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Christian Crusade

Why did the Orthodox Church declare Putin's intervention in Syria and Iraq to be a Christian or holy war?

Most of the Christians in Syria and Iraq (actually throughout the Middle East) who are being tortured, murdered, and enslaved by the Muslims (and not just by ISIS) belong to the Orthodox Church, the same as Putin and the main Russian church. Putin has three main reasons to be in this war; 1) save his ally Assad from being replaced by a US ally 2) save the Orthodox Christians Obama is helping ISIS to butcher and Obama is refusing admission into the US for persecution, and 3) get the Syrian and Iraqi oil out of ISIS and US hands to decrease their ability to wage more war against the world.

Get the picture yet?

The first half week of Russian planes bombing in Syria were against Obama's "rebels" fighting to dethrone Assad and replace him with another Obama ally the way Obama illegally did in Libya, Egypt, and Ukraine. BTW, most of those "rebel" organizations are also murdering Orthodox Christians. Putin took out their main weapons depots, you know, holding the weapons Obama gave those terrorists. Yesterday, Putin and Syria started a combined military attack against those terrorist organizations, now that their weapons supplies have been significantly diminished. As a matter of fact, the terrorist organizations are begging for more and better weapons to fight Putin.

Russia's Navy is also launching missiles at the terrorists from the Caspian Sea, which means the Russians are firing their missiles across Iran and Iraq into Syria, though four didn't make it through Iran before crashing. You can also bet the US is watching and gathering intel on Russia's weapons to develop countermeasures and strategies and tactics for dealing with these weapons.

After this missile attack by the Russian Navy, Obama moved our last carrier in the Persian Gulf out of the Persian Gulf in retreat.

You can bet that Iran's Marines were also involved in this attack and I keep waiting to hear about China attacking Obama's terrorists with their planes.

BTW, whose side do you think God will take in this, Obama's Muslim side murdering Christians or Putin's Christian side to save Christians from being murdered by Muslims, if that is what is going on?

Why did I say the latter?

Because, not only is Putin moving troops and weapons into Syria to fight Obama's terrorists who are trying to overthrow the Syrian government, Putin has also said he will try to get Palestine established as an independent state from Israel, which will probably also bring Russia in conflict with Israel. So we have Russia protecting Syria from Israeli attacks against Syrian targets that pose a threat to Israel and Russia working with the terrorists in Gaza and the West Bank to set up an independent Muslim state, both of which will probably bring Israel in conflict with Russia, but remember that the Russian Orthodox Church has declared Putin protecting Syria as being a Russian Holy War and remember that the Orthodox Church hates Israel and the Jews. It is very likely this will turn into a war between Russia and Israel, you know, Ezekiel 38 & 39.

Obama just ordered the Pentagon to ramp up aid to Obama's terrorist groups using the lame excuse he is using them to fight ISIS when those groups are not fighting ISIS but are, right now, fighting Syrian and Russian troops. Therefore, Obama is escalating a war between the US and Russia by giving the terrorist groups better weapons.


Every day the EU changes its mind on how to handle the immigrant problem in Europe and Slovakian Prime Minister, Robert Fico is tired of the crap being handed to them by the elites of the EU. He is threatening to leave the EU, if the intellectually superior leaders don't resolve the problem. Fico said he is ready to bolt from the EU if the EU doesn't stop forcing immigrants on the EU countries with quotas and has started legal action at the European Court of Justice against the EU plan to forcibly distribute a number of asylum seekers into his country.

Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Hungary and Romania tried to stop the mandatory quotas for redistributing 120,000 asylum seekers from Italy and Greece but they were outvoted at a meeting of EU interior ministers.

As Reuters reports, Fico said after the vote: "We will go in two directions: first one, we will file a charge at the court in Luxembourg... secondly, we will not implement the (decision) of the interior ministers."

Fico may also leave the EU because Fico said the quota system would not be imposed on Slovakia "as long as he was in office".

