all of this talk about men leaving their families. It is all the men's fault. It is just more liberal feminist hating and bashing men and it is being pushed by all liberals.

Yes, there are some irresponsible men who leave their families but better than 90% of all divorces in the US are the women divorcing the husband and the courts telling the husbands that they MUST get out of their homes and leave their families or they will be arrested and put in jail, leaving their families anyway. The reason most men "leave" their families is under threat of law.

It is true that there are some men who are not great husbands but the women should have figured that out before they got married and had kids, besides, there are a lot of women who are not perfect wives, you know, all of them. Since there is no such thing as a perfect human, there cannot be any such thing as a perfect man or woman and, therefore, there cannot be any such thing as a perfect husband or wife. Deal with it.

The real cause of this increasing problem is liberalism and its insanity. The liberals have been brainwashing women to think single men are romantic and to openly commit adultery with them but, as soon as they are married, men are supposed to stop being romantic, the women are supposed to hate the men, look for every imperfection they can find in the men, try to turn the men into exact replicas of their perfect selves, wage war (battle of the sexes) against their husbands instead of working with them to make life be the best it can be for both of them, and, when the husband is not making life perfect for the woman, divorce him and force him to leave his family or get thrown in jail.

Since liberalism has taken over this country, divorce rates have gone through the ceiling with better than 90% of the divorces being women divorcing their husbands because their husbands are not perfect and forcing their husbands to leave their families or go to jail.

Yep, it sounds like it is all the man's fault.

If you want to stop so many men from "leaving their families", kill liberal feminism. Get it straight, the "battle of the sexes" is a hate crime by liberal women against men.

Does the Episcopalians having Friday Muslim services (read Muslim Brotherhood) in the Washington National Cathedral mean we can expect the Episcopalians to also convert to Islam, you know, along with the Catholic Church?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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