Remember that a republic is a democracy because a republic is a type of democracy.

When you read through the entire Bible, you will notice something very interesting. Not one time in the Bible does God even mention democracy much less promote the idea of a democracy.

What, didn't God know about the wonderful pagan concept or god of democracy?

Of course God knew about democracy, He just knew the weaknesses of democracy, that it can too easily be infiltrated and taken over by power mad, greedy, corrupt rich criminals. Therefore God only promotes a much more powerful form of government, Biblical theocracy.

Democracy is a pagan created form of government based on the flawed concept that we will have better government, if the people get to vote for their leaders. But, what if all you get to vote for is the power mad criminals which will be drawn to such powerful positions? Then all you will end up voting for is the lesser of two or more evils to rule over you, you know, just like we have in the US now.

With any form of democracy, it is only a matter of time before the corrupt, power mad, greedy rich people will seize control of your nation and destroy it with their corruption turning your government into a dictatorship or monarchy. Every democracy in the world has failed within less than 200 years except for the Christian based Republic of the US which has now finally failed at a little over 200 years for the same reasons of infiltration by the corrupt rich people and, if you pay attention, you will notice our power mad, rich upper class trash has already unofficially established their civilian communist dictatorship because they are forcing laws on you, which you, the people, don't want. They already have almost absolute control of our government and only fear an uprising by the people or the military, which is why they are trying to disarm both.

Wow, isn't that really great representation?

The only type of government God set up was a very powerful Biblical based theocracy which lasted hundreds of years. God spent 40 years setting up this government in the desert by educating everyone about the scriptures and Law so those people would teach their children who would also teach their children and so forth enough about the Law so that the theocracy would continue to function for hundreds of years. This worked very well because the scriptures do not teach the people that the people must obey their religious leaders but the Bible does teach that the people are supposed to obey the Law regardless of what the religious leaders say. The Jewish religious leaders did not add that the people were supposed to obey their religious leaders until after the Biblical based theocracy of God was finally done away with by the people. Today, the Jewish people obey their religious leaders instead of the Law which is why Israel is such a mess but you can bet those religious leaders are not going to give up that control and power over the people without a fight.

Also, the way God worked the system was that, when one or more religious leaders became corrupt, God would send His prophets, like Samuel and Elijah, to set those leaders right. God's prophets don't answer to any religious leaders, the prophets only answer to God and the Law and the religious leaders answer to God's prophets so that God's prophets were the balance in God's theocracy between the knowledge of the people and the religious leaders. God always proved who His prophets were or validated His prophets by the miracles God performed through His prophets.

After centuries of a mix of both good and bad religious leaders along with a line of prophets setting the religious leaders straight, the people had enough of the bad religious leaders and asked God if He would give them a king, another pagan form of government. God told the people that, if the people insisted, He would give the people a king but stated the people would regret such a mistake. The people insisted and God gave them King Saul and the nation of Israel began its decline because these kings began to gradually bring paganism into the nation of Israel over hundreds of years, corrupting the government and the people until God finally had to destroy the nation of Israel and disperse the people over a period of centuries. Even with this pagan form of government, God managed to keep Israel together as a people and even nation for more than 1,000 more years by using His prophets to set the people and their leaders straight.

Note that God's theocracy never completely failed until the people, not the leaders, insisted that God replace His theocracy with a pagan monarchy, then all hell broke loose on Israel over the next few centuries with the 10 northern tribes being dispersed among the nations and finally the two southern tribes being dispersed into Babylon and then, again, about 30 years after the death of Jesus. During all of this time, God used his prophets, most of whom were killed in action, and the Law or Torah to keep Israel together as a people and a nation for the last 3,600 years.

Then we fast forward to the 18th Century or 1700s when our founding fathers were in the process of creating a new nation. You have to understand that these were all very well educated people who had just fled the corrupt religious theocracies of Europe, NONE of whom were truly Christian theocracies.

These theocracies were either the Church of Rome ( AKA Catholic Church) or protestant groups which had broken off from the Catholic Church in protest of church doctrines and, just like the Catholic Church, were all at least as much pagan organizations as they were Christian. Except for the underground Baptist movement, NONE of these churches were Biblically accurate religions.

Please note that all of the "Christian" holidays currently worshiped, are at least partly pagan in nature and none of the Biblical holidays, such as the five feasts, are practiced without any form of paganism. The Biblical Pass Over or last supper is worshiped on Easter, the birthday of a number of pagan fertility goddesses and our children are taught about Easter bunnies and Easter eggs, which are all pagan symbols for fertility, Christians practice the completely pagan ritual of Halloween and taught to dress up like witches, ghosts, and demons (wow, that sounds really Christian), and even Christmas (the mass for Christ to celebrate the birth of Jesus, Christ-mass) was set for just after the winter solstice so Constantine could continue to celebrate the birthday of his favorite pagan Roman sun god, Sol, while pretending to worship the birth of Jesus with Christians decorating Christmas trees, which are really Yule logs used for Germanic pagan rituals. Did you know that the prayer beads used by some Christian churches and Islam came from the pagan religion of Sabianism?

Such heavily pagan institutions, though purported as being Christian, were easily corrupted and abused the power they had for reasons other than protecting the good people from the bad people because their doctrine was NEVER based entirely on the Bible. As a matter of fact, the leaders were almost always the same corrupt people who have destroyed the US. Because of these things, our founding fathers didn't want "another Christian theocracy" but wanted a Christian based republic with religious freedom. In spite of all of this, the articles and letters written by the founding fathers from that time show they knew that their Christian based republic would eventually fail because of infiltration and corruption, just like Greek democracy and the Roman Republic failed and they were right. The US republic has been destroyed and replaced by a pagan communist dictatorship.

To put an end to all of this corruption and nonsense, we, as a people, must turn back to God and then set up a Biblical based Christian theocracy and not church based Christian theocracy, which must be run by leaders who know that the primary reason for government is to protect good people from bad people and government is not a tool to be used to take turns robbing, oppressing, and enslaving the people. We must take our Christian based government one step further than the founding fathers did by eliminating the church as a group of institutions who will be focused on church doctrine and not Biblical doctrine and have our Christian government based entirely on Biblical doctrine. This makes God and the Bible our leader and not some easily corruptible church leaders or organization, you know, just like the theocracy God set up in the Sinai Desert 3,600 years ago.

Wouldn't it be nice to have freedom and peace for hundreds of years? When Jesus returns to set up his Biblical based theocracy in the near future, we will have peace for 1,000 years. Think about it.

Know that God is setting this up right now regardless of whether we like it. This is what God has planned for our new nation. Deal with it.

It is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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