I Told You So 128


I told you this would happen and it has begun. I told you that Obama would blame Israel for trying to assassinate Obama when Obama nukes Chicago. This is just the first day after the midterm elections and it has already begun telling you what Obama is going to do.

At the web site "Public Intelligence Blog", there is an article in which they state, "Netanyahu Implies Threat to Assassinate Obama in Recent Speech?" and then they quote Israeli PM, Netanyahu, as saying, "When there are pressures on Israel to concede its security, the easiest thing to do is to concede. You get a round of applause, ceremonies on grassy knolls, and then come the missiles and the tunnels."

The basis to their "story" is that Netanyahu just saying the phrase "grassy knolls" is an implied threat to assassinated Obama because JFK was assassinated from grassy knolls in spite of the fact that the statement clearly has absolutely nothing to do with assassinating Obama, not so much as a hint. Politicians normally have ceremonies on grassy knolls.

What Obama and his bunch are clearly doing here is using psychology to get a rumor started by releasing a stupid little story like this on some nothing little site. Once the rumor gets started, it will grow and become fact so that, when Obama nukes Chicago and claims that it was an attempt on his life by Israel, more people will be more likely to believe Obama's lie.

The liberal activists, who all hate Israel, will take this little nothing story and blatant lie, expand it, treat it like fact, and spread it everywhere turning it into a liberal fact. This stupid little story will be used as justification to go to war against and invade Israel. In the military, we called this using psychological warfare to prepare the battle field before going to war and Obama is clearly prepping the battle field to go to war against Israel.

What I expect them to do next is tie Netanyahu to the Tea Party so they can also blame conservatives.

Think about it, why would Netanyahu risk committing an act of war against the US by threatening to assassinate Obama?

The Republicans just took a strong control of both the House and Senate, they have the legal grounds to impeach, remove, and prosecute Obama next spring, and Netanyahu is going to assassinate Obama?

Assassinating Obama would be the stupidest thing Netanyahu or any conservative could do because it would turn Obama into a martyr when he should go to prison for his crimes and it would give the liberals the potential to take back Congress and the presidency in 2016. Therefore, the only people Obama should really worry about assassinating him are the liberals because they are the only ones who have anything to gain by assassinating Obama. If Obama is still president in 2016, it is very likely the GOP will win the presidency and gain in both the House and Senate.

I guess we found out why Obama was arrogantly taunting the GOP before the election by helping the GOP win. It clearly wasn't because the commies had so many dead people voting that they would win anyway. It is because Obama got his 10k nuke from Iran, is ready to stage his false flag event and declare martial law in the US.

BTW, did you notice that Obama has increased the amount of nuke dirt he is going to permit Iran to keep making by 50%? I guess Obama is thanking Iran for Obama's brand new custom 10K nuke. Just what the Obomber ordered.

Keep an eye on Chicago.

Hillary Clinton

Did you notice that almost all of the politicians Hillary campaigned for lost in this election?

What a huge blow that is to Hillary. You can bet the commies can read the writing on that wall. That girl isn't going to be president in 2017. This coming spring Hillary will claim she is ill, state she isn't running for president, and they will have a big party or ball to announce Princess Chelsea running for president, you know, just like I told you will happen.

Hillary is obviously damaged goods and doesn't have a prayer at winning the 2016 presidential election, you know, just like I told you.

Hmmm, I am wondering if they will have Princess Chelsea's announcement party as an upper class trash formal ball in Chicago next spring?

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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