Donations or Bribes

This essay is actually going to cover two topics but the second topic will be a surprise at the end of the essay. :-)

For decades I have proclaimed that donations to political campaigns are nothing more than bribes. This is because the rich people who give those donations get "favors" in return which, legally, makes those donations bribes. Also note that when a campaign donor who officially gets favors in return for a donation, it is a federal felony because that legally constitutes a bribe.

For decades the politicians and donors kept the favors those donors received for the donations they made to a political campaign secret or, at least, quiet because they didn't want to go to prison. Gradually over time they have been more and more obvious and arrogant about the favors received for donations because they had corrupted the courts to the point that no one would prosecute them. It has reached a point to where even the media don't try to hide the fact that the top campaign donors get rewards for their donations making it official that donations are indeed bribes and illegal.

This proves what I have been saying for along time that campaign donations are illegal and should be stopped. But you know that isn't going to happen because the politicians like being able to reward their donors because it keeps the really big money coming in and the donors are not going to want this to stop because they like getting back huge rewards for their bribes and it creates a situation in which the donors literally own the politicians with the politicians becoming the donors' puppets and the donors being the puppet masters. You know those power mad donors are not going to want to give up that kind of power.

The reason why I am writing this essay is because of a headline I just read at Breitbart which said, "Obama Rewards Top Donors With Ambassadorships"................say what? :-O Hold it, I have to wait for my brain to quit hurting.

This proves two things. First, that campaign donations ARE bribes and ARE a crime and federal felony, therefore, this political corruption should be stopped. Second, it disproves the common myth that having more money than some one else means you are more intelligent than them.

Just how stupid are these rich guys? After Benghazi they are accepting ambassadorships from Obama? :-O Why don't you just take my wallet and shoot me too? Can you imagine being so stupid that you pay a very large bribe to Obama and accept as your favor from Obama the ambassadorship to some place like Libya, Somalia, Egypt, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Syria? You could travel to these places and get raped and shot for a whole lot less. Why pay so much money to get killed? I am sure you can find some one on the wrong side of your town to shoot you for a whole lot less and you won't even have to travel to another town much less another country. There are places in this country where you can get killed for free. If nothing else, all you have to do is walk into any Texas bar and say you think Obama should be elected as president for a third term.

This is absolute scientific proof that having more money than some one else does not mean you are more intelligent than them. I know plenty of middle and lower class people who are not stupid enough to pay some one a lot of money to kill them. Most middle and lower class people are intelligent enough to refuse an ambassadorship from Obama for any amount of money much less pay for it. I wouldn't accept an ambassadorship from Obama for Canada, not even for free!!!

Having more money than some one else does not mean you are more intelligent than them. All having more money than some else means have more money than them. There are obviously a lot of rich stupid people.

Since it is increasingly obvious that the stupid people are running the planet, you should....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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