The upper class trash purport and have many believing they are intellectually superior to the rest of us in spite of the fact they prove other wise on a daily basis. Excuse me, upper class trash, but your inbreeding is showing.

Case in point, ISIS. Here we have a "rebel" force which was trained up and armed by the US and its allies to over throw Assad's Syria and ISIS has gone on a rampage, conquering and murdering millions, you know, like the Taliban, Al-Quaeda, Saddam Hussein, and others. Our heavily inbred intellectually superior upper class trash, who got the right degrees at the right universities, keep doing the same things again and again and being surprised when they keep getting the same terrible results. Have you noticed that these twits keep making more enemies for us while not destroying any? Just how well do you think that will eventually turn out?

My suggestion was to use our superior air power to cripple ISIS while letting the Iraqi and Kurdish armies do the clean up on the ground with only a few US advisory boots on the ground like the Green Berets.

Well, we, the British, and the French are providing minimal air support and the Iraqi and Kurdish armies are already making some headway. If we provide the Kurds with the better weapons they need and increase our air support for both armies, they will do even better and take care of our ISIS problem.

So, what is the plan dreamed up by our arrogant and intellectually superior god in chief, Pharaoh Obama?

Train and arm more terrorists...uh...rebel groups to do the same job the Iraqi and Kurdish armies are proving they can do with the right support. My first question, at this point, is what will this new terrorist force call itself when it also becomes our enemy and goes on a rampage? My second question is, "how many millions of people will this new, more powerful terrorist group murder before turning on us and we have to solve that problem along with the rest we still have and created ourselves?"

What is really funny is that, no sooner did the House pass the funding to train up more terrorist organizations and pass that bill to the Senate to vote on than all of those terrorist groups Obama and company are planning to train up and arm signed a treaty with ISIS and each other to not attack each other. Oops!

But, do you know what is even funnier than that?

All of these idiot liberal twits are still planning on and promoting the idea of providing funding, training, and weapons for these terrorist organizations...uh...rebels who have signed a treaty to not attack each other while ignoring the fact these terrorist groups...uh...rebels have signed the treaty.

If these terrorist groups...uh...rebels are not going to use that training, funding, and weapons on each other, as we think they will, just who do they think the terrorist groups...uh...rebels will use all of that funding, training, and weapons on?

That only leaves us.

Listen, if the heavily inbred upper class trash are intellectually superior to us, we might just as well nuke ourselves and get it over with.

I have a much better idea and I didn't have to get inbred, stoned, or attend the right university to develop my idea. The Kurdish and Iraqi armies are proving that, with a minimal air support, they can take care of this problem. Provide the Kurds with better ground weapons and provide both with better air support and they will do an even better job. The only boots we will need on the ground will be for intelligence gathering, air support, and advisory work, which we already have more than 1,000 troops doing and we won't create any more enemies we will have to fight later.

Doesn't that make more sense?

But, hey, I didn't say that the inbred upper class trash has any sense and more than zero doesn't have to be much.

With the inbred upper class trash in control, you better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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