Dream 10

Shortly after Obama was first elected as president, God gave me a dream I have only referred to once or twice but never really told you about the details. The reason why I am writing about that dream now is because there was something which has bothered me since the dream, but, first, let me tell you about the important details of the dream (there are still things I can't reveal to you about the dream), tell you what was bothering me, and what God showed me last night.

In the dream I was going to a show with some other people I can't mention at this time. When we got there, some of their family, who were well connected, had reserved a place for us towards the front in a very long line outside of a movie theater and we went right in. Inside, it wasn't a movie theater, it was a very large, flat, rectangular room with an aisle up the middle (it was the nation of the United States of America being divided by the aisle, the left side facing front was the Western US), Obama was speaking behind a wooden lectern at the front and he was only speaking to the front few rows of people. The people I was with got me up to about 1/3 of the way from the front, they were the only people seated facing the back of the room (showing they were in hiding from Obama for fear of their lives, which is why I can't say who they are) on my side of the aisle, and I was standing in the aisle next to them. I quickly looked around the room while Obama was speaking and noticed that everyone else in the room was seated except for me and people standing along the side and back walls because there wasn't enough seating for them. I knew this meant I was the only one taking a stand against Obama and the rest of the people were being submissive for some reason, basically, they were afraid to move or say anything. I turned back to the front standing confidently in opposition to Obama and his thugs.

Then Obama suddenly finished speaking and quickly turned to his left and my right, heading east, leaving to invade Israel. As he started to leave the lectern, the front rows stood up to follow Obama to Israel and they were all black Muslims. As the black Muslims left behind Obama, the next few rows stood up to follow the black Muslims and they were all white liberals showing they were submissive and second class to the black Muslims. Basically, Obama and the black Muslims had set up their Muslim dictatorship and were in control of the nation with the white liberal commie traitors being their submissive puppets. This told me that Obama and the black Muslims had used the act of treason by the liberals to stage a political coup for their one world commie dictatorship for Obama and the Muslims to gain absolute control of the US causing the liberal traitors' plans to fail.

Man plans, God laughs.

After Obama and his Citizen Security Force army left to invade Israel, God told me to go to the front of the room or nation and take a seat on the left or west side of the aisle, which divided our two new nations. When I got to the front of the room I couldn't figure out which seat to take. God pointed to the most prominent seat in the front or at the head of the nation and told me He wanted me to take that seat. It was only after I had taken that seat that God caused other people to quietly move forward and take the remaining seats with God letting me know that the only reason I was allowed to take the seat God had me take was because I had stood against Obama when no one else would. Then I woke up.

The thing which bothered me about this dream and God gave me the answer to last night was, "how could Obama feel so confident in leaving the US with his army to conquer Israel right after staging his coup? Didn't he think we would take control after he left?

Last night I was thinking about this in bed when God showed me the answer. Obama is not the acting president of the United States. He is only playing president while Valerie Jarrett actually runs the nation and Obama plays. Obama is the only one of the two who must conquer Israel, stand on the Temple Mount, and order the rest of the Muslims to conquer the world and slaughter all non Muslims to prove Obama is the Muslim Mahdi so Obama can form the caliphate and use the power of the US and all of Islam to finish conquering the world. Valerie can stay in the US and maintain control of the US freeing up Obama to safely leave the US with most of his CSF military. Question answered.

Note that God did not make known to me whether the revolution would start before or after Obama is killed in the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 but it will start after Obama leaves to invade Israel. For some reason, people will be afraid to stand up to Obama before he leaves and I believe that may be because Obama nukes Chicago and they will be afraid Obama will nuke their cities if they stand against him.

There are several other things about this dream I want to share with you. First, note that all of the Muslims in the front few rows or positions of control or leadership were black Muslims and I didn't see any Arab or Persian Muslims. This tells me that most likely, Obama has dumped King Abdullah and his failing plans and is presently courting Iran as a possible aid in overthrowing the US government. Because of Iran's current treachery and insults in dealing with Obama, I believe this may mean Obama will give up on the rest of the Muslim world leaders and turn to the US black Muslims for his power base. With Valerie Jarrett at his side running things, Obama will quit being the puppet and become the puppet master, well, kinda sorta, with Valerie running everything while Obama plays.

Also note that there were not any white leaders from the intellectually superior natural elite upper class trash liberal commie traitors. This clearly means that Obama and Valerie will kill all of those liberal commie traitor leaders off when Obama and Valerie consolidate power and take control of the remaining white liberals or white crackers as the black Muslims love to call them. Because Obama and Valerie are in bed with the liberal commie traitors, it means Obama and Valerie have access to the data bases which tell them everything they need to know to kill off the liberal traitors. You can bet Valerie has a complete data base of all the mid to upper level managers of their liberal commie pagan organization and knows where they all live, work, play, and might run to hide. These evil people, who miss the nuking of Chicago, probably won't live more than a few days, at the most a couple of weeks, after Obama and Valerie stage their coup of the US. The black Muslims will take care of the white crackers and I have been told so by black Muslims.

The silver lining in the clouds of this rapidly approaching and extremely severe storm is that Obama, Valerie, and the black Muslims will do the rest of us the favor of killing off most of the liberal commie traitors, especially the leaders, so we won't have to hunt them down and kill them later to prevent the jerks from staging another coup against our new nation. (All things work to the good with God.) We can thank Obama, Valerie, and the black Muslims for that but they only get my anger and God's anger and wrath for the rest of what they are doing. Besides, it will be the evil liberals getting the justice they more than deserve.

