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God taught me a long time ago that I am not the only person on this planet who can think.

I may know more about more things than the vast majority of people but I still listen to people for ideas and learn from them because many of them will know more about one or two things than I do plus things are always changing, usually improving and God keeps putting us in new situations to learn different things.

My attitude, even today at 70, is to spend the rest of my life learning and trying to become a better and more knowledgeable person every day.

I may be a real smarty pants but I have known plenty of other smarty pants in this world though most tend to be very knowledgeable about only a few things instead of about a lot of things. These people are useful in learning more about a few things and, if you know or meet enough people who are more knowledgeable about a few different things, you can learn more about more things.

Listening is learning and speaking should be to have learned but not everyone adheres to that.


If these evil lefty criminals are so openly committing their crimes and their crimes are public knowledge, why are Trump and Barr not just rounding these criminals up, trying them, and hanging them?

For a number of reasons. First, Barr has to make sure his cases against these criminals are rock solid and bullet proof because it will be more difficult to get convictions against so many public officials in just a few years. Right now, they are still gathering and analyzing the evidence.

Second, Trump sees that these criminals are turning the public against themselves and are getting themselves voted out of office. He knows that it will be much easier to get convictions against these criminals, if they have been voted out of office by the people because of their blatant criminal activities so you can bet he is going to wait until after this next election, though he may arrest some of the more obvious criminals before that.

Third, Trump and Barr both know that the only way to permanently stop these criminals is to execute them and they told you that when Barr stated that he is bringing back the death penalty. They know that they have to let these criminals turn at least 65% to more than 75% of the people against these criminals for the people to support executing the criminals to permanently stop their criminal behavior.

Trump knows the old saying that, "if you give a man enough rope, he will hang himself", and Trump is not only giving them enough rope to hang themselves but he is encouraging them by taunting them, which has caused the criminals to panic and they are right now in a full panic mode, which means the criminals will do more desperate things and expose their evil even more causing even more people to turn against the criminals faster and be more willing to support hanging the criminals. By taunting the criminals, Trump is getting the criminals to put the rope around their own necks.

You can bet that Trump and Barr both know that, when they start hanging these criminals, the rest of the criminals and will cut and run to hide in other nations instead of waiting their turn for the gallows. They will completely panic.

You have to understand that these criminals' actions are telling you that these criminals are not just scared, they are terrified and horrified in a full panic mode and Trump and Barr smell the blood.

When you see Trump and Barr rounding these evil criminals up and throwing their butts in jail, you will see many of the rest panic, cut, and run to hide in other nations, further emptying the swamp. The rest of these criminals will cut and run when Trump and Barr start hanging the first of them, then we get our government and country back from the evil lefties.

Now, you can bet the evil lefties know all of this, which is why you should know they are right now conspiring in secret meetings to stage a violent coup when their other last efforts fail. The evil lefties are still trying to steal your guns to prevent you shooting them when they do stage their coup and they are getting increasingly desperate to steal your guns but, sooner or later, they will reach the time to where they must go right now, even against armed citizens, or hang. That is when they will stage their violent coup because they will know that risking possible death by citizens is better than certain death by hanging.

They just won't have anything left to lose by trying.

Then I just got this from Newser by Polly Davis Doig via CenturyLink:

"Nancy Pelosi's caucus is looking to get a little smaller over Democrats' march toward impeachment: New Jersey Democrat Jeff Van Drew, an outspoken critic of the impeachment of President Trump, is looking to cross the aisle and join the Republican party."

The Commierats are already cutting and running to save their butts. They can read the writing on the wall.


Why is Comey now making a public confession on national TV that he "was wrong and didn't follow the FISA procedures"?

Because he knows he is about to go to prison and is trying to talk his way out of it. It is just another con, people, and the only thing he regrets is getting caught.

Schiff is now paying for his treasons. I got this from American Thinker By Thomas Lifson:

"Adam Schiff walked into a buzz saw at a town hall meeting back in his district in Glendale, California, as blowback erupted for his lies and grandstanding advancing impeachment.

While as a general rule, I deplore the loss of civility as the country polarizes, we have long passed the point where simply behaving ourselves and calling out the other side for its sins has any positive effect. #Resistance goes both ways beyond a certain point, and that point is now in the rearview mirror.

I think this is the future for Schiff and his co-conspirators:"

Then I got this about Nadler having his turn paying for his treason from American Thinker By Thomas Lifson:

"This is amusing, even as America devolves into incivility. It’s a terrible thing that Americans are polarizing into two antagonistic factions, but that is where we are now. It was the Left that decided to refuse to accept the results of an election that didn’t go their way and misbehave in ways ugly and confrontational. For more than 3 years since the election, grass roots protestors have harassed and tormented the president, his staff, and ordinary Trump supporters, sometimes violently. If there have been any political leaders on the left urging civility and restraint, their efforts have not been very prominent.

