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With this essay, I am going to show you how to use science to make accurate predictions. Here in this high desert I am living in, I have noticed that our ecosystem is gradually changing and these changes are about to cause some serious problems for this area. I shared this with local people who are on my FB friends list and provided them with a means to prevent these problems but I don't expect them to listen to me because most people don't want to listen to anything other than promises of liberal utopia from people they know. That is why the Bible teaches that a prophet is never accepted in his nation and only people in other nations will listen.

I first moved back here in 1998 and, because of unusually warm winter weather, I did some hiking in the area during December when it should have been too cold for hiking. On those hikes, I noticed things like plants, caterpillars and butterflies out reproducing when they should have been hibernating. This told me that we were going to start the next spring reproductions with higher than normal breeding populations which would mean pandemics in at least some species. I told my science students about my observations and that we should expect pandemics of at least some species such as rodents and insects. To say the least, they were skeptical. The following spring we had a rodent pandemic so severe that it took several years for the rodent population to fall back to its "normal" epidemic levels caused by the locals killing off house cats. I read about one woman who killed more than 200 mice in her house in just one day. My students stopped being skeptical but the locals are still killing house cats.

Always remember that, in zoology, there are two basic rules used for predicting population growths and declines. Rule 1 says that, if you increase the food supply for a species, their population will grow. Rule 2 says that, if you decrease predation for a species, their population will grow. If you increase the food supply and decrease predation for the species at the same time, their population will explode.

Also remember that I have taught you that there are constant pandemic populations of both birds and rodents throughout the US because the liberal propaganda has caused people to both increase food supply and decrease predation for both groups by feeding these populations bird seed (which rodents also eat) and killing off house cats. This is just as true in my community as any other because I have not been able to get them to stop trapping and killing house cats here in spite of having had both rodent and bird populations explode into overwhelming pandemics to the point of both groups becoming severe pests since I moved back here. This is because there are some very influential people here who have been effectively brainwashed by the liberals to hate house cats.

As I said, I do not expect them to listen to me but they have been warned so I did my job. I can't do anything more than that against such influential people, you know, like us trying to stop the insanity of the upper class trash. Only God can do that.

The condition here is that, as our planet has been cooling so has my desert. This cooling has caused less water to evaporate from the soil and been increasing plant growth, which is food for insects, rodents, and some birds. Since the food supply for the bugs, rodents and birds has been increasing with limited predation, so have the populations for all three which has increased populations for one predator which will move into our houses to obtain this food and the only predator which can access the bugs and rodents after they have gained the cover or sanctuary of the walls in our houses, snakes, especially very poisonous rattlesnakes. I have been seeing increasing numbers of all of these organisms in this area, yet the idiots continue killing off free roaming house cats, decreasing predation.

A few days ago, while trying to figure out why we are now experiencing a pandemic of mosquitoes, I realized during a prolonged storm caused by a Pacific hurricane making land fall in Baja California and the resultant land storms moving up through Mexico into New Mexico, my state, that our rain fall has been increasing significantly for a few years. Importantly, this rain fall has been increasing with increasing numbers of prolonged storms in which the rain falls moderate to light for days at a time which causes more of the water to soak into the ground instead of running off.

This increasing prolonged raining has increased the mosquito population to the point of being overwhelming pests and has been increasing vegetation growth more than previously. Then I realized that we were getting this latest increased rain caused by the hurricane, post summer, which means even less of the water will leave our soil because of evaporation. This means that our soil will be significantly more moist by next spring which will greatly increase vegetation growth next spring which will increase bug populations which will increase both rodent and bird populations which will increase rattlesnake populations, all to pandemic levels.

I pointed this out to the local people on my friends list on FB telling them this was at a very bad time when so many illegal aliens are crossing the US/Mexico border just 90 miles south of us with more than 40% being infected with a variety of diseases and that, if any of those diseases make it from those illegal aliens into our rodent, bird, or mosquito populations, we will quickly have a disease pandemic on our hands. Talk about great timing, right? Is God about to punish this town or what?

Did I tell you that, when I returned here, I found out that there is a lot of paganism and witchcraft going on here? A small, old Spanish settlement, La Luz, which is 12 miles from where I live, is considered to be one of the top five national holy sights for witchcraft, they do a lot of secret stuff in the mountains just east of them, you know, "in high places" (a Biblical term). These people have majority control of my town, Alamogordo, and the surrounding area. Get the picture yet? You are about to see God's holy judgment on this area and guess which people are going to bear the brunt of this judgment. Did I tell you that one very important reason why these ruling pagan locals won't listen to me is because they know I am a Christian? We do have a large Christian population but they won't stand up to these pagans, you know, just like at the national level.

Now, if they take my advice, which I included with the notice, we will have six months to build the free roaming house cat population to where, when these rodent, bird, and rattlesnake populations begin to grow, the house cat population could stop that growth dead in its tracks or, at the very least, slow the growth to buy us time to further increase the free roaming house cat population to where it will bring these other populations down to a healthy level which would prevent disease pandemics. If they don't take my advice, we are going to be playing a very deadly game of catch up next spring with large numbers of people dying until we grow the free roaming house cat population enough to bring those populations back down low enough to stop the disease pandemics.

Rest assured that, with so many disease infected illegal aliens with so many different diseases crossing our borders so close to our community and a significant number of those illegal aliens passing through and settling in our community, it isn't if but when will one or more of those diseases make it into one or more of our pandemic populations, and ravage the local community? I also expect that, when this happens, Holloman AFB, including the US, German, and other countries based there, will quarantine Alamogordo and move their people on base, even if they have to live in tents for a while because such a pandemic human depopulation on base would be a threat to national security. That will completely kill the local economy the same as moving the base would. I expect significant numbers of people to flee the town killing the economy even more and carrying those diseases to other communities.

It should be pointed out that, with a population of less than 30,000, one really good pandemic could wipe out this entire town, forget about what two or more simultaneous pandemics would do. We could very easily end up with a very large and new ghost town. Hey, housing would be cheap, contaminated and filled with bugs, rodents, and rattlesnakes, but cheap.

I pray for them. If the people don't repent, turn from their sins, and accept Jesus as their savior, we're screwed.

I think I am going to stock up on "Off", mosquitoes really like me...a lot. I think I am a mosquito delicacy, you know, like mosquito chicken cordon bleu. The mosquitoes have gotten almost as bad here in this high desert as they are in Mississippi. I have to fight them off outside during the day.

Therefore, based on science, I am expecting pandemics of mosquitoes, rodents, bugs (some of which carry diseases), birds, and rattlesnakes this coming year and probably a few other organisms I have not considered yet followed by one or more disease pandemics. We will know by the end of next May 2015.

BTW, we are not only having an epidemic of measles and the EV-D68 virus but I recently read that tuberculosis is spreading through this country again because of the illegal aliens being forced on us. I have also noticed that the lying commie media are being very quiet about this stuff just before the coming elections so it is difficult to find out what is happening right now. All hell will break loose after the elections, though, if these epidemics get bad enough before the elections, even the lying liberal media won't be able to cover them up.

Hopefully, this will help you see things like this coming your way and most of you will see this same type of judgment so you better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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