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Global Warming?

It has been reported that we are now entering a global cooling period that will last 30 years and will peak in the late 2020s and early 2030s (it has already been going on a while). It is predicted that it will be so severe that "There is no human on earth, much less here in the U.S., who has experienced the depth and duration of cold we're about to experience - it's that serious," so says climatologist John L. Casey. He also says we are going to experience a global food shortage which will lead to rioting and wars and that the weather is mostly controlled by the sun.

Personally, I think it is showing that the global weather is being controlled by God, mostly via the sun.

An interesting note here is that my theory on continental drying, which I originally called global warming until that name was high jacked by the lefties, is also effected by this. I have been learning and shared with you that, as the planet has been cooling precipitation in our deserts and everywhere else is increasing, which will green up our deserts to what archaeology is showing they were more than a thousand years ago, fertile crop lands.

In my theory, I pointed out that water has been evaporating and running off of our continents faster than it has been being replenished causing continental drying. What I am learn is that, as temperatures are dropping, so is the dew point and precipitation has been increasing everywhere, even in the deserts. This means that in the areas closer to the poles such as Canada, the northern US, Europe, Russia, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, and Chile, where it is much colder, there will be longer, colder winters with more snow and ice building up very quickly creating another ice age. In the areas further from the poles and closer to the equator, the decreasing temperatures and increasing precipitation will revive the deserts to where they were when Babylon, Egypt, the Mayans, Anasazi, and others were the greatest nations of the world because they were the agrarian or agricultural capitols of the world where there are now deserts and savanna or grass lands.

Everything which has dried up in the last few thousand years will green up in the next 30 years. Everything which thawed out will become frozen and barren again. Populations will migrate south to the new agricultural centers, more snow, ice, and water will build up on the continents causing the oceans to fall exposing old ports which were covered by the rising waters over the last few thousand years. Current first world countries will become third world countries and third world countries will become first world countries. That is all happening right now.

Obama Polls

Surprise, surprise, surprise!!! A new poll showed that Obama's popularity has plunged to a new low but, amazingly, it didn't plunge from 39% down to 39% AGAIN. It actually plunged down to 37% this time. Can you believe that? And it is supposed to be because of...OBAMACARE!

BTW, Obama's disapproval rating hit a new high of 56%.

What do you think? Now that the midterm elections are over, are they actually going to start letting the polls gradually and increasingly show the truth in order to discredit and get rid of Obama?

Stick around and we will both find out.


I have been watching this Anonymous thing. I think it was started with good intentions and most people involved still have good intensions but, because it has no real structure or controls, it is too easy to take it over and use it for bad. I have been seeing different groups from both sides of the fence and even tension between different groups. I would not be surprised to see a hacker's civil war for control over Anonymous. I am still keeping an eye on it.


I keep reading about Muslims converting to Christianity in spite of the fact they face persecution and even death. The two basic ways they seem to be converting are because they have read the Bible or had a vision from Jesus. (Obviously, I am not the only person God communicates to via what we call telepathic communication or the Bible calls visions and dreams. The Bible said there would be a lot of this in the ends times, some real and some phony.)

I believe that a lot of this has to do with the fact that we have been mostly living under the influence of Christianity on a global basis for a few hundred years. Suddenly, the Muslims and other pagans are taking over, being more open about what they are really about, showing their true colors, and increasing numbers of people are not liking what they see so they are reading the Bible and converting to Christianity.

Eyes are opening and people are choosing and these are informed decisions and not decisions based on lies, misinformation, and propaganda.

Government Employees

Remember that I told you that the lefties will purge better than 90% of the people who help the upper class trash set up their dictatorship and that includes government employees?

They just threw cops under the bus along with border patrol agents. Holder just took the death penalty off the table for a bunch of illegal immigrants who murdered a cop and they are disarming border patrol agents by the thousands. They are screwing the crap out of the military every way they can think of, destroying the reputation of the Secret Service, and they screwed the CIA at Benghazi.

Who's next?

Do you still think they don't plan to replace all government employees and agents with their beloved CNSF?


More and more people are getting fed up with both political parties, realize that we no longer have a republic, realize that democracy has failed...again, realize we are being increasing ruled by an oligarchy or dictatorship of corrupt upper class trash, and are increasingly willing to submit to an oligarchy of good people to just run things right. Eyes are opening and people are choosing.

Feminist Backlash

I am seeing a huge backlash building against feminism and, unfortunately, many good women will also pay for the crimes of the arrogant, selfish, self centered feminists. I see a huge amount of anger and hatred building in men towards women.

Many modern liberal "entitlement" feminist women believe that the men owe them life in the manner in which they desire to become accustomed to or are intitled to with the women not having to do any work at all, basically, men should be their slaves. Too many modern women have become lazy parasites with really terrible arrogant male hating attitudes who only want a man to take care of the princess.

Increasing numbers of men are looking for a woman who will be a teammate to work together to make life be the best it can be for both of them and not a lazy whore selling very little sex for a pampered life of luxury. Most men want to be husbands, not slaves. Keep an eye on this.

There is a lot coming together all at the same time and it isn't a coincidence.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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