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I am so tired of liberal lies and I am seeing increasing numbers of people who are first learning the liberals are lying about everything and then also becoming tired of the liberal lies. The liberals are slowly destroying their credibility with their incessant lies about everything but do not expect liberals to quit lying because it is the only way the liberals can hope to achieve their evil agenda.

I have watched as liberal "conservationists" have lied to us about animals and ecosystems. They told us that coyotes and mountain lions won't harm, much less hunt and kill humans, and that bears will not harm you, if you just lie down and pretend to be dead. These lies worked so well that a group of developers decided to build a bunch of homes in an area with a large population of coyotes because people would really love to watch those cute, warm, fuzzy, harmless little creatures which pose no threat to humans or our pets. After coyotes started attacking people, especially children, and their pets, the conservationists, without admitting they had been lying, started warning people to be careful around coyotes because they will kill humans and their pets.

Another group of developers decided to build houses in an area where there is a large mountain lion population so people could enjoy watching those beautiful, "harmless" mountain lions. It didn't take long and the conservationists, without admitting they had been lying, were warning people to be careful around mountain lions because mountain lions will hunt and kill humans.

Increasing numbers of animal lovers began taking hikes to see those harmless bears knowing they would be safe if they just pretended to be dead. After all, the experts had told them bears won't harm you, if you pretend to be dead. Enough people started getting mauled, seriously injured, and even eaten that the conservationists were forced to, without admitting they had been lying, tell people to not pretend to be dead but to stand up and fight the bears because bears will try to eat you, if you pretend to be dead.

You see, if you study the feeding habits of bears, you realize that bears are carnivores, they hunt and kill other animals, bears are herbivores, they eat vegetation and grubs, and bears are scavengers, they eat dead things so, when you pretend to be dead, you are pretending to be bear food.

In spite of hundreds of stories throughout history to the contrary, liberals are telling us that wolves won't attack people or our pets and have been using these lies to make it sound alright to repopulate areas filled with humans with wolves. There have already been at least a few wolf attacks but, so far, the liberals are quietly ignoring those wolf attacks with lame excuses while still lying about wolves not attacking humans and forcing wolves on humans.

The liberals have been lying about raptors or birds of prey not attacking humans or our pets. The liberals falsely claim that not even an eagle can fly while carrying much weight, much less the weight of a child or medium size dog. Why, we are told, raptors can't even carry their own weight in prey. I did a college paper on Prairie Falcons, who only weight about 30 to 40 pounds at maturity, and it was documented by scientists who saw a Prairie Falcon carrying more than 60 pounds, almost twice their weight and about the size of a medium size dog or seven to eight year old child. I have seen a video of a gold eagle taking down a full grown white tail female deer in one hit to the spinal cord with incredible ease. I just saw a video of a European eagle grabbing a two to three year old child in a city park. Fortunately, the child was wearing winter cloths so the eagle only got hold of the heavy jacket and, when the eagle lifted the child off the ground, the child shifted in the jacket causing the eagle to drop the child about five to six feet above the ground. If that child had not been wearing that jacket, it would be dead now because eight eagle talons sinking into the child's body would have been like eight knives stabbing the child at once, the child would have quickly bled out.

Let's get something straight here, all carnivores eat meat and you are made of meat or carnivore food. If you are there, they are hungry, and they are high enough on the food chain they feel they can make the kill without serious injury to themselves, you are dinner. That is the most fundamental rule of predation. Humans are not special to hungry predators. Hungry predators will eat you just as fast as any other prey of the same size.

First, we watched the liberals lie about global warming until it was finally obvious to enough people that the planet is not warming up right now but has been decreasing in temperature for at least 15 to 17 years. For a long time the liberal activists called anyone who challenged the lie of global warming names and insulted them. Then, after enough people realized global warming was a liberal lie, without admitting they were wrong or lying about global warming, the liberals quietly changed their lie to global climate change.

There is a little problem with global climate change in that the global climate has been changing for thousands of years (billions of years, according to the liberals - another lie), recycling between warming and cooling without man possibly causing those changes. In the European Dark Ages, they had what is called the "Little Ice Age" and a 50 year drought started in North America in about 1,200 AD, neither caused by man.

I have been quietly waiting for some one to mention the known fact that climate change has been going on for thousands of years and seems to be a natural phenomenon and not caused by man. When enough people realize this simple fact that they stop believing the liberal lie about man causing climate change, what will be the next liberal lie, that we humans are causing climate stability?

You know the liberals won't stop lying or admit they were lying or wrong. They will just quietly change to another lie while ignoring the fact that the last lie was proved wrong. The liberals have been doing this for decades and it is getting very old. The liberals simply, quickly, and quietly bounce from one lie to the next lie or start changing the name of their group when people find out the liberals are not good people. The liberals started out calling themselves communist until the Soviet Union showed people what communism is really all about. Suddenly, the liberals stopped calling themselves communists and started calling themselves socialists, insisting there was a significant difference between communism and socialism when their god, Karl Marx, and their bible, the "Communist Manifesto", didn't change. Then, when enough people realized that socialism was the same as communism and, therefore, just as bad, the liberals changed their names to liberals. The liberals were no longer communists or socialist in spite of the fact they were still preaching the same crap. When people realized that liberalism was just as bad, the liberals changed their name to progressives.

The lies never stop, they change lies as fast and easily as you change the foot you are walking on as you walk down the street. Amazingly, there are enough people who are either dumb enough and/or not paying close enough attention to keep believing the next lie until that lie has been proven wrong. Many more believe the lies because the lies sound so good and they want to believe the lies.

Unfortunately, the liberal lies cause a lot of harm and even get people killed, but, hey, the liberals don't care about anyone but themselves. They make it look like they are the people who care the most about other people but the liberals give the least and do the least to help people in need. Liberals talk the talk but don't walk the walk.

With so many liberal liars in the world, it is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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