My Salvation

My Salvation Dreams

This series of visions or dreams occurred in the Spring of either 1962 or 1963 when I was between 12 to 14 years of age. At the time of this vision, I did not know why Jesus had died on the cross. I clearly remember asking my mother why the Romans had killed Jesus and her telling me that it was because the Romans were wicked people. It wasn't until years later that I learned that Jesus had come to die for our crimes against His laws so we could have a choice of either accepting His payment for our crimes or spend eternity paying for our crimes ourselves.

This vision was very different from any of the other visions I have had. It occurred on three consecutive nights. On each successive night, the vision started out as it had the night before with a significant change and on each successive night, the vision progressed further than the night before.

The First Night

On the first night, the vision started out in absolute darkness. The darkness was so intense that it seemed to absorb light like a sponge absorbs water. There were only two visible items, myself and a white fence. The fence and I were lit up as if we had a bright spotlight shining on us but there was neither a light source nor any areas around us that were also lighted as with a spotlight.

The fence was the small, white rail type that is commonly found around flower gardens. It was like a rail road track set on its side. The rails were three quarters of an inch square and were such a pure white that the fence was the most beautiful one I had ever seen. The fence had no supports and didn't touch the ground. It just appeared to hang above the ground. As I looked back at the fence, it appeared from the darkness to the right and ran about 20 to 30 feet to the left where it made a 90 degree turn up to make a beautiful, eight foot by three foot arch (inside dimensions) and returned to just above the ground. At the ground, it made a 90 degree turn and continued to the left about five more feet. Then it turned away from me 90 degrees and disappeared into the darkness about 20 to 30 feet later.

The fence was so beautiful that it appeared to be trying to draw me through the arch like the song of a siren. But I knew that it was an attempt to draw me into the darkness beyond where I knew evil lurked. I knew that God had given me the ability to look past the beauty of the fence into the foreboding darkness beyond. I knew that the darkness was Hell and the archway was the deceptively beautiful gates of Hell which Satan used to draw people inside. I also knew that Satan and his demons were waiting for me in the darkness.

I was running away from the terror hidden in the darkness and was about 30 to 40 feet directly in front of the Gates of Hell. I was running as hard and fast as I could but was moving in slow motion and couldn't move an inch away from Hell for all my efforts. I was running in place. My best effort could not deliver me from Hell.

While this was going on, one moment, I would be in my body, filled with fear, and looking over my left shoulder at the fence and darkness behind while trying vainly to escape the clutches of Hell with my own efforts. In the next instant, I would be outside of my body, standing to the left front of my body, and quietly watching myself fail at my attempts to allude Hell. Then I would repeat the process again and again for some time. I never looked to see what might be in front of my body, I was always looking back towards Hell.

Suddenly, I jerked awake and knew that I had just missed going into Hell. Lucifer had had a chance at me and missed. I was so shaken that it took me at least half an hour to an hour to settle down enough before I could get back to sleep. I remembered nothing about the vision when I woke for school the next morning. I had forgotten about the vision and had a regular day in junior high school and later at home.

The Second Night

I went to sleep that night not knowing what awaited me after my eyes closed. After falling asleep, the vision started as it had the night before with only one change. Standing, fully lighted, in the archway was the being Lucifer, Satan, the Devil. He was going to get a second chance at my soul.

Satan or Lucifer the Devil was tall, thin, deep red, with a tail, horns, and a trident in his right hand, quietly stood there with his left arm bent at the elbow and the lower arm extended towards me at a little above his waist, palm up and motioning with his fingers together, slowly closing and opening, for me to come with him into Hell. He remained in this manner for some time while I kept changing positions as the night before, from inside my body to in front of it and back inside it.

Suddenly, I was locked inside of my body and I knew it was time for me to make a decision. I quietly shook my head no, refusing Satan's quiet call. Satan lowered his left arm and, in what seemed like a verbal blurt to me, he spoke, promising me everything that he could offer me in extreme detail. Satan communicated both verbally and telepathically at the same time. He only spoke to me for one or two seconds but communicated everything from the most insignificant promise to wealth, unlimited sex, and, most importantly, for me to rule the world. At first I was stunned by how fast he spoke and that I had understood everything he had said. It took a few seconds for me to recover from the shock of him speaking so fast and me understanding it. Then, without further hesitation, I refused his offer with the shake of my head. I didn't have to think about it.

