Dots, Dots, & More Dots

OK, it is time to play connect the dots again. This time it will be about the destruction of our countries and economies, especially the middle class but first, a couple of updates. The first update is that the EU is current considering asking the banks to eat as much as 50% of Greece's debt as the partial default on Greece's debt while not admitting that Greece is defaulting (smoke and mirrors) I already told you about in the last article. Second, I hope you have learned by now that there will be a slight decrease in unemployment this time of year because of seasonal hiring and it will be followed early next year by an increase in unemployment. Every year this happens and Obama always uses smoke and mirrors to make this seasonal hiring look like much more than it really is. Now back to dot analysis.

Dot #1: Under the Clinton administration, the liberal Commiecrats passed a law forcing the banks to accept loans for homes from people who were too poor to pay those loans. This caused the housing bubble by artificially increasing the demand for properties and then caused the bubble to burst by causing so many of those homes to be repossessed and put on the market at one time when the people couldn't pay those loans. This caused a lot of the smaller to medium banks to go under with the commie's protecting the large banks with your tax dollars and caused the current economic crisis which has caused so many middle class people to lose their jobs. None of the really large banks in the US went under because of this mess created by the Commiecrats and a huge number of the middle class keep their money in local to regional banks. Also note that the "greedy banks" were blamed for this mess which was caused by the liberal politicians.

Dot #2: The liberal politicians spending their countries into extreme debt and beginning to default is causing the banks to lose huge amounts of money and go broke. Please note that this is again causing mostly small to middle local to regional banks go broke and few, if any, large banks to go broke causing many middle class people to go broke.

Dot #3: The liberal Commie activists are "occupying" strategic commercial areas demanding the destruction of both the "evil greedy banks" and "evil Wall Street". I have seen liberal activist leaders on Facebook giving orders to their mindless activist puppets to take their money out of the banks and put it in credit unions to break the banks. The problem with this is that credit unions operate by opening an account in a bank they can use for operations. These special credit union accounts make it possible for the credit unions to borrow money from the banks at a low enough interest rate that the credit unions can then loan that money to its customers for a profit. Also, when you deposit your money into a credit union, the money is actually being deposited into the credit union account at the bank the credit union is using for operations. Therefore, if you destroy the banks, you also destroy the credit unions and only the middle class put their money in credit unions. If you think this is not true, just go to a credit union and tell them you are concerned about their liquidity because of the current economy and ask them which bank they are using for their credit union account.

Dot #4: They are cutting back military spending by hundreds of billions of dollars per year while increasing the natioanl budget and debt by more than 2 trillion dollars. If they are not using those hundreds of billions of dollars to cut the national debt, then where is all that money going and why are they weakening the US military? Could it be that at least a big chunk of that money is being used to build up Obama's Citizen Security Force (CSF) to replace the military so the US military won't be able to stop a political or violent coup?

Dot #5: Even with the increasing US national budget and debt, the Secret Service is intentionally being down graded and stretched thin by not increasing its funding as required while increasing its use. The Secret Service has reached a point to where its agents are admitting they cannot properly protect the President and an incident is inevitable. Is Obama using this to create an incident to make the Secret Service look bad so he can achieve his previously stated goal of replacing the Secret Service with his Muslim Black Panthers or CSF?

It is at this point that I need to teach you some things about upper class financial management (for both individuals and corporations) which will disprove what you have been taught by our liberal system including many liberal college professors and the media. Most people seem to think that the rich have all their wealth sitting as cash in huge bank vaults just like Donald Duck's Uncle Scrooge in the Disney comic books. I call this Donald Duck financial management because the upper class would never think of having more than a minimum, much less all their money sitting as cash in banks.

The first thing you have to understand is that the upper class has less than 10% of their wealth in what is called liquid assets. Liquid assets are cash and any investment which can quickly be turned into cash. The wealthy have better than 90% of their wealth in non-liquid assets such as land and major corporations which take them from months to years to turn into cash. Even the vast majority of their liquid assets will be invested in non-cash liquid assets and not in cash. All of the rich, including the rich bankers, keep an absolute minimum amount of cash in the banks for very important reasons.

