The Coming War

I just had an e-mail discussion with my brother who was a Marine Vietnam combat veteran. He told me he knows war and the horrors of war. He believes he is ready for what is coming.

I feel that it is important for me to help prepare you for what you are about to face in this coming war because it will be far worse than any war we have had to fight. You don't want to find yourself stunned motionless or enraged to the point of committing suicidal attacks because of what you will see. You will need to remain as calm as possible and rational. You will need to be able to keep thinking, reacting, and doing your job. To do this, you will have to have a reasonable idea of what you will be facing in this coming war.

You are going to be fighting your own people in your own country, you know, the liberal and Muslim traitors. The fighting won't be in jungles, forests, meadows, or wheat fields. It will be in our cities, especially the larger cities, with a lot of innocent women and children being killed, many intentionally by the traitors for a variety of reasons. Some of these monsters will kill large numbers of women and children to blame you for it and others will do it just for fun. You will have to remain calm while stepping over or lying next to the dead bodies of women and children who were just murdered by the people you will be fighting. Listen to the guys who fought in Iraq and that is what we will have here, only much worse.

The horror, the living nightmare, and the insanity will be everywhere. Look around you, some of your current friends, neighbors, and even family will be trying to murder you and you will have to kill them to save your life and the lives of good people. They will be your enemies. You won't be able to escape this nightmare until the enemy has been eradicated and, believe me, you will want to eradicate them.

Always remember that you will be fighting demon possessed occult pagans who have no morals or ethics. Basically, you will be fighting Satan and his demons, the most evil beings in all existence. Their only rule in life is "do what you will" or anything they want goes. Their only ROE will be to kill anyone and everyone they want. There is nothing too evil or wrong for them to do.

Think of the worst, most evil, most ruthless, most terrifying invading army that has ever been portrayed in any sci-fi movie and these traitors will be at least as bad, if not worse. They are worse than animals, they are true monsters and devouring brute beasts and you will have to be the terminator. You will have to leave your blood in the freezer over night to fight these beasts. You will have to see them as human devouring cockroaches which have to be exterminated and you are the bug man. These monsters will make you wish you were fighting zombies because these monsters will be even worse. This will be the worst war fought since Tamerlane slaughtered entire cities because these monsters plan to slaughter not only entire cities, towns, and villages, but more than a hundred nations.

Never forget that these insane creatures plan to slaughter all but a maximum of 500 million people globally or more than 7 billion men, women, and children. That is a thousand times worse than Tamerlane, who is considered the greatest butcher of all time. That is their end game and people like you have to stop it. You will be fighting to save the lives of 7 billion men, women, and children globally. Those 7 billion lives will be in your hands and you must save them. You will have to fight with all your heart, your mind, your soul, and your body.

No one has seen the terror these beasts will bring on us. Imagine an army of Vikings bashing their way into a cave of horrible, powerful, human eating monsters with axes and swords while stepping over the partially devoured bodies of women and children and that will come close to what you will see in this coming war. You will cry for the women and children while you are killing these beasts. Your rage will drive you on like an eternal tempest. This coming war will be real life insanity.

You must be prepared to kick down the gates of Hell and storm the joint!

Every day, 24/7, you will have to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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