Democracy 4

I keep seeing people propose simplistic solutions to our current problems like limiting the time in office for our politicians and that all politicians should have to be US veterans when it is obvious that these concepts have already failed. Look at the politicians who only serve one term and are part of the problem. McCain and Kerry are both US veterans, are officially classified as heroes and are two of the worst people in our government.

One example of such a simplistic solution is that a lawmaker in Arizona wants to make it a requirement that everyone be in church on Sunday.

Yeah, that will work well. Common sense and just paying attention to what has been going on should tell you that the pagans would just show up at the church services, disrupt the services, and destroy the churches. Besides, not all churches are true Christian churches and the pagans would just take over many of the churches and convert those churches to paganism and then that law would require you to show up to those now pagan churches to be brainwashed and converted to paganism.

You show me any human solution to our problem and I will show you how the liberals already have it beat.

Look, Hilarious Clintstone is blatantly an international criminal of historic proportions who should be facing multiple counts for treason and yet 40% of the people want to vote for her?

That doesn't count all of the people who will vote multiple times for her, all of the dead people all the way back to King Nebuchadnezzar who will vote for her, all of the illegal aliens who will vote for her, all of the "forgotten" ballots the lefties always mysterious find in the trunks of cars when they are losing and miraculously win the election for them, and all of the other voting fraud the upper class trash use to rig our elections.

With all of the damage the upper class trash has done to this nation, and it is horrific, the worst damage they have done is to the people of this nation. If 40% of the people still want to vote for Hilarious with her being such an obvious traitor, who has already sold them all out, it will only take one bit of really good image remaking and she will easily get from 50% to more than 60% of the votes.

That is because so many of the people have been dumbed down and brainwashed that the elections have become more about image than anything else and the lying liberal media control those images. A huge part of that brainwashing is the paganism the people have been converted to by the pagan lefties and their one Satanic law of, "do as you will" or anything goes. It has become completely acceptable to most people to sell out your nation and everyone in it for free stuff and to vote for politicians because of image. They voted twice for him because he is black and will vote for her because she is a woman and both have committed blatant acts of treason, selling out the very people who vote for them with impunity.

That creates a huge problem for the US military in doing its job of preventing a government coup and liberal dictatorship.

Remember that I told you that the military must wait until at least 65% to 75% of the people are so fed up with the corruption they will demand the military act before the military can act or their actions will fail as they did in Chili and Venezuela?

When you have more than half of the people so dumbed down, brainwashed, and corrupt that most of them will not turn against these evil criminals, then the military won't be able to act to save us from ourselves. They are just as helpless as we are and time is on the side of these criminals because it is only a matter of time until the criminals will have destroyed the US military to the point where the military can't stop the coup.

Why do you think so many retired military officers are coming out with the ugly truth about what is going on?

They are trying to get enough people angry enough for the military to intervene to save the US before it is too late for the military to intervene.

Remember that I told you that democracy can't work in this nation again, ever?

When that many of your people are so dumbed down, brainwashed, and immoral, even if we get rid of all of the current criminals running things and manage to start fresh with a new Republic run by good people, it will only be a matter of time until new criminals are in control and we will be in an even worse mess than we are in now, probably within just one or two decades.

The young people who are being brainwashed into ignorant immoral pagans in our public school system right now will still be voting 60 to 70 years from now. At the very least, it will be 100 years before any form of democracy can be used again and then, with the increased technology we should expect by then, it wouldn't take the criminals more than a few decades to infiltrate and corrupt the system bad enough to regain control. Simply put, democracy can never work again on this planet, period.

Think not?

We know that the Battle of Armageddon is going to happen in the near future and Jesus will come. The Bible tells us that Jesus will rule with a rod of iron which should tell you that Jesus will set up a global monarchy with himself as king and he will rule with very strict Biblical Laws.

Why a monarchy?

Because a democracy can never work again on this planet with our technology and they have now all failed anyway. The only government which can last is a monarchy under the control of God run by God's Laws or what we call a theocracy. This is a war between God and Satan and only God can beat Satan. We humans are no match for Satan and need God to protect us from Satan but God won't protect us, if we have submitted to and are following Satan. Then we are on our own and at the mercy of Satan. The only reason we have any hope right now is because of the true Christians living in our country and then those Christians must stage a revival and turn back to God before God will save us.

Our nation and our planet have become so over run by Satan's people that God has to remove most of the more powerful of Satan's people before we can finish saving ourselves.

BTW, Pay close attention to all of the RINOs supporting the liberal Common Core educational program, A.K.A. liberal brainwashing. Now Jeb Bush, an avid supporter of Common Core, is promoting Obama's NSA spying program. Is there anything of Obama and his liberal pals that Bush isn't supporting and yet he is one of the most popular Republican candidates for president?

I just saw a headline about a Saudi Prince giving permission for someone at Fox to get a promotion. The last time I checked, Saudi Arabia owned 15% of Fox stocks, which is normally considered to be controlling ownership.

Now, do you understand why the media have been keeping it quiet about the Saudis sponsoring various terrorist organizations?

They and their corrupt pals own the US media so you can't believe anything you see in the major media, including Fox.

No individual, group, nation, or business from outside of our country should be permitted to own anyone of a variety of businesses in our country, especially the media, and no one who is not a loyal citizen should be permitted to work for our government. For such things to take place is a breach of national security.

Also, no one should be permitted to show open disrespect for our nation's flag.

Other News

Remember that I told you that the Muslims won't share power with the Catholic Church?

The Italian police just thwarted a bomb attack against the Vatican by Al Quaeda. So, how is that converting to Islam crap working?

Just how desperate is Obama to get this deal with Iran when he is offering Iran up to $50 billion just to sign the deal?

Obviously Iran knows Obama is desperate and is milking it for everything they can.