All of the rich individuals and corporations keep an absolute minimum amount of cash in banks because they would lose money if they did keep cash in the banks. The banks only pay about 2 to 3 percent annual interest for cash kept in the banks but you can easily make from 5 to more than 10 percent interest annually with almost all other investments. If you had 100 million dollars and kept it in the bank, you would only make about 2 to 3 millions dollars per year in interest on that money. But, if you put that money into other investments which make from 5 to 10 percent interest annually, you would make from 5 to 10 million dollars income from that money. So, if you were wealthy, would you keep more than an absolute minimum of cash in the banks? Of course not, you would keep as much of your wealth as possible invested outside of the banks.

Get it straight, there are no huge bank vaults anywhere on this planet with huge amounts of upper class cash sitting in banks. Most of the cash in our banks is owned by the middle and lower classes and mom and pop businesses which can't afford to have more than just a little of their wealth tied up in other investments such as 401k retirement plans. Most of those people have to have ready access to their cash on a daily basis because they function or operate financially from one check to the next check.

A basic rule of thumb for non-liquid assets is that you don't invest any money which you can't afford to have tied up for at least one year. For non-cash liquid assets you don't invest any money which you can't afford to have tied up for at least three months. Most people and small businesses can't afford to have much, if any, of their wealth tied up for that long so they keep almost all of their wealth (other than their homes) as cash in banks.

On the other hand, the rich use a system called cash management to keep their cash in the banks to an absolute minimum. The way this works is that the financial managers working for the rich and trained in cash management meet with the bank cash management team early in the morning (today, they actually do this by computer over the Internet). The financial managers tell the bank team which expenses they expect to process through the bank that day. They leave just enough money in the rich person's or company's account to cover those expenses plus a small "contingency fund" for emergencies. The rest of the cash in that rich person's or company's account is moved into a "sweep account" where it is invested in other liquid assets to increase the earning of that money for that day. This complex system can earn the account owner as much as millions of dollars of additional income for just one day and easily pays for the extra expense of the cash management program. It also means that by about 10 or 11 am, there is almost no rich people's cash sitting in the bank vaults.

This means that almost all of the cash in the banks, even the really big banks, belongs to the middle and lower classes which the banks use to increase the bank's income by loaning most of that money to middle and lower class people and mom and pop businesses to also cover the expenses of keeping the money safe for those entities. Therefore, if you destroy the banks, you will barely, if at all, hurt the upper class but will wipe out the middle class. Please note that what they are doing to destroy the banks will not wipe out the huge banks owned by the upper class but the moderate to small banks at the local to regional level because the government is taking actions to make sure the big banks (which have been classified as too large to fail) are being covered by government actions just to make sure they don't go broke.

Yet, the lying liberal commie college professors teach their airhead liberal students exactly the opposite, that all that cash in the banks belongs to the rich bankers. They use this lie to justify stealing from the banks and trying to destroy the banks. There was a liberal terrorist organization, the SDS, in the late 1960's and early 1970's which robbed banks along with other crimes such as blowing up things like airports. The actions of these terrorists stealing from the banks was being justified by the liberal college professors and media as being all right because the terrorists were just stealing from the rich bankers and not the middle and lower classes. Obviously, it wasn't true.

Then we have to look at the function of the stock market. When you purchase a stock you are buying a partial ownership in a large business. Basically, you are putting your money or capital to work earning more money for you than you can earn by just doing an hourly wage. For obvious reasons, this is called capitalism or using your capital to earn more money so you can live better. The liberal college professors teach this as a horrible sin and you think they are not an ignorance and brainwashing based religion?

What the stock market does is that it makes it possible for people to more easily buy and sell business ownerships and other financial instruments so they can make money from their money. Without the stock market, it would be much more difficult for even the wealthy to buy and sell stocks but almost impossible for the middle class to purchase stocks for such things as their retirement plans. You have to understand that the very rich don't move more than a little of their money out of key stocks, ever. It just sits there making them money from their investments AND this is where most rich people and businesses do keep almost all of their wealth. For the most part, the rich just sit holding their major investments taking the profits from them and only do buying and selling in other investments to increase their cash flow.

So what would happen if you destroy the stock market. To the rich, very little because there are so few of them owning so much that they would still be able to buy and sell to each other but just not as easily. But it would destroy the middle class because they would not be able to buy and sell their stocks in their retirement plans to generate the cash they will need to retire, buy homes, or for emergencies.

