Keep in mind that this mess in Colorado and other pot-legal states is being caused by both liberals and Libertarians because liberals and libertarians are both social liberals with the only difference being that liberals are big government Marxist and Libertarians are small government capitalists but mostly crony capitalists. They both want things like legalizing drugs, pedophilia, adultery, and such and you are about to get a really personal and strong lessen in the adverse effects of all social liberalism, even for Libertarians. I have warned you before that Libertarianism is not good and you are about to find that out and eyes will open.

I want to explore the future for Colorado and make some easy predictions based on Colorado making pot legal and the effects that will have on the state. I already pointed out that at least one business has already had to leave Colorado because of legalizing pot. This has been caused by employees coming to work stoned and not doing good qualitywork, making the business work quality to decline, and businesses will be less competitive, forcing increasing numbers of businesses to leave for states where they can be more competitive. I also pointed out the dangerousness of stoned employees and risk posed to businesses with work related accidents, injuries, and deaths resulting in law suits, the increased insurance risk which will force insurance premiums for businesses in pot legal states to rise sharply increasing overhead for businesses, businesses leaving will cause employment to decrease and unemployment to rise, the economy will collapse, tax revenues will decrease while state expenditures will increase because the number of unemployable people on Welfare and homelessness will increase because the dopers won't follow the jobs to other states where pot is not legal increasing the number of unemployable workers, but it gets much worse.

Other Pot Related Problems

Remember that this will just be the nutshell version and it will get much worse than this.

As the number of unemployable people in Colorado increases because of pot use, crime will rise because the potheads will have to start committing crimes to obtain the money for their drugs, especially theft, robbery, and car jacking. The state, especially the cities, will become a much more dangerous place and home and auto insurance will increase considerably for everyone causing the cost of living to increase for everyone while the increasing crime will require an increase in the number of cops, DAs, and courts increasing state expenditures.

Auto accidents will increase because it should be obvious that, with more stoned people showing up to work, more people are driving under the influence of drugs and will causing more accidents even for those who don't use drugs. Deaths and injuries will increase and pedestrians and bicyclists won't be safe on any streets or roads, this will drive up car insurance premiums for everyone. Again, the cost of living will increase for everyone while increasing state expenditures because of the number of accidents and injured people.

As increasing numbers of straight people leave the state and the cost of living increases, the quality of life in Colorado will greatly decrease. Social order will quickly break down with increasing numbers of worthless stoned potheads just sitting around getting stoned watching TV and playing video games while increasing their appetites for unhealthy foods which will decrease the social health, further increasing state expenditures. The population is already changing with increasing numbers of dopers moving to Colorado while productive citizens will have to leave the state to find work.

We are looking at a state wide Detroit, Michigan created by liberals and Libertarians who will try blaming everything on everyone else. Of course, the Libertarians will try to duck the responsibility for their part in this but don't let them because they also believe in legalizing drugs.

Now, imagine how much worse things will be if some state legalizes other drugs which will have a much worse effect on the state. You are about to find out that drugs are not a victim less crime and that pot is much worse than tobacco, which I also don't condone. Everyone in society is their victim. People seem to be forgetting, with the help of the liberals and Libertarians, that most of the problems in our big cities, especially like Detroit, are caused by drugs. Better than 90% of the people in our prisons are there because of drugs. We even have the worst president in history partly because of drugs. And all of this will be brought to you by the most "innocent" of all drugs, pot.

Personally, I think the corrupt politicians who made this mess should spend the rest of their lives working on chain gangs to clean up the mess. They should all be held accountable for their criminal actions.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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