Illegal Immigrants 2

I keep telling you that the people running our planet are the stupidest people on the planet and they persist in proving me right. As a matter of fact, they are relentless in their determination to prove they are the stupidest people on the planet. Their ideas about legalizing illegal immigrants are absolute proof of their stupidity.

Let's start with an analysis of the alien situation in the US. If you want to legally come to the US, all you have to do is have a passport and visa. If you want to legally work in the US, all you have to do is get a green card along with the passport and visa.

That is only the first part of our analysis and it shows how stupid the people in Congress are who are working on complex legislation to make illegal immigrants legal. All you have to do to make illegal immigrants in the US legal is give the illegal immigrants who have jobs GREEN CARDS and they will be legal immigrants working in the US. The illegal immigrants who don't have a job, you tell them to get a job and we will give you a green card or get out. Problem solved without any legislation or other political bull crap you know will just make things worse. Fire the stupid bums running this country!!!

Now for the rest of my analysis. When people are in our country illegally, they have to accept jobs no one else will do with really low wages no one else will accept and under conditions no one else will work under because, if they protest, they will be exposing they are here illegally, will be arrested, and jailed or deported. Therefore, they do the really crap jobs no one else will do. Not even legal aliens with green cards will do those jobs.

Therefore, common sense should tell you that, if you make illegal aliens legal, they won't have to do those terrible jobs either and will start competing for the jobs the rest of you have. Economically, this will cause several things to happen. First, it will increase the demand for the legal jobs in the US which will only drive wages down and increase unemployment forcing Obama and his corrupt government to manipulate the unemployment statistics even more. Gee, I wonder why the liberals have not passed the promised illegal immigrant legislation with Obama's unemployment numbers already being so bad and why Republicans are now trying to pass that legislation. :-) Think about that one. We are talking about creating massive economic problems while Obama is still in office. A Commiecrat wouldn't be able to get elected for the next 10 years.

Second, once the illegal aliens are no longer illegal and they quit their illegal jobs for better work, then who will do all those millions of jobs that only illegal aliens will do? Oops, two major strikes against the economy by just making illegal aliens legal. The only possible answer to the problem created by that mistake will be to find a way to very quickly get 10 million new illegal aliens into the US to do those jobs without making them legal. Do that one, I dare you.

After the fools in Congress make illegal aliens legal, they will be blundering around bouncing off walls scratch their heads wondering, "What economy", because we won't have one. This foolishness will create the worst economy in the history of the planet plus some. If these stupid people can't fix the messes they have already created, you can bet these stupid people won't be able to fix that mess.

See, I told you that the stupidest people on the planet are running the planet. :-O

And, since the stupidest people on the planet are running the planet, you should....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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