Contra magazine warns this division is part of a larger problem within the EU and the refugee crisis is "increasing the risk of a collapse of the European Union". It cites "various coercive measures from Brussels" forcing countries to accept immigrants some EU member states don't want "as being the straw that breaks the EU camel's back".

It is all out war on the streets in Europe now. Like told you, this war is mostly between the Muslims and law enforcement or between anti-Muslim protestors and law enforcement.

Then the EU countries agreed on Thursday to increase the deportation of illegal immigrants and create a border patrol for Europe. Too many countries were on the verge of leaving the EU and the EU government was forced to change their policy concerning illegal immigrants to save the EU. All it is going to do is delay the demise of the EU. The geniuses have already shot themselves in the foot.

Think not?

Germany's Bundesbank just published a 2,300 page inventory of all of the gold they are holding to silence critics who think the Bundesbank doesn't have much gold. They listed the number of every gold brick they have.

Gee, Germany wouldn't be planning to leave the EU, dump the Euro and print their own currency, would they?

After all, they are letting everyone know how much of their new currency will be backed by gold.


I just read where, in an interview, a former SEAL and current FBI agent agreed with me on what to do in a mass shooter situation. Basically, he said to say "everyone rush him" and attack the shooter. If you understanding real fighting, it is a no brainer. The problem is that most people still won't rush the shooter. They will just stand there waiting to die and watch you rush the shooter.

Hint, we were taught, when rushing a gun, especially a machine gun, run ten feet and roll (a simple forward roll) to throw their aim off and then run 10 feet and roll again until you get to them. Hit them low, below the gun and on the lower legs to take them down.

I cannot over emphasize, learn to fight. I keep seeing videos of cops getting the crap beat out of them because they are not taught to fight well enough.

How can you expect the cops to protect you, if they can't even protect themselves? What are you going to do, wait until the cop is getting the crap beat out of themselves and run, hoping you will get far enough away the bad guys can't catch you? What if there is more than one, you know, one to beat the crap out of the cop and one to chase you?

Besides, there are almost never cops around when bad guys jump people (bad guys know to watch until cops are not around) and then you are completely on your own. Learn to fight before you need to fight.

Also remember that fights are not fought to prove who is the nicest person there. The other guys is going to be trying to destroy your body so you better destroy his before he can destroy your body.

They are now not disclosing the names of shooters to cover up whether they are Muslim. It is a cover-up to keep people from figuring out the Muslims are waging war against them.


You think Hilarious has not been lying to everyone about her illegal e-mails?

It turns out they were all backed up in the online "cloud" and she knew it. Her attorneys have just agreed to hand those e-mails over to the FBI.

The FBI also just seized the State Department servers. No telling what acts of treason they will find on those and not just for Hilarious.

I think Hilarious will look just great in orange. And, amazingly, there are still idiots who want to vote for her to be president, even though she sold them all out.

In Commiefornia, in May, 66% of the Commiecrat voters wanted to vote for Hilarious. Today, it is 47% of them are still stupid enough to vote for her.

So, how is your pagan god, democracy, working out?

Marco Rubio

Marco Rubio and Jebberwocky are having a liberal contest to see who is more liberal. They are both from the same very liberal Florida. Jebberwocky is still winning that contest but Marco is close behind.

I wouldn't feed either of them to a pig for fear I would kill the pig and ruin the taste of the meat.


Trumpeter is taking flack because he loves eminent domain. Of course, Trumpeter loves eminent domain. He is a land developer and land developers love bribing politicians to abuse eminent domain to give the land developers under priced land to turn a quick profit. Basically, it is legalized stealing and shows what kind of person Trumpeter really is.

Paul Ryan

All of the RINOs are pushing for Paul Ryan to be Speaker of the House. Let me remind you that Paul Ryan is Boner's boy and right hand man. Nothing will change under Paul Ryan.

BTW, Carson likes Paul Ryan, so what should that tell you about Carson?

Have you noticed all of the important things the House Speaker mess is distracting you from?

Ancient Ruins

Everyone is making a big deal about ISIS destroying the ancient ruins in the areas they control and mostly selling the parts to make money.

