I Told You So 69

There are several things I want to discuss with this essay. First, I told you that Greece was already defaulting on her debts by at least 21% but was negotiating defaulting up to 50%. Well, the upper class trash geniuses agreed on another mind boggling deal. Greece would get to default on 50% of her debts because she can't make the payments on those debts and the banks would be required to loan her more money...increasing her debt payments, again. And these people think they are solving the problem?

That doesn't seem to have been good enough because now Greece is deciding whether to just go ahead on her own and default on all of her debt or stick with the deal. Note that this may also be Greece trying to scare the EU into making an even better debt but Greece has already been considering leaving the EU anyway. I guess giving her politicians and people free money isn't good enough for them? Hey, if you can sucker people into giving you free money, why not get all the free money you can, so what if it destroys the global economy.

There is talk about either Greece leaving or being kicked out of the EU and just letting Greece default. Some people have finally figured out that it is inevitable that Greece will default and it would be better for Greece to default on smaller debts than on larger debts. Everyone, except Greece, would lose less money and it would impact the economy less, you know, just like I told you a long time ago before these upper class geniuses helped Greece run her debt up so high with their borrowed money.

What effect will this have on the rest of the EU? Germany, who is having to carry most of the debt for the less responsible EU countries, and other countries are already thinking about just leaving the EU, the cost of money for other countries with serious debt problems, such as Spain and Italy, has quickly increased making it tougher for them to make their debt payments, and, in general, the EU is about to blow itself wide apart just like I told you they would. It isn't that this will happen in the future, it is happening right now and the EU is almost finished. Germany is on the verge of a national election and most of the German people are for getting out of the EU completely and dumping the Euro, they definitely want to stop paying for everyone else's irresponsible spending. The German people are tired of being played for suckers by the rest of the EU. If Germany gets out of the EU, the EU will implode because Germany is all but carrying the EU with most of the other countries getting further and further in debt and Germany having to cover those countries' irresponsible spending. It is no longer if but when will the EU blow itself apart AND quite a few of those existing countries will be divided into smaller countries. A few years from now, Europe will look more like it did during the Dark Ages.

After the EU blows itself apart and most of the current countries splinter into smaller countries, I would not be surprised to see Germany turn to those countries and say,"you owe us money, pay up or we take it in real estate." The United States of Germany?

How does this effect Bible prophesy? All of this European based prophesy I have been telling you is wrong, will simply become meaningless because there will be no possibility for a European based one world government or church. People will be forced to consider what I have been saying for years which is that the Bible was not written in Europe about Europe, it was written in the Middle East about the Middle East and, therefore, all prophesy must be studied in relation to what is going on in the Middle East and not what is going on in Europe.

Also, I have been listening to Americans asking preachers where the USA is in Bible prophesy and those preachers bending and twisting prophesy to get the USA into those prophesies. What they should have been teaching is that the USA isn't in Bible prophesy because the USA won't exist as one nation by the time the Tribulation begins. Sorry folks, but I am only the messenger. You can thank your upper class trash, especially the liberal commie's, the liberal Euro upper class trash, Obama, and King Abdullah, for that one.

All of this is because the US and EU have been forcing Israel to give up more and more land and divide herself into smaller and smaller parts instead of taking a stand with Israel to maintain her proper size. Therefore, God is going to divide our countries into smaller countries because the Bible says, "Do unto others as you would have others (including God) do unto you." What goes around comes around and we are getting our turn at fighting terrorism within our countries because we forced Israel to endure terrorism in her country and our countries will be divided because we forced Israel to divide her country. Basically, Our turn. Ouch!!!

Second, I told you a long time ago that Israel would be forced to use continental ballistic missiles with nukes to take out Iran's nuke program and prevent Iran from nuking Israel. Today, November 2, 2011, Israel "test fired" a continental ballistic missile for delivering warheads to countries like Iran and further away while the PM, Netanyahu, said,"A nuclear Iran will pose a serious threat to the Middle East and the entire world, and it of course poses a direct and heavy threat to us". There is one little problem, Israel already has continental ballistic missiles called Jericho's which can easily reach anywhere in Iran. Oops!

I believe that Israel is sending a clear message that she is no longer even pretending to consider using her planes with wave after wave of attacks using conventional weapons, which I already told you wouldn't work, and is going for the nuclear option, which I told you will work.

Oh well, back to watching shoes falling while we....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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