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I have been having trouble continuing to write about these evil, vile, greedy, power mad, human demon, inbred spawn of Satan so this morning during ye ole 1 am to 4 am conference with God, God showed me some things that helped me. I believe that I have told you about how we will all be surprised at what we learn about each other on Judgment Day when EVERYTHING about everyone is made known to everyone, some good, some bad.

This morning God emphasized how much surprised we will be at what He has done through us to help others such as how many people will be helped by my words today around the world. On Judgment Day we will find out exactly every person we have helped because of what God is doing through us and we will get to meet those people.

I found out that, in spite of my sins, I will get to hear God say, "Well done, good and faithful servant," and that is enough to keep me writing so I write.

It is time to connect more dots.


If you are paying any attention AT ALL, it should be very obvious that Obama is running this presidency and nation. Obama's recent visit to the White House was Obama's arrogant narcissism telling you that he is running the nation and that he will be soon regaining control but it will be intended to be permanent control.

Afghan Joe was Obama's Vice President and "Go-for", who did what Obama told him to do but Afghan Joe has degenerated to where he is mentally like a 2 year old literally being lead around by the hand and told what to do and say. Afghan Joe is nothing more than a brain dead puppet or marionette with Obama "pulling the strings".

Afghan Joe is just a stupid little front man, fool, and stooge doing what he is told to do and say and, if he says the wrong thing, they openly correct him just like you would a 2 year old.

Even his wife is literally and openly leading Afghan Joe around by the hand telling him what to say and do and she barely tries to hide it at all. She regularly leads him on and off stage and determines when it is time to come and go.

All of Afghan Joe's "people" or staff are KNOWN to be the same staff that Obama used and they are doing the same things they did under Obama. They are also leading Afghan Joe around by the hand and telling him what to say and do, while they continue to do what Obama had them do before.

Note in this video how completely unpopular Afghan Joe and how extremely popular Obama is. I agree with Tucker that the left is getting ready to stuff Afghan Joe's butt under ye ole commie bus. Mark also contacted me with e-mails saying he believes the left is dumping Joe and referred to an article. In that article, they stated that they expect to replace very unpopular Kruella with someone else, then get rid of Afghan Joe because of his health, and, among those listed as potential replacements for Kruella, was Obama. Since a person can serve up to 10 years as president (2 terms + 2 years), that would make Obama eligible. It is getting kind of obvious that the left is getting ready to dump Joe.

Think of Obama as being our wizard in our Land of Oz, hiding behind ye ole curtain pulling ye ole levers and you have the right picture. When he does things that cause harm to our nation, Afghan Joe takes the blame, not Obama.

Do you get the picture yet?

It is only a matter of time until very arrogant and narcissistic Obama decides it is the right time for him to come out from hiding behind ye ole curtain and openly take back control of everything. It is not if but when.


To be able to accurately predict what Putin will most likely do next, you MUST pay attention to exactly what he has already done and why and MUST ignore the lies, misinformation and propaganda about Putin and what he has done. You cannot learn anything intelligent from lies except that the person telling those lies is a liar.

What just happened?

The lefty upper class trash has been insanely trying to set up their global dictatorship, Putin and his spies saw it coming, began working with China, Brazil, Iran, North Korea, and others, they have been building a global alliance, they prepared by setting up their own international banking (BRICS) and financial institutions, built up their economies, built up their militaries, while we were tearing out militaries down, and they generally have been preparing to fight WWIII against the Western upper class trash for more than 30 years.

The Western upper class trash saw Putin and Russia as their greatest obstacle to setting up their global dictatorship, put a puppet in control of Ukraine so they could sneak nuke missiles into Northeastern Ukraine to nuke Moscow, backing Putin into a corner.

Putin flipped that trap back on the West (outsmarting the arrogant Western fools), set his forces in array against Ukraine causing the West to back off about the West going into Ukraine, pulled some of his forces back from Ukraine and the West saw that as a sign of weakness so they became even more aggressive to Russia, leaving Putin with no choice but to invade Ukraine to get the concessions he wanted so Putin invaded Ukraine.

Before he invaded Ukraine, he said he didn't want a war and he didn't want to occupy Ukraine. He said that all he wanted was for Ukraine to be neutral and not be a member of NATO so the power mad West could not use Ukraine to invade and conquer Russia.

Putin invaded Ukraine and battered her military and other key targets until he got the concessions he wanted. He is now pulling his forces back out of Ukraine just like he said he would and, once again, the Western idiots are seeing Putin not occupying Ukraine as a weakness so they are becoming more aggressive and hostile to Putin AGAIN. Dey just gots tuh hab der global dictatorship.

While Putin was fighting in Ukraine, he positioned his forces on the Eastern border of Europe to invade Europe to try to warn off the West the way he tried to warn of the West before going into Ukraine. This panicked the West because they KNOW they cannot stop Putin from taking Europe so they went into a military buildup frenzy.

