I have been watching and thinking about this. Obama is right now in a tight squeeze and is quickly running out of time. He has begun committing acts of extreme desperation.

Remember that Obama's plans are to seize control of the US with a false flag event designed to give Obama an excuse to invade and conquer Israel from Syria and Lebanon, but mostly from Syria, in order to stand on the Temple Mount and give the command for Muslims to kill all non Muslims, which is required for him to prove he is the Mahdi, so he can gain control of all of Islam to conquer the world.

Two very important things Obama must do to succeed at this are to 1) use ISIS to seize control of Syria to use Syria for staging the invasion and 2) disarm the American people so they can't stop Obama from setting up or maintaining his Muslim dictatorship or Caliphate in the US. Obama is currently failing at both and rapidly running out of time. Obama's actions show this.


I have told you that Putin is working very quickly and effectively to destroy ISIS and he is doing a great job. Putin, China, Iran, Hezbollah, and Syria have based forces, including war planes from both Russia and China, in Western Syria and have already started destroying ISIS and the other Obama terrorist organizations trying to destroy and seize control of Syria.

Also, Iraq has provided Russia with an air base in Baghdad to wage war against ISIS in Iraq with that coalition being at least Russia, Iran, and Iraq.

It looks very much like Putin is going to very quickly succeed at destroying ISIS. For example, More than 40 terrorist...uh...I mean rebel groups have unified to fight Russia. I am sure that is going to cause Putin to lose some sleep tonight...NOT!

BTW, it seems that Putin bombed a Mosque that had been taken over by ISIS and ISIS has suspended Friday evening prayers. Unlike Obama, Putin seems to know when and where to find the Muslim terrorists.

This is critical for Obama because it has taken at least 4 to 5 years to create, train, arm, build, and cause ISIS to capture the land they have taken. (Why do you think Obama moved the US troops out of Iraq when he did?) Obama only has a little more than one year left in office so he doesn't have another 4 to 5 years to start over and capture Syria to invade Israel. This will shoot down all of Obama's plans.

In response to this, Obama has flown F-22s to the Middle East. Obama does not need F-22s to fight ISIS, only to attack or fight Russia and China. ISIS doesn't have radar, only Russia and China have radar. This is an extreme act of desperation by Obama because Obama cannot let Putin destroy Obama's ISIS.

US Guns

Ever since Obama got into office, almost seven years ago, Obama and his bunch have been working very hard sending out doped up, crazed, and brainwashed liberals to do mass shootings in an effort to use those killings as an excuse to take everyone's guns away so the American's can't fight to stop Obama's evil plans. The liberals have been staging mass shootings almost every week since Obama got reelected almost three years ago, to no avail.

In response to this, Obama is using this last mass shooting in Oregon as an excuse to write executive orders (you can bet they were already written) to make it illegal for Americans to own guns so Obama and his bunch can disarm everyone except their thugs.

This extreme act of desperation should tell you that Obama is quickly running out of time because, if this doesn't work, he has to stage the false flag event without first disarming everyone and try to take the people's guns away after he declares martial law, disbands Congress and the Supreme Court, suspends the US Constitution, and sets up Sharia Law, which Obama has made very obvious he does not want to do.

You have to understand that this will be Obama's last chance at disarming the American people. If it fails, he has to just go for it. Obama is about to play his last card for disarming Americans before Obama's coup. That should tell you that Obama and his Muslim pals feel that Obama is almost out of time. Obviously, Obama and company don't think they can wait until next year to stage their coup of the US.


It should be very obvious that Obama and company are very desperate and quickly running out of time. They are throwing caution to the wind to save their failing plans and they must act quickly or all hope for them using the US and Syria to conquer the world is gone.

You are seeing the same level and type of desperation we saw in Hitler when his plans were failing, i.e. the Battle of the Bulge. Desperate men do desperate things and, right now, Obama is doing last minute, do-or-die desperate things.

This should tell you that Obama and company feel they MUST stage their false flag event to seize control of the US and invade Israel very soon.

Remember that Israel has one of the most powerful militaries in the world, it will take a massive army to succeed at invading Israel, and it will take at least six months to move such a massive army to Syria and stage for the invasion. Obama has to do all of this, succeed at invading Israel, which will probably take at least a few months of heavy fighting, gain control of the Temple Mount, and set up his global Muslim caliphate before he loses control of the US. All of that could take Obama a year or more.

Obama is telling you with his extremely desperate actions that he knows he must stage his false flag event and coup very soon.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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