Desperation 2

I have been watching closely and trying to figure out what is going on with the lefties so openly and blatantly committing their crimes to impeach Trump because they are turning the people against them and ruining their chances for reelection AND they still persist, just making things worse.

It just doesn't seem to make sense.

You have to understand that the crimes they are right now openly and blatantly committing are what the law terms as "public knowledge", which means that the public is witnessing these crimes and the evidence concerning these crimes is available to and known by the public. Any half intelligent attorney could convict these people for the crimes they have been committing for three years and persist in publically committing right now AND they and their attorneys have to know that they are committing public knowledge crimes.

Also, you need to understand that the lefties openly having private meetings to commit the crimes they are right now committing is, by legal definition, a conspiracy to commit these crimes (which is a federal felony), so it is just like I have been telling you, their conspiracies are no longer a conspiracy theory but a legal conspiracy fact because their conspiracies have been public knowledge for three years now, which is what Barr is right now investigating. There is not even the slightest maybe right now, it is absolute fact that they are committing, by legal definition, a conspiracy to stage a coup against the US Government and the crime associated with that conspiracy AND these conspiracies and crimes are PUBLIC KNOWLEDGE. We all know about them.

This just does not seem logical or rational behavior, especially for criminals who want to get reelected so they can continue their criminal activities and the lines were too fuzzy to read between. I just couldn't seem to get the dots to connect to explain this behavior so I thought, "Well, there must be some dots that are being kept from us so that I don't have all of the right dots."

About 3 am this morning, you know, when God operates the best because we are not being distracted by anything else but our sleep, God woke me up, tapped me on the shoulder and said, "Hey, stupid, what about this?" and stupid went, "Oh yeah!"

You see, I have been staring at all of the dots I needed and just didn't connect the right ones. I thought about this revelation for a few hours, you know, while wanting to fall back to sleep, and realized that their behavior is perfectly logical and rational and is telling us why they are doing what they persist in doing, well, their behavior and something Barr publically stated recently. Remember that actions speak louder than words and their actions are telling you what they are doing and why.

Remember that Barr recently stated he is bringing back the death penalty? Remember that Barr has had a team of the best investigative attorneys in the world investigating the criminals who have spent the last 3+ years committing these crimes against Trump, you know, the lefty upper class trash? Remember that I have been telling you for years that these criminals should be hung for the crimes they have been committing for decades and their crimes were so obvious or public knowledge?

You see, these criminals are no longer concerned about getting reelected because they are concerned about something far more important, you know, THEIR LIVES! They are RIGHT NOW being investigated by Barr and his team for capital crimes, which means those crimes carry the death penalty. Dey is about to be hung, people, and dey knowz it.

Remember that I have been telling you for years that these criminals were committing crimes against humanity, mass murder, genocide, and treason, just to name a few of their crimes?

These used to be and, now that Barr is in charge, are once again capital crimes carrying the death penalty. If these criminals get convicted of the crimes they have committed and are committing, they will be executed, which means they will lose EVERYTHING, ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING!

This means these criminals are fighting for their lives with ABSOLUTELY nothing left to lose and their lives to gain, if and only if their current conspiracies succeed. They are telling you with their actions in relation to Barr's comment that they KNOW that, if they don't do what they are doing right now AND it doesn't succeed, which is turning the public against them and blowing their chances for reelection, they are going to die anyway AND they know that dead people can't get reelected anyway.

"Screw the election and save your lives!"

Them knowing that they have nothing to lose and their lives to keep by doing what they are doing is telling you that you are witnessing the ultimate in desperation by humans and this makes their seemingly illogical and irrational behavior both logical and rational because they are fighting for their lives knowing that, if they don't, they will lose their lives.

This completely explains the insane open and blatant behavior by the left in gun grabbing, with them knowing their laws and actions are unconstitutional and can't survive in the courts. These criminals are not just grabbing for your guns but they are grabbing for their lives because they KNOW that, if they don't stage a violent coup, they are going to lose their lives anyway and they are still trying to stack the deck against you for their violent coup but time is getting short. It is either they will get hung for certain or MAYBE they will get shot by you and they are choosing the maybe over the certainty.

This is telling you what I have been telling you for years that these evil people are so desperate that, if what they are doing right now fails, and it is failing, the only thing they will have left that MIGHT save their lives is a violent coup so, "Why not?" I mean, their actions are telling you that they kind of sort of don't want to be used for tree ornaments, you know, on next year's White House Christmas Tree, you know, swinging in the trees and kicking in the breeze to "Jingle Bells".

Therefore, with their current desperate "hail Marry" actions failing and failing badly, you better bet they are RIGHT NOW meeting secretly behind other closed doors working on another conspiracy to stage a violent coup against the US government TO SAVE THEIR LIVES, you know, like the failing conspiracy to stage a "soft coup" (that is what it is legally called) is failing RIGHT NOW.

Just remember that God has used Trump to paint these criminals so far back into their corner that they have absolutely nothing to lose and their lives to gain by staging a violent coup because, if they don't risk their lives by staging a violent coup, then they WILL lose their lives because of their criminal actions.

And God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

You are RIGHT NOW witnessing the most desperate possible actions by human beings fighting for their lives and these are evil humans who have done evil for money and power so you can bet they will stop at nothing for their lives. Absolutely nothing is beneath these evil human demons.

Remember that, in their crimes against humanity, such as overthrowing nations to steal their oil, these evil monsters have already murdered millions of people and are RIGHT NOW conspiring to murder billions more people with their evil plans to "depopulate the planet", so why not murder a few million more to save their lives?

You see, their extreme desperation means that their current actions ARE logical and rational...AND very desperate.

Therefore, you BETTER prepare for a violent coup because you can bet your lives that they are currently planning or conspiring to stage a violent coup to save their evil lives and they have to stage that violent coup while they still can, which is very soon!!!

Also, remember that I told you that I witnessed several "investigative" journalists openly conspiring in a hallway with corrupt politicians to do things I knew were illegal 40 years ago and it is worse today than it was then. Therefore, you can bet these evil lefty journalists and their evil bosses today are also involved in the crimes the corrupt politicians are now in fear of their lives for so you can bet that the main reason the lefty media are so irrationally spinning the story or lying to make Trump look bad is because they are also complicit in the same crimes against humanity and they are facing the same hanging tree.

This explains their irrational behavior in constantly lying to get rid of Trump, while watching their ratings and businesses tank or, legally, complicit in the upper class trash crimes to stage a coup against Trump.

"Hey, so their businesses are losing money and failing, they are trying to save their LIVES!" You can bet these evil beasts will drive those businesses to bankruptcy to save their lives and they are doing it.

All of the upper class trash lefties, their puppets, and their activists are desperate because they are all facing the hanging tree and will all support a violent coup to save their lives.

You better get ready because it is coming and soon. You have been warned. You better pray long, pray hard, pray often!

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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