Did you know that Russia's troops have not pulled back from the Eastern European border, you know, just like most of Russia's troops did not pull back from the Ukrainian border?

Those Russian troops are still there poised to invade Europe just like most of Putin's troops remained poised to invade Ukraine before Putin went into Ukraine. Gee, what a coincidence and the brain dead upper class trash don't get it.

Right now Putin is pulling his troops inside Ukraine back away from the European border just like he pulled some of his troops back away from the Ukraine border before he went into Ukraine. Gee, what a coincidence and the brain dead upper class trash don't get it.

Just like when Putin pulled his troops back from the Ukraine border and the West became more hostile towards Putin, proving he had no choice but to go into Ukraine, the West is now becoming much more hostile to Putin and his generals because the arrogant fools see the Russian troops moving away from their European borders as being a weakness and Putin being afraid of them because the upper class trash are too stupid to learn.

"Why, Russia has been defeated and they are retreating!"

I saw a video where the Pentagon said that Ukraine can defeat Russia, meaning they intend to feed Ukraine weapons to drag this war out to 1) wear down Russia so the West could defeat Russia and 2) make hundreds of billions in your tax dollars selling weapons to the US to sell to Ukraine. Note that it isn't just the US selling Ukraine weapons to make money in the guise of "helping poor widdle Ukraine".

That seems to be their game now and it is just one more reason and proof that Putin MUST invade Europe to put an end to this evil crap because the lefties are proving again that the only thing that will stop them is death.

But the arrogant fools are doing even more this time because they are threatening Putin and all of his upper level officers with charges for war crimes, which are capital crimes that will probably get them hung.

This means that, if Putin doesn't go into Europe, he and his officers will probably face charges for war crimes and execution, therefore, Putin and his officers are backed into the corner again with nothing to lose by going into Europe and everything to gain by going into Europe, you know, not getting hung. This also means that Putin and his officers have nothing to lose by using nukes against Europe and the US and everything to gain by using nukes against Europe and the US. Think about that one big time.

Now, what do you think Putin and his officers, who just proved they are fighters, will do? It doesn't take a genius to figure that out, does it?

You just have to be smarter than the arrogant, greedy, power mad, brain dead upper class trash fools to figure it. As soon as Putin and his officers are convinced they have nothing to lose and everything to gain by going into Europe and they have no other choice because they have nothing to gain and everything to lose by not going into Europe, WWIII is going to start and you better bet that Putin is right now getting all of his ducks in a row, you know, while all of the fool upper class trash are shooting their big, stupid mouths off threatening Putin and his officers. That is an easy prediction but the lefty upper class trash are too stupid to see it.

The War

Remember that I told you almost everything Putin would do when invading Ukraine and he did almost everything I said he would do?

Also keep in mind that Russia, China, and all of their allies around the world, including in Central and South America and Cuba, have been planning for this war against the US for more than 30 years. They are ready for this war, much more so than the West is ready.

The West is foolishly thinking China won't side with Russia in this war but China knows that, after Russia falls, China will be next. Then I found this video that confirms what I am telling you. China is clearly all of the way in this with Russia.

What is happening is that the upper class trash royals are still in denial about their wonderful global dictatorship being dead and are still trying to force that global dictatorship while it is still crumbling. The upper class trash are frantic and desperate to force their global dictatorship on everyone with it crumbling and their desperation is causing them to go more nuts.

If you want to see just how desperate the lefty upper class trash are, I have been following this channel, which provides very objective coverage of the left's constantly failing gun control efforts and it shows you how desperate the left is becoming to get rid of your guns so they can set up their dictatorship without getting their evil brains blown out, you know, like they did in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and Europe before they set up those dictatorships.

The control concepts Biden is calling for have all been defeated in the courts and he is calling for the US Congress to pass the same gun controls in hopes they can make them stick as federal law. The left is EXTREMELY desperate to set up their dictatorship in the US RIGHT NOW!

Their evil dictatorship is falling apart so fast and they are so desperate that the lefty upper class trash royals can't set their evil dictatorship up fast enough before it finishes falling apart.

Keep in mind that the US only has a one front military and Europe is very weak and vulnerable.

What will happen in this war?

The first thing Putin will do is cut off all of the gas and oil to Europe, crippling Europe.

Hey, why should he give them his gas and oil to fight him in this war the West is causing?

Also notice that Putin has based some of his navy ships in the Mediterranean Sea based out of Syria and troops in North Africa where he can pretty easily cut off at least some of the oil and gas lines going from Africa to Europe to further deplete their oil and gas supplies, Saudi Arabia and the UAE may have switched sides in this war but, even if they didn't, Iran, Pakistan, and China can cut off all oil and gas from the Middle East to Europe really fast, and Russia can attack the US oil and gas lines in Alaska with missiles directly from Russia.

What oil and gas?

