Diseases 3

It has just been confirmed that Ebola is now in the US. At first, the CDC guys refused to answer questions about whether this person were a US citizen or illegal alien making it look like they were covering up something, especially with the rapidly approaching elections just about one month away.

Today, they stated that the man sick with Ebola in Dallas, Texas, had flown on a commercial fight from Liberia. He is not an illegal so the liberals got off easy on this one. This begs to ask why the CDC didn't make full disclosure of this from the start.

If that man was an illegal alien, first, there would be one, then dozens, then hundreds, then thousands, then more, and they wouldn't be able to cover up that many dead and dying illegal aliens infected with Ebola. The incubation period for Ebola is 21 to 23 days, if some one is just infected today, October 1, they will either be in the hospital or dead at least one week before the November election. There is no way they can cover up illegal aliens with Ebola long enough to make the coming election, their sins will find them out.

Now they have to deal with an entire plane of people who may have been infected along with everyone who was in contact with this man since he arrived in the US. Imagine being on that plane or anyone who made contact with him. Even worse, how about all of the people who were in the airport and could have made contact without knowing it, especially if this thing has gone pneumonic.

Also, there is this little virus from Africa (all viruses are little), which is quickly spreading throughout Central and South America. It is carried by a certain type of mosquito which we are not supposed to have in the Continental United States but the virus has been found in Florida. Maybe they have the mosquito there OR other types of mosquitoes found in the US may be able to carry this disease? Did I tell you we are having an infestation of mosquitoes in Alamogordo, New Mexico because of this unusually wet weath?

I am putting off writing much about this virus to see if it starts spreading throughout the US but it is a nasty little critter which causes all sorts of health problems and even death. The point, at this time, is this, how did this virus suddenly get into the Central and South American mosquito populations from Africa just when the upper class trash has been and still is flying in illegal aliens from all over the world, including Africa, to Central America to be combined in the same groups and flown to the US/Mexican border to invade the US? I guess an infected illegal alien from Africa got bit by a Latino mosquito in Central America and it is quickly spreading? Get the picture yet?

These illegal aliens are bringing diseases from all over the world to not just the US, but also to the countries which are helping destroy the US by helping get these illegal aliens into the US. Some of these diseases may not have been meant to be brought here by the upper class trash. Did I tell you that man plans, God laughs? I am certain I did.

Does this mean those countries which are helping destroy the US with these diseases are being punished by God?

Hey, God said, "Do unto others as you would have others (including God) do unto you." I guess God meant it.

So we now have CONFIRMED that there are epidemics spreading through the US for measles, tuberculosis, the virus EV-D68, with a new virus in Florida, Ebola is here, they are now having an outbreak of hoof and mouth disease in numerous states (normally a third world problem) and the CDC said this is only the tip of the iceberg?

That is just the stuff which has been confirmed by the CDC to be here. The CDC hasn't told us yet about the rest of this disease iceberg. And this has all happened since Obama and his liberal traitor pals started forcing these disease infected illegal aliens on us just a little over one month ago. Gee, that didn't take long, did it?

And you think you are not living in an apocalypse right now?


Oh heck, they are nothing compared to the protists which are being forced on us right now! I am sure I told you that protists (bacteria and viruses) have killed more people globally than all other causes of death including wars, famines, and such COMBINED! Zombies are nothing compared to protists. You can see and shoot zombies but you can't even see protists and they are everywhere, well, now they are. You can thank the liberals for this apocalypse, you know, Your Apocalypse.

Oh yeah, let's talk about more of that iceberg which is headed your way, Mr. and Ms. Titanic. Did you realize that they are not telling you about the microscopic parasites these illegal aliens are bringing into the US from all over the world. Oh, they do wonderful things to you like eating you alive from within until you stop living, you know, like eating your brains, liver, heart, kidneys, and everything else you need to live, OK, kind of like tiny little zombies, only worse. They cause some really terrible problems including death, but a very terrible death. It can take you years to slowly die from these little critters.

