Devolution 2

I have been watching creation science videos by creation scientists with Ph.D.s, learning about new discoveries in science which have clearly and absolutely proved 1) that evolution is not possible and 2) the only scientifically sound possibility is creation. If considered objectively, this can now be considered scientific fact.

This is especially true in the area of genetics. One thing they have been able to prove conclusively is that there have been absolutely no mutations which add information to our DNA and that absolutely ALL mutations take information away from out DNA, the exact opposite of what is required by the pagan fairy tale of evolution, which was obviously dreamed up based on scientific ignorance and speculation.

This one scientific fact makes it absolutely impossible for life to evolve in an upward manner, which would require for most mutations to add information to our DNA. Geneticists have proved conclusively that we are in fact devolving towards extinction of all life on earth because our DNA can only lose so much information before it simply cannot function, support cell function, and cause life in an organism. Geneticists have been able to calculate that the human DNA cannot possibly support cell life for more than an absolute maximum of 100,000 years, forget about millions and billions of years required for the pagan fairy tale of evolution.

One of the main focuses you see within genetics engineering is repairing damage being done to our DNA by all of these mutations, more than 100,000 negative mutations per generation. We have not yet developed the ability to do more than some small things like change the color of people's eyes. There is no way we can keep pace with 100,000 negative mutations per generation, much less undo the tens of millions of negative mutations which have already made it into our gene pool.

For the last few decades, I have been watching as the infertility among humans has been increasing at an incredible rate and accelerating very rapidly, especially among males. It won't be too many more generations and we humans simply won't be able to produce offspring. Our species is facing extinction in the not too distant future, that is, if Jesus doesn't return and fix things....soon.

Based on what I have been seeing and the amount of damage the upper class trash have done to their gene pool (one of the worst in the world) by so much inbreeding, I hypothesize that, if the Euro-American upper class trash get things their way with only them and their slaves left, so they don't have to share "their planet" with the rest of us, they will breed themselves into extinction within only a handful of generations. You can bet Satan knows this, which is why he is encouraging them to do what they are trying to do, after all, Satan's main goal is to cause the extinction of man so God's prophesies can't come true, God will be caused to be a liar, therefore, God will not be just enough to be justified in judging Satan and man, and Satan won't have to spend eternity in damnation for all of his sins or crimes against God's Laws. It has become even more clear that Satan is using the idiot inbred upper class trash of all races to wipe us all out, history proves this.

We have been watching increasing numbers of species digressing towards extinction and scientists have been trying to answer this entirely on such things as ecology but the cause goes much deeper. All of the species on this planet are rapidly approaching a biological die off and extinction caused by genetic devolution.

This doesn't take into consideration the damage we are doing to our DNA with such things as technology, including chemicals and microwave radiation. Most people don't know it but using any electricity driven devices, even light bulbs, exposes them to microwave radiation which we also use to cook food because it heats and destroys cell tissues. Every time an electron passes through ANYTHING, it causes microwave radiation. When that radiation passes over an electron, it increases the energy of the electron which accelerates the electron movement, which increases the movement of its atom, which increases the potential for that atom to break its bond with other atoms causing irreparable molecular damage, which causes all sorts of problems including cell cancer.

Gee, I wonder why the rate for cancer in the US has gone from 1 in 10 to 3 out of 4 since the early 1960s? Not really, I don't wonder about it at all.

If that molecular damage takes place inside your DNA, you just caused an unintentional mutation of your DNA and your DNA just lost information. While you are sitting there reading this, your computer is bombarding your body with microwave radiation. Did you know your computer has to meet FCC requirements on how much microwave radiation and the frequencies it can give off to keep them from interfering with things like radio and TV signals, which are also constantly bombarding us with microwave radiation? If that computer is a laptop computer sitting anywhere near your testicles or ovaries, you are doing significant damage to the DNA in the sex cells you will pass along to your children and possibly making you sterile. But that is another story I am pretty sure I already explained in previous essays.

I watched one geneticist explain how we can trace all of our DNA back to three major historic events providing even more supporting evidence for those events to have taken place. These events include the Creation, the Flood, and the Tower of Babel. He was able to show that we all have one common set of ancestors, Adam and Eve, just like the Bible says and we had three other sets of ancestors, Noah's three sons and their wives, and the separation of groups at the Tower of Babel along with migratory routes of those groups based on common DNA.

This geneticist only offered a possible explanation for the different races but that one is pretty easy. Our skin color is caused by two things, melanin and vitamin A. The primary cause is the amount of melanin in our skin, which is there to protect us from harmful sun radiation. All melanin is brown, that is right, it only comes in one color and we are all various shades of brown. That is right, there are no white people (except albinos who have a serious and deadly gene mutation) and there are no blacks, everything except brown is an optical illusion. The more melanin you have in your skin, the less light your skin reflects to your eyes and the darker the person looks. The different shades or colors are your brain seeing a color based on the amount of light reaching the eyes. For example, black is so little light reaching your eyes that your brain is fooled into believing the skin is black when it is actually just very brown.

If you skin contains more caratin or vitamin A, you will have a slight yellow hue to your skin like Asians and Semites. The olive color of Jews and Arabs is a combination of melanin and vitamin A content which just make their skin look a pale green or olive color. The Asians have less melanin so their skin appears to be more yellow. The amount of melanin in your skin is determined by small genetic switches in your DNA. I am convinced that it is almost certain that God turned those little switches on or off to varying degrees to create the different races when He also changed our languages to chase us away from the Tower of Babel.

The same thing is true for hair color because we humans only have one pigment color for hair, red. All the different hair colors are the brain being fooled into believing the eyes see those colors based on the amount of pigment in the hair. If you look at a person's hair, who has black hair, so that the sun light reflects off of it at a slight angle, you can see the red hue of the hair pigment. White, grey, and silver hair are just hair without the red pigment. The amount of red pigment in your hair determines whether your brain will be fooled into seeing blond, brown, red, black, white, or grey hair. So we are all either red heads or redless heads.

A really great example of this phenomenon of fooling the brain is four color process printing, which you can get done at any local print shop. Using just four colors and tiny dots, which are much larger than any skin or hair pigment, you can fool the brain into believing it sees any color you want but there are only four colors on the paper.

Sorry, bigots, but we are all part of one great big family with better than 99% of our DNA being almost identical. We are all descendants of Noah and Adam and Eve, you know, just like the Bible says. Forget the pagan fairy tale of evolution. It is much more likely that there used to be unicorns than for evolution to have happened.

White people have very little melanin or protection from harmful sun radiation and black people have a lot of melanin or protection from harmful sun radiation, that is all. That is right, the old world evolution belief that white people are more advanced than black people is wrong because the black people have better protection against harmful sun radiation. The arrogant people who like to believe they are more genetically advanced than everyone else, based on old world evolution, are the very white upper class trash Euro-American white crackers who are much more likely to get skin cancer because they have much less melanin protecting them. And that is supposed to make them genetically superior? What, do they like dying from skin cancer?

The truth is that no race is significantly genetically superior to any other race and, therefore, no race can be considered to be a link between man and ape. This flies in the face of old world evolution and everything the upper class trash white cracker Luciferians want to believe and their lame excuses for "purging the gene pool of inferior genes", you know, eugenics. If anyone should be purged to clean the gene pool of inferior genes, it should be those very heavily inbred upper class trash of ALL RACES. They have the worst and most degraded gene pool in the world because of their inbreeding...uh...oh yeah, selective breeding (same thing, same results.)

You should....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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