You have to understand that this will be a preemptive attack by Russia to stop the evil assault of the upper class trash trying to destroy him and Russia the same way Putin staged a preemptive attack into Ukraine.

Then you have to understand that Russia only has to take down 5 major nations in Europe along with the US troops currently in Europe to own Europe. The 5 nations Russia has to defeat to own Europe are Germany, France, the UK, and maybe Spain and Italy, with the UK being the only one with even a modest military. If those 5 nations quit fighting on the side of the West for any reason; they side with Russia, submit to Russia, or are conquered by Russia, the fight in Europe is over with just clean up left, especially Germany, France, and the UK. They are the jugular that Putin will go straight after.

Remember that Putin has his ambassadors and spies in all of those nations working to find out who might decide to not fight directly against Russia, you know, like Germany, who had to be forced by the West to do sanctions and other stuff against Russia. If it is possible, you can bet Putin's people are right now turning some of those leaders to either fight with Russia or be neutral. It is called prepping the battlefield and this will be especially effective if Putin takes out a significant number of the US troops in Europe with nukes, which I expect him to do. Hey, if he is facing charges for war crimes, he has nothing to lose.

You better bet that Putin has a kill list of all of the upper class trash pushing these crimes against Russia, he knows where they live, where they work, where they would run to hide, and anything else he will need to know to eliminate them. Don't be surprised if Windsor Castle ends up being a pile of smoldering rubble.

Just like in Ukraine, Putin will start with a post midnight assault of missiles, rockets, artillery, drones, and aircraft to take out Europe's air defenses and aircraft as quickly as possible to give Russia and her allies control of the air. Note that Putin almost completely destroyed Ukraine's air defenses and aircraft very early in the fight and completely destroyed their entire navy.

I believe that, since Putin and his generals now have nothing to lose, they will probably use tactical nukes against the most significant military, especially US Military targets, political targets, and economic leaders on the first night and I will not be surprised to see them use at least a couple of larger strategic nukes.

Know that Putin is not going to fight as nice against the Europeans and US as he did against the Ukrainians. I do not think he will pull any punches and I expect to see him hit Germany and the UK the fastest and hardest. France may learn to speak Russian really fast.

"Hey, comrade Putin!"

Hey, because of the persistent evil of the upper class trash, Putin and his generals don't have anything to lose, they have everything to gain, and they don't have a choice because the evil the upper class trash are doing to Putin, his generals, and Russia is FORCING them to invade Europe and even use nukes. When people are cornered into fighting that way, everything will be on the table and the Western leaders have brought this on themselves and their people.

Then I expect Putin and his generals to start their ground war by attacking though Poland from Belarus into Germany, then into France, and, if necessary, into Spain. His ground and naval forces in the Mediterranean Sea, after they have cut off the oil and gas lines from Africa to Europe, will attack Italy on the Southwest coast. Putin will simultaneously bombard the UK with missiles, drones, and bombs to eventually invade the UK, mostly by air.

Remember that, at the same time, the US and her allies are going to have to fight a war in the US just like I previously explained while also fighting against Iran and her allies, China, and North Korea. Here is a video that shows that to be the case.

I expect to see Putin, his generals, and certain of his forces hunt down and kill as many of the upper class trash and their puppets as they can as quickly as they can to end this mess as soon as they can. They will kill the evil royals from the top down with search and destroy missions. Dead people can't bring criminal charges against you in corrupt courts and the upper class trash are proving RIGHT NOW that the ONLY THING that will stop their evil is death. The bad royals are forcing Putin and his generals to do this to them and the power mad lefties are too stupid to figure it out.

War Drums

Remember that I have been telling you about the people beating the war drums so they can make more money from extending the war in Ukraine into a world war?

This video shows you some of that money making while the war is going on and the upper class trash obviously want that war to continue so their big profits can continue. Note that he points out that the upper class trash will make a 300% profit from just this war, forget about WWIII.

War is a racket where the upper class trash get rich and they don't care who gets dead.

Do you believe me yet that all the greedy, inbred upper class trash can think about is how they can steal more from more people faster? Do you understand why the left is upset with Putin ending this war so quickly instead of making it last 20 years or longer and why they are trying to start WWIII? And you think the Western upper class trash are the good guys? Really?

And God said, "The love of money is the root of all evil."

Bucha Massacre

This is something I am watching because they have just begun reporting on it and it is only the lying lefty media that are saying anything about it with them using it to bash Putin, which makes me think that it is very likely a big lie. We will see.

I saw this video on it and they are right. This will take time to sort out and, with the left doing all of the quick screaming about it, it is very likely it is just another one of their false flags. I cannot remember the last time I saw them right, when they were screaming about something like this. I do not trust anything the left says without question.

This could very easily have been staged by Ukraine to make Putin look bad and be used to charge Putin and his generals with war crimes. I would not put that past the left.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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