So, it’s time for 'what comes around, goes around.'

Rep. Jerrold Nadler found himself pursued by catcalling protestors in the Capitol and attempted to escape into a members-only elevator. Alas for him, he didn’t seem to know how to push the right buttons to make the elevator door close, and instead found himself comically trapped. A Capitol Police officer attempted to help him, but the doors kept springing back open."

The people have had enough and they are fighting back with the lefty commie traitors not liking what they are getting.

It is also important to note that the Commierats believe that they cannot beat Trump in the election so many of the Commierat voters are not expected to even show up and vote, if Trump is not impeached. This means that many of the Commierats in Congress will probably lose their seats too, giving the GOP complete control over Congress and putting quite a few of the Commierats at risk of going to jail. Yeah, they are definitely desperate.

Man plans, God laughs.

Keep an eye on this.


"Who's Backing Adam Schiff?"

Me: "Satan."

The Pagan Christian Church

I saw a video of a "Christian" making excuses for worshiping on pagan holy days and using pagan rituals because "it was OK because we are worshiping Jesus."


Hey, I know, let's do the math, you know I like math.

People always like to ask, "What would Jesus do?" so let's see what Jesus would do.

Do you think Jesus would have you worship his birth on the day after Sol's birthday, you know, the Roman sun god? Do you think Jesus would have you celebrate His death, burial, and resurrection on the holy day for a pagan fertility goddess? Do you think Jesus would have you worship Satan, demons, witches, black magic, and such on Halloween?

No, I don't think so, as a matter of fact, I know He wouldn't do any of that. Don't you think that, as Christians, we should try to be more Christ like?

When would Jesus celebrate his death, burial, and resurrection?

Probably when it all happened, you know, on Passover and, hey, since no one knows when He was born, if you want to celebrate His birth, why not celebrate His birth at the same time we celebrate His death, burial, and resurrection? That seems logical and appropriate.

Then, if you study the Old Testament, two of Aaron's sons got all excited and carried away, grabbed some "strange" incense or incense used for pagan rituals, and started using that strange or pagan incense to worship God very enthusiastically.

What did God do about those two men using strange or pagan incense to enthusiastically worship Him?

He struck them both dead immediately.

Gee, that doesn't sound to me like God wants us to use pagan holy days and rituals to worship Him...unless you want to get struck dead immediately, then go right ahead but I don't want to stand too close to you when you do because I don't want to get hit by your splatter.

Now, how did all of these pagan rituals get into the "Christian Church"?

The Church of Rome, which latter split and became the Catholic and Orthodox Christian churches, started out more than 250 years before Jesus as a purely pagan church. At first, the Church of Rome tried to eradicate Christianity for more than 200 years because Christianity was stealing their pagan followers so the Church of Rome was losing control of those people and their wealth. After a number of their leaders failed to eradicate Christianity and it kept rapidly growing, Constantine decided to use deception to assimilate the Christians back into the Church of Rome. He did this by Christianizing the Church's pagan holy days and religious practices just enough for most of the Christians, who were former pagan members of the church, to assimilate back into the Church of Rome.

Get it straight, the church did not do away with Satan's pagan holy days and practices, they just "Christianized" them enough for the Christian gentiles who had previously enjoyed those pagan holy days and practices to be willing to permit themselves to be assimilated back into the church. This made it possible for Satan and his demons to remain in the church and keep stealing souls under the guise of Christianity.

Plus, you have to understand that those gentiles converting to Christianity had driven a wedge between them and their families and friends and them being assimilated back into the church meant the friction between them was removed and they could all be one big happy family again.

This means that the Church of Rome never, ever really converted to true Biblical Christianity but that the Christians converted to a bastardized pagan/Christian child and, by keeping these satanic pagan holy days and rituals in the church, the Christians began helping Satan steal souls and Satan doesn't need your help to steal souls because he is in the soul stealing business and he does quite well without your help. Hey, he has 6,000 years practice and experience, baby.

Don't you think that, after 1,600 years, it is time for us Christians to take our religion back from Satan and his pagans? Don't you think we should stop helping Satan steal souls?

I saw a video of a preacher who said he was going to do a video about all of these pagan rituals and holy days in our churches today and explain where they came from but I couldn't find that video. Maybe he has not yet gotten around to it.