Instantly, Satan became furious and charged towards me. He wasn't running in slow motion like me and quickly began gaining ground on me. When Satan started running towards me, I began changing places again, only very quickly. I changed very quickly from being inside my body with Satan chasing me to being outside my body watching a number of times.

There was nothing I could do of my own might to evade Satan and eternal damnation. I became extremely terrified and felt hopeless. When Satan got directly behind me, the vision changed to a side view of the flat of my back from my left with Satan's right hand and fingers closing on it. When Satan's hand reached a point about six inches away from my back, I jerked awake.

I was scared beyond being terrified. Remembering the vision from the night before, I realized that Satan had just had a second chance at me. I was afraid to fall asleep for at least one or two hours after I woke. As before, I didn't remember anything about the vision when I woke the next morning. I had another regular school day and evening.

The Third Night

Again, I crawled into bed unaware of the battle that was about to take place for my soul that night. The third vision started out exactly as the second vision had with one change. The darkness, fence, Satan, and I were all the same. The difference was that I was aware that something was in front of my fleeing body because of a light which was coming from that direction. I could see the light fading into the darkness to my side without looking in front of me. As had happened the night before, Satan started by quietly motioning with his left hand for me to join him in Hell. Again, I kept changing back and forth for a while before being locked into my fleeing body for decision time. Once again, I refused the call of Satan with the shake of my head. And again, he blurted out the same offers as he had made me the night before. I was stunned for a second or two and then rejected his offer once more with the shake of my head. As before, Satan became furious and began his short pursuit of my fleeing body while I resumed quickly changing places. And, once again, I was livid with terror and the lack of hope from my own inability to evade Satan and Hell of my own power or "works."

This time, when Satan reached the point directly behind me, the vision changed from the night before. I was suddenly locked inside my fleeing body and, for the first time, I turned my head looking forward to see where the light was coming from. Standing directly in front of me was my Lord, Jesus Christ with His arms held out to His side at shoulder hight welcoming me to Him. He wore a pure white robe that reached out to the heals of His hands and down to the toes of His feet. His hair was pure white but it was His eyes that drew my attention. A bright but soft light shown from His eyes. It was as if the sun or a fire was behind them except that the light was soft and comforting to look at. It drew my eyes towards it. An aura emitted from Jesus which covered those with Him. Directly behind him were some men whom I knew were the 11 faithful apostles and behind them were all of the people who had gone to Heaven. To His right was a man of medium height who was half leaning and half standing against a waist high boulder or rock looking at Jesus. He had black curly hair and I knew that he was the apostle Paul.

Then Jesus spoke to me,"Come to me and I will take care of you." Then He said the most important and beautiful words that God could ever say to me and something that Satan could never say,"I love you." No promises of power, wealth, sex, or anything else, just "I love you."

In the next instant the vision changed to the view of my back as on the night before. This time, when Satan's hand reached the point about six inches from my back, his fingers began to close until they were only about an inch from my back.

Suddenly, I jerked awake. I was terrified beyond description. I knew that Satan had had his third opportunity at me and I also knew what I had to do before I feel asleep again or Satan would have me. This was my last chance and I knew it. Without hesitation, I rolled over onto my knees in a fetal position with my face buried in my pillow. I prayed a child's prayer,"Father, I have been bad, I don't want to be bad any more, and I accept the promise of Jesus." Instantly, a complete peace fell over me, I rolled over onto my back, and fell asleep. When I woke the next morning, I didn't remember the visions or my accepting the promise of God. It wasn't until 1973 in Thailand that God permitted me to remember my visions of salvation. With this, God taught me that (1) He will give everyone a fair chance to accept salvation through Jesus and (2) that we don't have to remember the incident to have made the choice.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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