Next, I want to review the important details of the dreams which told me Obama will nuke Chicago as his false flag to set up his Muslim dictatorship. (There are other dreams I have not told you about which caused me to realize Obama would set up a Muslim dictatorship when Obama was first elected.) In the first dream God told me the nuking of Chicago will be on a Monday during work hours (between 8 am and 5 pm), the nuke will be a 10k tactical nuke, and it will detonate to the east of the Sears Tower (now the Willis Tower), and the ground will be dry of snow and ice as we fell to earth on the west side of the building (which could mean this will happen during the spring or summer or that the nuke will be close enough to vaporize the snow and ice on the west side of the tower). In the second dream, God made it known to me that the nuke will be delivered to the target in the nose of a civilian twin engine, propeller driven aircraft that is white with red on both sides and is similar to a 1993 or 1994 model Cessna or Beachcraft twin engine airplane, that there will be a formal ball of very wealthy white people in the Sears Tower, who will all be killed, and that Obama will show up afterwards trying to cover up that he nuked Chicago while trying to blame Israel and the US conservatives, and that I will stand up to Obama calling him a liar before Obama will turn and flee or leave to invade Israel.

The rest of what I have written about these dreams was me speculating trying to figure out the rest of the details in how Chicago will be nuked by Obama. That almost never works. :-) It is important for you to stick to these details because these are the only details which must come true for the prophesy to be fulfilled. As we have gotten closer to the event, things are getting clearer and that is always true with prophesy because the things in the world become more in align with the details in the prophesy clearing up the picture.

For example, the formal ball of very wealthy white people makes it very clear that Obama will use his red flag event to set up his dictatorship to also simultaneously consolidate power by killing off the top liberal commie traitors leaving only Obama and Valerie at the top of the food chain. You can bet that, following the nuking of Chicago, Valerie will use her data base on the liberal commie traitors (think IRS, NSA, CIA, and such spying, note that they have been spying on the media and other power players and not just the little people) and the rest of the mid to upper level commie traitors will be quickly hunted down and killed to remove the threat of those surviving liberal commie traitors trying to stage a counter coup against Obama and Valerie. Obama and Valerie must consolidate power like this or their dictatorship will quickly fail. This will give Obama and Valerie control over the remaining liberal commie traitor organization to use as puppets for conquering the rest of the world (read cannon fodder). You can bet that the liberal commie traitors who go to help Obama invade Israel will be placed on the front line to clear the mine fields and absorb most of the bullets, shells, missiles, and bombs to help the Muslims get as close to the Israeli lines as possible before the Muslims begin to suffer significant damage to their forces. These liberal traitors won't have a choice because the Muslims will be behind them and will shoot anyone who turns away from the Israeli lines. The only hope the liberal traitors will have is that they may over run the Israeli lines before they are killed. These liberal commie traitors deserve what they will get for making it possible for Obama to seize control of the US. I will not shed one tear for these traitors when they get the justice due them. As God said, "Be not deceived, your sins will find you out."

It is because of the time of the week, time of the day, and that Obama nuking Chicago will take place on a workday and not a holiday that I am considering the possibility of my friend's dream about Obama also nuking other cities. That is only a possibility and does make sense when considering the increasing threat the state governments are posing to Obama and Valerie's dictatorship. Obama and Valerie nuking the state governments to prevent those state governments from seceding from the union and resisting Obama and Valerie's dictatorship is something I am keeping an eye on. The state governments currently fighting back against Obama is angering Obama and Valerie and Obama has already dropped some hints that he and Valerie intend to do something about it. Keep an eye on this.

The news items about Obama and Valerie trying and failing to nuke Washington D.C. and Charlotte, SC within the last few months, because the US military stopped Obama and Valerie, tell us it is getting very close to Obama nuking Chicago. It is also interesting to note that Obama and Valerie are reported to have tried to used a very small 1k tactical nuke on Charlotte but it was detonated off the coast and underwater. Obama and Valerie using a 10k tactical nuke on Chicago falls in line with this strategy.

Note that Obama and Valerie don't want to use too big of a nuke which would leave a really huge crater, have a huge amount of nuclear fallout, and knock out the national power grid. That would cause them to lose control of the nation and Obama and Valerie want to maintain control and keep the nation running so they can use the US people and resources to conquer the world. Therefore, it is more likely they will use the smaller tactical nukes instead of the larger strategic nukes. Their goals are to 1) stage a false flag event to seize control of the US, 2) kill the upper class trash traitor leaders, and 3) scare the crap out of the rest of the world so no one will resist Obama and Valerie's efforts to conquer the world for fear of being nuked. Small tactical nukes will do that job just fine.

I have been watching the liberal media and other liberals questioning and turning against what Obama and Valerie are doing because they are beginning to realize Obama is stabbing them in the back. Things are just not going the way the liberal traitors planned. (Man plans, God laughs.) They are getting very nervous and concerned. It is fun to see these horrible monsters who are working towards setting up their global commie dictatorship and murdering more than seven billion men, women, and children get scared themselves. I have to admit I do enjoy watching these horrible monsters squirm before they die because they deserve what they will get plus the liberal commie traitors dying will save the lives of billions of innocent men, women, and children.

I am only looking forward to these things because I know they will happen and I want to get these horrible things over with so we can move on to building a new Christian nation to protect good people from bad people. Get one thing straight, this power struggle is going on RIGHT NOW and is almost over for the liberal commie traitors, their plans are failing RIGHT NOW. This is not just speculation about the future any more but is increasingly explaining what is already happening and the end results. Remember this site is where you get tomorrow's news today.

With such evil being forced on us by very evil people, it is always time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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