Down Sizing

Pharaoh Obama is suddenly and very unpopularly down sizing the US military by sending our combat troops pink slips (firing them) while in combat zones. In of itself, this should be a pretty good sized red flag which should tell you that Pharaoh Obama doesn't care about his ratings any more or working with the liberal Commiecrats any more, and he is in a hurry to get rid of or weaken the US military to the point Pharaoh Obama's CNSF can easily defeat the US military by overwhelming it with numbers. But, when you start adding in other dots, things get very interesting.

First, Pharaoh Obama is withdrawing from his former method of using his pen to unconstitutionally write law and his illegally behaving DOJ to selectively enforce laws. This should tell you that Pharaoh Obama has changed tact primarily because the former tact wasn't working and is even backfiring on Pharaoh Obama with even increasing numbers of liberals calling for Pharaoh Obama to be impeached. Pharaoh Obama doesn't have much time left and is rushing things.

Second, we have Pharaoh Obama openly and illegally trying to spend hundreds of millions of US dollars to equip Muslim terrorists in order to get those terrorists on his side.

Third, we have Pharaoh Obama causing this flood of illegal aliens into the US, not because he supports Latinos, but to use those Latino masses as a cover for sneaking Muslim terrorists into the US and legalizing the Muslim terrorists as US citizens. These US armed, trained, and combat experienced terrorist fighters recruited into Pharaoh Obama's CNSF will greatly increase the CNSF potential for defeating the greatly diminished US military. Keep in mind that this is all organized more than a year ago and, by the strangest coincidence, is happening at the same time Pharaoh Obama is down sizing the US military.

So, what should all of this tell you?

Pharaoh Obama is in a really big hurry "preparing the battlefield" for staging his red flag event so he can declare martial law and set up his Muslim dictatorship. Pharaoh Obama is quickly down sizing the US military and building up his CNSF for Pharaoh Obama's soon coming coup.

Pharaoh Obama's playing golf while the world burns is just a distraction to cause people think Pharaoh Obama is withdrawing from playing president and being incompetent while Valerie, Farrakhan, and Holder are busy taking care of the business of treason behind closed doors. Pharaoh Obama's incredibly active "campaign fund raising" is Pharaoh Obama raising funds for the start up of his actions with his CNSF and as a further distraction.

The main point here is that Pharaoh Obama is rushing to prepare for staging his red flag event and setting up his Muslim dictatorship in the very near future.


I know there are a lot of patriots who bristle when I or anyone else talk about seceding from the Republic of the United States of America, therefore, we need to discuss this.

First, I have been telling you for years that the Republic of the United States of America no longer exists and the upper class trash liberal commie traitor Luciferians (I want to make sure you know exactly which group I am talking about) had already succeeded in replacing the Republic of the United States of America and setting up their commie dictatorship, the United Soviet States of American or USSA.

I know that some of you don't want to believe this but, just because you don't want to believe it doesn't make it not true. This year, the lefties have publically admitted and even been bragging that what I have been telling you for years now is true except they are calling it an oligarchy to keep you from realizing they have set up a liberal commie dictatorship, the USSA. The Soviet Union, Communist China, NAZI Germany, and all other dictatorships were and are all oligarchies run by a small group of "elite" people. We all need to deal with this and move onto solving this problem.

The first thing we have to do is to realize that, since the Republic of the United States of America no longer exists, it is not possible to secede from the USA because we are now living in the USSA and the US Constitution has all but been suspended. Basically, the upper class trash use the US Constitution when it benefits them and try to ignore it when it benefits them.

The main point here is that, since the USA no longer exists, if we were to secede today, we would be seceding from the USSA and not from the USA. Very few of you will have any qualms about seceding from a communist dictatorship to build a new nation and, yes, the coming war will be a revolution in which we will be fighting to break away from an already existing nation, the USSA, to form a new Christian Theocracy under Biblical Law. It will not be a civil war in which we would be trying to overthrow and replace an existing government, which, at this point, won't work because the current government is such a mess it simply can't be cleaned up. We must start from scratch.

Therefore, what Pharaoh Obama is doing is working towards staging a Muslim coup of the USSA to set up his Muslim dictatorship, the United Muslim States of America or the UMSA. In order to succeed with his evil plans, Pharaoh Obama will have to purge all of the upper class trash puppet masters (the very corrupt and evil members of the upper class who have caused this mess), all liberal politicians in both political parties, and all of the heads of the different government agencies and replace them all with his Muslims.

Remember me telling you years ago that Pharaoh Obama has been and still is quickly infiltrating a lot of his Muslim pals into the top five positions in all government agencies?

Pharaoh Obama has been using a list of thousands of well educated Muslims to infiltrate Muslims into the upper echelons of government so that, when Pharaoh Obama purges the current liberal commie traitor leaders, Pharaoh Obama's Muslims will automatically be next in line to seize control of the USSA government and quickly establish Pharaoh Obama's Muslim dictatorship, the UMSA. The overthrow of the USSA and establishment of the UMSA will all be done in one quick move, red flag event, martial law, and purge. You KNOW that Pharaoh Obama and his Muslims have a data base with the names, addresses, and everything else they need to very quickly purge all of the liberal commie traitors to seize control of the US, the media, and everything else.

What should this tell you?

First, that Pharaoh Obama is not staging a political and military coup of the USA but of the USSA.

Second, every liberal commie traitor currently in a government position above one or more Muslims is scheduled for termination during the purge. And this part of the purge can be done very quickly, all they will have to do is for the Muslims in positions beneath these liberal commie traitors to walk into the liberal commie traitors' offices and blow their brains out and the Muslims will instantly be the new leaders of those government agencies.

Remember that God said, "be not deceived, your sins will find you out?

God didn't lie, the sins of the liberal commie traitors will very soon find them out.

So, when this revolutionary war finally comes, what will we be seceding from?

Not the USA, which doesn't even exist any more, and not even the USSA, which Pharaoh Obama is soon going to destroy, but from the UMSA, Pharaoh Obama's United Muslim States of America dictatorship. I bet that almost all of you patriots are now feeling less animosity about seceding from a Muslim theocracy to set up a Christian theocracy, aren't you?

That is exactly what I have been talking about for years now and you better prepare for. The dots say it is coming very soon. Mean while, welcome to the United Soviet States of America oligarchy or dictatorship recently set up by our beloved liberal commie traitor upper class trash natural elites. Have a wonderful day, comrads.

Now you know why it is a great idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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