The Diaspora

For those of you who are not familiar with the Diaspora, it is the exile of the Jews out of the Land of Israel to being scattered among the nations.

Last night in bed, I realized a number of things concerning the Diaspora. Even prior to the re-establishment of the country of Israel in 1948, there began a migration or returning to the Land of Israel by the Jewish people. To begin this movement, God was using the persicution of the Jews by other people in other nations such as the Holocaust in Germany during World War II to drive Jews back to Israel. You will find that God regularly uses hardships to get us to do something He wants us to do but we don't want to do.

This returning to the Land of Israel by the Jews is referred to as Aliyah or making Aliyah. Aliyah has been increasing for well over half a century and just gained another boost in the numbers of Jews returning to Israel because of the Jewish man who was recently kidnapped, tortured, and murdered in France.

It should be very obvious to anyone who has studied the scriptures and uses common sense that God is saying the Diaspora is over and it is time to make Aliyah back to the Promised Land of Israel. Those Jews who heed God's calling will return in blessings and joy but those who continue to reject this call will eventually be driven back by God.

This means that you can expect the global persecution of Jews to increase with time so that the Aliyah of Jews to the Land of Israel will also increase. I realized last night that the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 will be a major turning point in God forcing a mass migration by the Jews back to Israel.

Remember that I told you that a number of nations will bring their entire armies down into the Northern Hills of Israel (Lebanon and Syria) to stage a blatant act of genocide against the Jews by marching through Israel and killing every man, woman, and child. God, Himself, will intervene and destroy the invading armies and Israel will rush to capture all the land from the Euphrates River to the Nile River and east of the Jordan River known as the full extent of the Promised Land of Israel.

What I realized God will be doing, is God, Himself, will be handing back ALL of the Land of Israel or the land God promised to Abraham and his decedents through Isaac and Jacob (Israel) to their descendants, the Jews or the children of Israel (Jacob). There will suddenly be a lot of land which will need to be tended by the Jews or it will return to the wild, becoming relatively barren and will be quickly taken over by squatters from other countries.

To get enough people to properly manage and protect the land from squatters, God will accelerate the Aliyah back to Israel by the Jews. To do this, God will ironically use the friends the Jews have made in their Diaspora. Those friends of the Jews who are Christians and don't believe in the false doctrine of replacement theology will encourage their Jewish friends to return to the land in a positive way.

Those Jews who either refuse this advice and wish to stay in their Diaspora country or who have turned their backs on God's love for them to gain the acceptance of those who hate God, His Laws, and His people will be turned back by those God haters with persecutions.

You have to understand that there are literally billions of people who hate God and His people, especially the Jews, scattered all around the world. These people are hoping and, prior to the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39, will increase their hopes of seeing the Jews in Israel get slaughtered by their enemies. Many of these people are even being helped to destroy the Jews by Jews who have decided to hate even their own Jewishness in order to gain the acceptance of these God haters.

When the wishes of these God haters become frustrated by the results of the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 and Israel then becomes a super power and temporarily untouchable by their enemies, these God haters and their friends won't be able to get at the Jews in Israel so they will turn their hatred and frustration on the Jews who are still touchable by being scattered throughout the nations. The God haters will increase their persecution of the Jews and drive them home even faster.

The real irony is that, for the Jews who have turned their back on God and even hate God in order to gain the acceptance of their friends who hate God, those same God hating friends will even turn on their anti-Jewish Jewish friends and persecute them, sending even them fleeing back to Israel.

This persecution will get so bad, so fast that, within just a few years, ALL of the Jews around the world will either return to Israel or be killed by the God haters. Before you know it, the only Jews which will be left outside of Israel will be dead Jews. This could easily happen within three to five years following Israel returning to the entire Promised Land after the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 because I expect the persecution of Jews by the God haters to get so bad that thousands of Jews will be murdered in just one year.

To prevent and avoid this kind of persecution by the God haters around the world, I strongly encourage Jews everywhere to obey the voice of God and return to Israel before the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 or, at least, very shortly there after. I would much rather see the Jews return to Israel in joy than in fear.

To all of the Jews around the world who accept and obey the love of God, I send an old Jewish blessing. May Yahweh always bless you so that you will live long and prosper!!!

The Diaspora is over!!!
It is time to go home; have a happy journey.

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