So, I contacted Mark, who is a retired preacher with considerable training and knowledge with the following e-mail:


On your site, do you have any articles telling where all of the different pagan things and rituals in today's church, especially the Catholic Church, came from, you know, which religions?

God Bless,


I was hoping he already had an article on his site so I could link to it so you can find out which of these pagan holy days and rituals we need to get rid of to get our church back from Satan and his demons. He sent me the following e-mail:

"In answer to your question, no, but it sounds like a good study. I am working at my old boss' shop today and will begin research on that subject this evening when I get home."

I know that Mark is very thorough with his writings so I am willing to give him enough time to do the job right. I look forward to his article and linking to it.

Mean while, based on my research, I want to share what I know about this subject just to give you an idea of what we are dealing with. I know some things about the pagan rituals being used in Christianity today and have written about some of them like the prayer beads came from Sabianism, which is where Islam also got prayer beads, I know that Christmas was created by Constantine fooling people into believing he had converted to Christianity while still worshiping Sol, the Roman sun god (whose birthday is December 24; he just moved the birth date one day and changed the name so he could continue to worship Sol while making it look like he was worshiping Jesus), Easter was the celebration of the fertility goddess (you know, the eggs and bunny rabbits for fertility), who is worshiped under half a dozen different names in different cults, the "Christmas tree" is really the Germanic Yule tree where those pagans decorated and worshiped trees, nuns came from pagan prostitution where all of the women belonging to a church would spend from a few days to months prostituting themselves at that church, provided sex for the priests, and got to keep part of the moneys with the rest going to the church and the women who decided to just live at the church for prolong periods of time or the rest of their lives became nuns, which is how pagan churches got their wealth (and why God gave us tithing as income for His church) and explains why lefties want to legalize prostitution today, and Halloween was originally All Hollow's Eve, which was pagans worshiping the dead, Satan, demons, and such.

I seriously doubt Jesus is very happy with us using pagan celebrations and rituals to "worship Him" instead of using the Biblical five feasts God gave us to worship Him on. God gave us those holy days to celebrate on for a reason and, with the pagans bringing back the pagan religions we got those pagan holy days and rituals from, it is only a matter of time until us using them will come back to haunt us and I have been seeing the early stages of that with increasing numbers of pagans pointing out that those are pagan holy days and rituals.

How are we going to explain to our children us worshiping on pagan holy days with pagan rituals that are being used by pagans everywhere instead of worshiping on the holy days God gave us with the rituals God gave us?

You just know that, to the children, many of them will see Christianity as just being another pagan cult and that is what Satan wants and why he has infiltrated those holy days and rituals into God's church. I think we Christians need to understand and stop this before it gets too out of hand and we start losing too many souls to Satan and his minions, which is what Satan wants. He is kind of in the soul stealing business and he does a pretty good job of it. He doesn't need our help.

When I get to read Mark's article on this, I will write another article and post a link to his article.

Now, I want to point out that we should not go running off to learn from Hebrews about how to worship on those five holy days. Get it straight, they have not been in exile from their land for almost 2,000 years because they got it all right. They added their customs and traditions to these holy days, which Jesus chastised them for doing, and the Bible warned us to not add to or take away from God's Law because that is saying that we are smarter and know better than God, which is blasphemy and what they do is between them and God. You shouldn't go off learning how to practice these holy days from the Hebrews unless you want to commit blasphemy and want to spend the next 2,000 years exiled from you land.

What we need to do is study the scriptures God gave us to learn how God wants us to practice these holy days as best as we can without there being a Temple or having access to the Temple. We can use our churches instead of the non existent Temple.

Please note that, in the Book of Revelation, Jesus told us that in eternal Paradise, all of the Hebrews around the world plus the gentiles living in Israel will be required to keep all five of the holy days and the gentiles around the world but living outside of Israel will only be required to keep Sukkot. Jesus did NOT say that we are going to keep Christmas, Easter, Halloween, or any of that other stuff.

I think that is a good starting point, you know, maybe we should do what Jesus said He wants us to do?

I have also stated that, since our calendars are filled with the names of pagan gods (Thursday or Thor's day and July and August, which were named after Julius and Augustus caesars, after they deified themselves as pagan gods), that we should create a Christian calendar to glorify God and we can use for teaching the Bible. That would be easy to do. There are 12 months so we just change the names of those 12 months to the names of the 12 Apostles and change the names for the days of the week to the names of 7 great prophets from the Old Testament.

Now, was that difficult?

Note that the Hebrew calendar also has the names of pagan gods they got while enslaved in Babylon so we shouldn't use it either, except for references for when to keep the holy feast days on our calendar.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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