Also, just how many nukes is Obama buying?

The US thought N. Korea had 10 nukes but China told us this February that N. Korea has at least 20 nukes and will have 40 by next year. China is becoming concerned after helping N. Korea get here. Oops! More stupid commies screwing themselves along with the rest of us. Mean while the US military continues to under estimate our enemies, you know, like Iran.

Obama told the Armenians that he will not recognize the Armenian genocide as genocide, you know, it was probably just a little misunderstanding that slaughtered millions of Christians. Of course he won't, Obama is a devout Muslim and the Armenian genocide was Muslims slaughtering Christians. Ayatollah Obama isn't going to recognize that as being something wrong.

Mean while, Putin shows up at the 100th anniversary of the Armenian genocide. Putin isn't a devout Muslim.

Even liberals are turning on Obama for not helping the Christians being persecuted by Muslims. He was just called out as not being humanitarian for not helping Christians. The libs are throwing Obama under the bus.

In increasing European nations, increasing numbers of people are burning and bombing Muslim mosques. The people are fighting back against Islam because the leaders won't.

Netanyahu is now pushing Aliyah because he is trying to get all Jews to return to Israel. Exodus II has begun.

Biden just told Israel that the US will deliver Israel's F-35s in 2015. They won't be able to fire their guns until 2017 and won't be able to drop bombs until 2022 but Israel will have them. Oh yeah, there is a problem with the engines which causes them to tend to blow up.

Want to bet Israel has all of that fixed by 2016?

Legalized Pot

At least one business has left Colorado because of the state legalizing pot. It seems their employees kept showing up to work stoned and it is effecting their work because pot causes people to be lethargic and decreases the quality of their work. Pot users tend to have the attitude of "that's good enough" when it isn't.

I would also be concerned with workplace safety. At the tail end of Nam, I had to work with pot users when based in Udorn, Thailand and they are extremely dangerous people. When a doper would screw up on the flight line, the military would hide it by sending the stoners to work in the post office and our post office was full of doper screw ups. I talked to some of them and they thought their screw ups were funny even though they cost us a lot of money and put other people's lives at risk. One bragged he was sent to the post office because he knocked the nose landing gear out from under the nose of an F-4 with a hydraulic lift called a jammer. Another told me he put an ECM pod through an empty centerline fuel tank hanging under an F-4, which, if it had been full, would have exploded and killed everyone around for at least 100 feet and destroyed the F-4.

After a few of these screw ups on the flight line, shop supervisors were told to keep their dopers in shop and away from anything they could damage. We had one stoner on the graveyard shift for whom the shop supe put a chair in the middle of an open floor and ordered the stoner to sit in that chair all night except to go to the toilet. He was always so stoned that it was amazing he could find the shop and he always showed up late for work. He was a walking vegetable just from pot.

After that shop supe left, another supe took over who decided he was going to make everyone (meaning the stoner) do their fair share and put that stoner back on the flight line. The flight line crew tried to talk the stupid supe out of it because it put our lives at risk and the supe was so stupid he didn't realize that the stoner on the flight line put the supe's career at risk and, in my opinion, the supe should have been court marshaled just for sending the stoner to the flight line to endanger multimillion dollar aircraft and people's lives.

The flight line crew discussed what to do if we were sent out on the flight line with the stoner and it was decided that the best thing to do was get control of the jammer we used to upload ECM pods under the wings of the F-4s and, no matter what, don't let the stoner get control of the jammer because he could easily kill us with it. In other words, keep your butt parked in the seat of the jammer so the stoner couldn't get control of it.

On the first night, the supe sent me out on the flight line with the stoner first. I jumped on the jammer, drove it to flight line, picked up the ALQ-71 pod we were supposed to upload on the F-4, put that pod in exactly the right spot for the upload, and waited for the stoner to connect the pod to the wing of the F-4 while refusing to get off the jammer for any reason.

The ALQ-71 pod upload on an F-4 was supposed to only take 15 minutes from the time the pod is picked up by the jammer until the pod was attached to the plane and the jammer pulled out from under the wing of the F-4. After the jammer driver positioned the pod under the wing pylon, all the other technician had to do was turn two nuts on the pylon with a large crescent wrench to cause two hooks to engage the pod eyelets and attach two electrical quick connectors from the pylon to the pod, all of which shouldn't take more than about 5 minutes.

I sat on that jammer for 1.5 hours watching the stoner drop the wrench and fiddle with the connectors before he finally got the pod connected because I was afraid that, if I left the jammer to do the stoner's job for him, he would get on the jammer, do something stupid, and crush me to death under the wing of the F-4, also destroying the F-4. I was protecting me and the F-4. With the job I had him doing, the worst he could screw up was some wiring and one pod.

The next night, the stoner showed up to work straight because of the previous night. I was sent out to the flight line with him for the first job of the night and we went to the same aircraft pad to upload another ALQ-71 on another F-4. With him straight, we had that job done in less than 15 minutes and, when I told him how bad he had performed the previous night, he said he thought he had done a good job the previous night. It took him 6 times longer to do the same job stoned that it did when he was straight. He came to work straight every night after that.

Believe me, in these states which have legalized pot, you are going to see some really terrible work accidents resulting in deaths and a significant decrease in quality of work done. Insurance companies will quickly run up premiums for all businesses in states where pot is legal and more businesses will have to leave those states to compete and survive. Those states' economies will eventually crash and poverty will greatly increase because the stupid liberals got another thing they wanted.

Being stoned is like being drunk. The stoners don't know how stoned they are and how much worse they function because they are stoned and their perceptions are severely flawed just like with drunks. The stoners wrongly think they do better work stoned when they actually do much worse work. I don't care which chemicals you use, if you screw up your mind, your mind can't tell how screwed up you are. Keep an eye on this.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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