The Dream

Some time before March 2006 I had a bad dream I thought I had written about and posted to the site but I just found out that for some reason I didn't write it up. As a matter of fact, I referred to that dream in a post in March 2006 titled "Bad Dream" obviously thinking I had posted it. So here goes and now maybe you will better understand what I was talking about in that post in March 2006. :-) Sorry about the confusion.

In the dream, I was in a top floor of the Sears Tower in down town Chicago with a lot of other people during broad day light and normal work hours when an extremely powerful gust of wind from the east suddenly blew me, everyone else, and all the furniture out the west side of the building. I remember falling with the other people and the furniture towards the streets below knowing we were going to die when we hit the ground, though for some reason, I didn't seem to be afraid. There wasn't any snow on the ground, it was during the day light hours, and it was pretty warm outside like spring time. I woke about 5 or 6 floors before we would have hit the ground.

For the essay titled "Bad Dream", I stated that I later realized that the sudden gust of wind was a 10k nuclear bomb being detonated east of the Sears Tower and then posted a related news story about it. The bomb could have been in a car, a building, a truck, a boat, or about anything else. That is about all I know from the dream. Right about now, you might want to read the essay titled "Bad Dream" again. It will probably make a little more sense.

The reason this came to mind is because I recently became aware that this might happen very soon. It could have something to do with Obama. I am not sure.

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