Planets 3

For fun, there are some things I want to share with you which God told me about our new Christian nation colonizing other planets in the near future, you know, after all of these bad times are over. You have to understand that there are some things which I can't share with you at this time.

In two different dreams, God let me know about our colonizing a number of different planets. In the first dream, God had me teleport into deep space and visit four of five star systems in our galaxy, the Milky Way, and then teleport to the galaxy M31, commonly known as the Andromeda Galaxy, which is the next large spiral galaxy to our galaxy, where I visited three or four star systems. Then God let me know this was about planets being created in those star systems in the near future for our new Christian nation to colonize. In the second dream, I saw nine planets created, colonized by our new Christian nation, after we got our new Christian nation's economy booming, and those planets' economies quickly boomed. You have a lot to look forward to, which can help you get through these hard times.

Most likely, these two dreams were about the same nine planets but there was something of enough difference I can't share with you, at this time, which could mean they were different planets and we could end up colonizing as many as 18 planets. I do believe it will probably only be nine planets, five in the Milky Way and four in M31. Know that God has His own names for all of the stars and galaxies and God was letting me know that He has already determined in which star systems these new planets will be created, future tense.

God will do something such as create a vision for everyone to be able to witness the creation of these planets in real time to prove that evolution is a lie and God created everything in its place. In other words, evolution doesn't have a prayer.

I have studied the scriptures and a lot of biology along with I love looking at pictures of different organisms (organisms includes all plants, animals, and other life forms such as protists) from around this world. One thing which amazes me is the extreme complexity and diversity of organisms on this planet. There are literally millions of beautiful and wonderful species of organisms on this planet which give a glimpse into how complex God's mind is. I find it mind boggling at how many organisms we know of (we still have not discovered all of them yet) which are all different and very beautiful. I have come to the realization that God can easily create millions times more diversity than exists on this planet to marvel at for all eternity. Therefore, based on this, what I have learned about God, and what God has shown me, I believe the following is quite probable.

What will these planets be like?

You can bet they will be every bit as wonderful and beautiful as earth. As a matter of fact, I would not be surprised to see one of the planets to be an exact replica of earth when God first created it but without humans because we will be the humans colonizing it. In other words, this planet will be an exact replica of early earth just before Adam was created by God.


Imagine a planet which is an exact replica to early earth on which all life forms from our fossil record exist together at the same time with all of the animals currently existing on earth. No one would be able to rationally say that life evolved on earth and the global flood didn't happen. It would be a typical and perfect end game for the pagan evolution nonsense by God. Therefore, I expect that the first planet to be created will be an EXACT replica of early earth down to the smallest grain of sand, just before Adam and Eve were created by God. There could be no greater testimony about the creation than this and you will get to see it happen in just three earth days, just like the Bible says it took God to create earth, in order to glorify God.

And the eight remaining planets?

I expect everyone of them to be almost to completely different from all of the rest of the planets to show how magnificent God's mind really is. I expect that there may be some species we use for food or pets which will be the same or similar to make it easier for us to colonize those planets but the rest of the organisms will be significantly different and very wonderful.

Hollywood has never even come close to creating a fantasy as wonderful as the reality you will experience times nine. You will not only want to travel to and colonize one of these planets, but you will want to travel to and visit all of the rest of them. Man cannot even begin to imagine what God has in store for those of us who are faithful to Him and reject Satan. All of the false promises of Satan's different pagan gods combined cannot even come close to equalling what God has prepared for us. Truly, our God is a wonderful God.

Now do you better understand why I want to get these bad times over and get on with the really great times ahead of us? If you chose the right side of God's line and survive the current bad times, you will live the rest of your life in aw.

Hey, you will all be astronauts, star travelers, and intergalactic travelers. That alone will be fun and Star Trek, Star Wars, and the rest of the Hollywood si-fi kiddie stuff will be nothing compared to what you will live.

Who wants to play in God's sandbox? All you have to do is accept Jesus as your savior.

Coming soon to a galaxy near you.

You really should....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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