How do you get these parasites?

You can get them when an insect, which got them from biting an infected human, you know, like an infected illegal alien, bites you. You can get them from contact with other people's blood or body fluids, from people who don't wash their hands after using the rest room, especially when they fix your meals at restaurants, from a variety of animals, or from anything on which the eggs or organisms can live long enough to infect you such as fecal matter from animals, birds, and humans.

As far as I know, there are no vaccines to prevent you from getting and dying from these parasites, definitely not for most of them.

Did I tell you that you are at least 100 times more likely (conservatively estimating, of course) to get these parasites and diseases with pagan behavior and than with Biblical Christian behavior? Oh, gee, could that be why God gave us His Laws to protect us from such things?

Yep, and if you don't believe me, just look at pagan behavior. They love their "free sex", A.K.A. all forms of adultery including homosexuality and bestiality. Lot's of sex partners means lot's of disease and parasite infection quickly spreading across the nation at the speed of adultery.

You believe their crap about latex condoms providing safe adultery? Did you know that latex condoms only prevent infection by HIV 60% of the time, which means the virus can pass through to you 40% of the time?

Wow, out of every 5 times you have sex using a latex condom with someone who has HIV, you only get infected twice. Now that is a real two-for. And that is if you don't swap saliva by kissing the person. I am sorry but I don't consider that safe sex, it only kills you two out of five times?

Did you know that condoms provide NO protection against viruses like HPV and none for most diseases and parasites if you are swapping saliva by kissing?

Hmmm, they must have forgotten to tell you that one. What else have they forgotten to tell you about your free sex, which will cost you your life?

There is no such thing as free sex, you will pay for it one way or another. Free sex is a pagan myth created by Satan and his gang to seduce you into their gang, you know, paganism.

I know, let's look at pagan occult rituals, you know, where pagans like Satanists, Luciferians, witches, Celts, and many other cults like to go into secret places like in the mountains, basements, barns, and such to carry out secret religious rituals, you know, like animal and human sacrifices. A common practice is to bleed the animal or human being sacrificed and drink the blood as part of the ritual. Very frequently, they will eat raw parts of the animal or human being sacrificed.

I know that I have told you that God told us to not drink the blood of an animal and there are reasons why. As a matter of fact, in those days when the Hebrews were living in tents, cooking over camp fires, and not cooking their meat right, God also told them not to eat types of meat which we have found to be more likely to carry diseases and parasites which are harmful to humans, you know, like pork.

I know I have told you, but will remind you, that the protists and parasites being carried by an animal or human are in their blood so that, if you drink that blood, you get whatever diseases and parasites they have. You Christians need to know that, if you don't cook your meat well enough to kill the protists and parasites, you will get the diseases and parasites that animal has. Raw meat is for pagan dummies.

You can get most of these diseases just by kissing an infected person. I guess dating will probably revert back to pre Victorian times when they were chaperoned. See, our conservative Christian ancestors had reasons for the things they did.

Just think Ebola which has been found in a number of different animals in Africa and not just humans and monkeys. Having that "free sex", drinking sacrificial blood, eating raw meat, or even kissing can give you Ebola. Pickup bars are about to become a thing of the past, one way or another everyone will stop going there. I also know that I just told you that Ebola is now in the US.

So we have these idiot liberal pagans screwing each other and even animals, drinking blood and eating raw meat, and any number of other ways of sharing diseases and parasites while conservative Biblical Christians are not doing these risky things. Yep, I think I was being very conservative in my estimate that pagans are at least 100 times more likely to be infected by these organisms than conservative Biblical Christians.

Do you still think we are not being punished by God for our pagan behavior?

You pagans just might want to acknowledge your crimes against God's Laws, repent of those crimes, and accept the amnesty Jesus paid for your crimes on the cross while you still can. By the time one of these things is finishing you off, you may not be able to think clear enough to accept Jesus as your savior.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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