Nuke Chicago

I just realized that Obama is going to have his Muslim buddies nuke Chicago to get rid of those pesky "little finger prints" that are closing in on him. I look for him to set up a celebration party in the Sears Tower for his being elected and inviting all his Chicago buddies who got him into office along with anyone and everyone else he owes debts to for getting him into office who is not a Muslim and 100% loyal to him. He and his Muslim buddies will conveniently show up late and not get nuked. Gee, what a coincidence.

We call this consolidation of power. All successful dictators do it and Saddam was shown doing it on film. You have to understand that, while you are helping me get into power, you are an asset to me and I need you. After you have helped me get into power, you become a liability to me if you are not 100% loyal to me BECAUSE, if you can get me into power, then you can get me out of power by getting some one else into power to replace me and I don't need you to get me into power any more, if I am already in power. Consolidation of power always requires killing better than 90% of the people who helped get you into power.

Therefore, everyone who got Obama into power and is not 100% loyal to him, is now a threat to Obama, especially those crooks who are now going down and will most likely sell him out to get a better deal from the Fed's.

There are a number of reasons why it would benefit Obama to nuke Chicago:
1) Wipe clean his corrupt Chicago past.
2) It would remove the threat of those powerful people who got him into power removing him in the future.
3) It would create a disaster great enough that he will be justified in declaring a national emergency, then declaring martial law, suspending Congress and the Supreme Court, suspending the US Constitution, and setting up a "temporary" dictatorship until the "crisis has passed" as is permitted by Federal Law, permitting Obama to pass any laws he decides are necessary to get through the national crisis such as Islamic Shiria Law.
4) If Obama invites all his liberal commie cracker friends from Congress and the US Supreme Court, then both bodies will be dysfunctional and give Obama an even better excuse to declare martial law during such a national crisis, after all, he can't operate with a dysfunctional Congress and Supreme Court during a national crisis.
5) If Obama invites all his commie cracker journalist and media friends, then he can justify nationalizing the US media, including Hollywierd, because they will have been made dysfunctional and will require the government taking them over to prevent a media melt down and replacing those stupid commie crackers with his Muslim followers to give Obama absolute control over the media.
6) If Obama invites all the liberal judges, then too many courts will be put out of operation requiring him to appoint his black Muslim buddies as replacement judges to help him enforce Shiria Law.
7) Farrakhan, a Muslim religious leader, has publicly stated or passed a Fatwa or edict that Obama is the Messiah of Islam and to prove this Obama MUST invade and conquer Israel killing every man, woman, and child or the Fatwa will be considered false so, if Obama nukes Chicago and blames Israel saying that Israel was after him but missed because he showed up late (and coincidentally all his Muslim buddies), it will get most of the people behind Obama to invade Israel. If he invades and conquers Israel, he will be able to force the rest of the Muslims to form the Caliphate with him as the Caliph which, in conjunction with his dictatorship over the US, will give him the power to force every country on the planet to subjugate to him as their dictator or perish.
8) Remember that Obama is not loyal to the US or its people because he will not place his hand over his heart during the National Anthem or say the Pledge of Allegiance. As a Muslim who can only be loyal to Islam, and he has stated such in one of his books, he will have no qualms in destroying any and all major cities in the US for power.
9) He has stated in one of his books that he hates all whites. What, do these stupid commie cracker friends and pals of his think them being commie's makes them black? I bet Obama doesn't think so. If anything, he will want to get rid of such power commie crackers who can remove him from power especially since they now pose a threat to his power.
10) If Obama convinces most of the people in America that Israel just nuked a major US city to get him, then no one, not even the Pentagon, will dare to stand up to Obama declaring marshal law and setting up Shiria Law "during such a national crisis" because it would make them look "un-American".

Obama has absolutely NO reason to not nuke Chicago and every reason to nuke Chicago. It is a win, win situation for Obama.

If you get an invitation to attend a success party for Obama in the Sears Tower in the near future, either don't go or wear you asbestos underwear because it will most likely get a little warm. I expect him to have something along the lines of a 10k nuke placed east of the Sears Tower in a car, truck, building, or in the harbor in a boat with either a timer or remote detonation device. It would solve all of his problems very quickly, in the flash of an eye.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often, we are going to need it.

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