I have shown you how destroying the banks and the stock market would do very little to the upper class but would wipe out the middle class and impoverish them. Please note that the middle and lower classes are also currently losing their homes because of the laws passed by the Commiecrats during the Clinton administration so that they will lose absolutely everything they have if the banks and stock market are also destroyed. Now the question is, "why are the liberal commie college professors, politicians, and media (AKA Democrats) working to destroy the middle class while they are obviously lying about being for the middle class and lower class and against the upper class?" This is where everything comes together very nicely and it gets very ugly.

There are approximately 300 very wealthy families in the world which basically control everything and run the planet and our countries. This clique of good-old-boys has existed for well over 100 years and has decided it doesn't want to have to share its planet with any more than the absolute minimum of people necessary to support their life of luxury. It is very important to note that ALL of these 300 rich, powerful families are liberal Democrats. I will name just a few for you to let you know this is true but you can easily find out who many of these families are by who owns what at the upper level.

The Rockefeller family is one of the largest banking families in the world and they are all Democrats. The Heinz family is one of the riches and most powerful families in the world (they own Heinz Corporation and other large businesses) and they are all Democrats, as a matter of fact, ultra liberal John Kerry is married to a Heinz woman and is one of the Heinz political puppets. The Kennedy family is involved in a number of different corporations with large holdings on the stock market and in banks and they are all Democrats. The Cowles (pronounced Koles) family is one of the most power media families in the world and they are all Democrats. The last time I checked, the Cowles family owned controlling stocks in Time, Inc. which owned Time Magazine, Sports Illustrated, LA Times newspaper, New York Times newspaper, ABC TV, and a large number of other large media.

These are only a few of the 300 families which are running this country and world. So why do they want to destroy the middle class by destroying the banks and stock market? Power and greed, it is all about power and greed.

By now you are beginning to agree with me that the middle and lower class liberals, especially the activists, are the stupidest people on the planet. These fools have been brainwashed to destroy themselves and all the other middle and lower class people in order to make these 300 families more wealthy and powerful so those families can do whatever they want with the rest of us including kill almost all of us off so they don't have to share their planet with us. Also remember that history teaches and you know these upper class trash know that, as quickly as possible after graining absolute power, the inner core of these people MUST do a thing called "consolidation of power" by killing off better than 90% of the people who helped them gain that power in order to prevent those 90% from removing those in the most powerful positions by replacing them with other members of the group. I think that, by now, you agree with me when I say that my farts are smarter than liberals.

These liberal activists are the army (CSF) the upper class trash is using to destroy all of our countries, our economies, and the global economy. The upper class trash have planned this thing out so well and it is in its last stages so that there is no hope outside of God, Himself, to save us from their evil plans. When you see these liberal activists "Occupying", think Lenin because that is almost exactly what Lenin did with his street riots to seize control of Russia about 100 years ago. The upper class trash are staging their Citizen Security Force troops (think Gestapo, SS, Brown Shirts, and Red Shirts) in strategic commercial locations all over the US and are working now to stage their commie troops in other countries for a quick strike at our economic under belly for a quick and easy kill and most people don't even have a clue about what is going on. Note that these people are being paid $300 to $650 per week by the commie organization to hold their strategic positions and not give them up for any reason. When the street riots break out, it won't take these CSF storm troopers long to destroy our economy and kill off what is left of the middle class. Think End Game!

Please also note that Obama and the Commiecrats decreasing the military and Secret Service and replacing them with their CSF would be an important part in keeping those agencies from stopping a violent take over of the US. Watch for an "incident" which will be used as an excuse for Obama to replace the Secret Service with either his Muslim Black Panthers or the same group as part of the CSF. Those occupy forces strategically placed in economic locations throughout the US just sitting and waiting while being paid from $300 to $650 per week are at least a part of Obama's CSF.

This thing is so well organized, our government and military are so infiltrated, and it is so late in the game that, with so many of our troops being stationed over seas and the government making huge cuts in our military, there is no way we can stop this hostile take over of our government by the upper class trash commie's. The only hope we have is a direct intervention by God but, before that will happen, God makes it very clear in the Bible that we must repent of our sins or crimes against His Laws, turn back to Him, and ask Him through our prayers to save our butts from our own stupidity....again. Therefore, the best and most important thing we must all do to save our butts in this 11th hour is....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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