Let me give you a hint, they are destroying ruins that someone else already destroyed most of them. They are mostly destroying the left over rubble that has not been sent to museums.

Even worse than that, ISIS is torturing, murdering, raping, and robbing living people, especially Christians. The rubble can wait until we start saving the people because people are more important than stuff.

I even get the feeling that the left is using the destruction of the rubble as a distraction from ISIS murdering Christians and Obama not permitting the Christians to have sanctuary in the US to avoid being murdered by the Muslims. The lame excuse they are using for being so "horrified" about ISIS destroying rubble is that "ISIS is destroying history", you mean like the lefties rewriting history? The truth is that liberals are doing far more damage to history with their revisionist history than ISIS, the lying hypocrites. I guess the left doesn't like competition when it comes to destroying history.


Candy butt, Rupert Murdock, apologized for saying that Obama is not a real black president.

Only a coward apologizes when they are right. Obama is 50% white, better than 45% Arab, and less than 5% black. By law, that means that Obama is NOT an African-American and is an Arab-American, therefore, Obama is NOT a real black president. Obama is an Arab-American president.

Everything about Obama is phony.

Jade Helm

Well, Jade Helm has come and gone. If any of you were grabbed by the military, forced onto FEMA buses, taken to a FEMA Camp, and murdered, please let me know.

I hope you realize that the Jade Helm scare was caused by the left to discredit conspiracy theories about the upper class trash seizing control of the US and the planet. Basically, it was more distraction and smoke and mirrors to hide what the left is really doing. The upper class trash got the people who are paying attention to cry wolf one more time without the wolf showing up so no one will listen to the people paying attention when the wolf really does show up.

But notice that I didn't fall for their scam and told you it was just a military training program. I didn't take the upper class trash's sucker punch.

The Young

I am seeing signs of school children rebelling against liberalism telling the kids they can't be patriotic or practice Christianity in public schools. They had a national Bible day when many kids took Bibles to school and many more wore flag clothing on national pride day.


I just read that 29% of registered voters think that an armed revolution will be needed within the next few years and 18% are not sure for a total of 47% whose eyes are opening. The rest are either asleep or part of the problem.

Catholic Church

Remember that I told you I noticed a division and rebellion within the Catholic Church?

I saw an item at Fox News telling that there is a division and rebellion within the Catholic Church.

The conservative Christians are trying to regain power from the liberal pagans/Luciferians, who currently have control of the Catholic Church.

New War

The military and all law enforcement need to change what they are doing because the terrorist war has come to the US and is being fought in our streets. They need to train and arm all personnel all of the time with both open and concealed carry for military weapons because they never know when those personnel will have to take the fight being given by the terrorist in order to save American lives. In the same way their personnel were always armed in other countries in which there was the present danger of hostilities, their personnel must always be armed here and not just because of the present danger to themselves but also to US citizens because the liberals and terrorists have brought the war to the US.

With all of these illegal Muslim immigrants, the war is now on our streets so they must start acting like it.

BTW, the terrorists have already started killing liberals and the liberals don't get it, they are not immune to their own crimes against the people, including themselves. Most terrorists don't ask whether you are a liberal or conservative before they kill you.

Buuuut, I got this over at Breitbart by AWR Hawkins; "On October 9 Charles Haywood-Purdue University associate professor of business law-contended that 'the common sense solution' to campus shootings is campus carry, a mechanism that allows students and faculty the legal avenue of being armed on campus for self-defense.

Haywood has been teaching at Purdue for eleven years. He said that after the Umpqua Community College attack it dawned on him that his students are sitting ducks and he would 'be helpless to defend them' if someone stormed his classroom."

Gee, do you think that a college professor getting shot may have opened a few college professor's eyes? Who would have thought that Muslims would shoot liberal college professors?

Don't be surprised to see more college professors changing their song, especially as more of them get shot by Muslims. It just got personal for them.

Eyes are opening.

People are really getting fed up with what the liberals and Muslims are doing. I am seeing so much increasing anger and the talk of revolution. Eyes are opening and they are not liking what they are seeing.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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