The O Machine

The Obama machine or O Machine is the most dangerous political machine in history. They have spied on the top corrupt leaders around the world and have "the goods" on almost everyone of significance. They know where all of the important financial and political crooks live, work, and play, what crimes they are involved in, and what their favorite sins are. They are using this information to black mail or extort what they want from everyone in power and currently have everyone afraid of the O Machine. They have recently proved to everyone, especially King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, that they can't be trusted by anyone. They even recently punished one of the biggest players in the game, JC Morgan, for "betraying" the O Machine, fined them a whopping $13 billion, and got away with it. At this point, they virtually own the world and, if they could just disarm the American people, they could quickly make it a reality.

I have noticed that every crook in power is either part of the O Machine or afraid of it and often both. This makes Big O the most dangerous man in the world while Valerie Jarrett is hard at work behind the curtains, working the levers, increasing his power and, therefore, her power. I watch Big O's opponents quivering in fear and his more intelligent comrads in crime wondering when they will get knifed in the back while the rest work in blissful joy.

Valerie Jarrett is the engine for this deadly machine which makes the O Machine run and work, Obama is just the paint job that makes it look good. The rest of the people in the machine are the other working parts and are all replaceable. If anything happens to either Big O or the Val, the machine will quickly implode and both will probably end up dead because, in their quest for world domination, they have made everyone their enemies. Big O has stated that he is concerned about being assassinated but most people are afraid to impeach or murder Big O because it will start a race war. Mean while, the Val has the world by its short hairs, controlling and manipulating most of their enemies and making deals with the rest, though increasing numbers realize that the Val's and Big O's word cannot be trusted. Big O and the Val pretty much do as they please.

The corruption of the upper class trash has made this possible because, if they had not been corrupt, there would not be anything which the O Machine could use to black mail or extort them. God taught me a long time ago that, if you don't want any skeletons in your closet, don't put them there. The corrupt upper class trash turned their closets into huge cemeteries and the O Machine has been spying on or gathering information in those cemeteries. Now the O Machine owns those cemeteries and everyone involved in filling them with skeletons.

Get a clue, the NSA, IRS, and other spying was not about us lowly middle and lower class people. It was about gathering information or dirt on all the corrupt upper class trash, which is why the corrupt upper class trash are now whining so much about the spying they didn't care about when they thought the spying was about us. Most of us middle and lower class people will never say or do anything worth talking about in our entire lives, much less that can be used against us and people are just beginning to realize this. This entire mess is a huge power struggle between the O Machine and the corrupt upper class trash.

These corrupt upper class trash brought this dirge on themselves and the rest of us by illegally putting the O Machine in power as the President of the US. Now the corrupt upper class trash are paying for their crimes because God said, "be not deceived, your sins will find you out" and the upper class trash sins are right now finding out the corrupt upper class trash. They denied God and didn't believe Him and are now learning the hard way that God is real, He lives, and He exists plus God meant everything He said. The upper class trash geese are cooked, the Val is the chef, and Big O is the waiter serving upper class trash cooked butt. If it were not so deadly serious, this entire debacle would be hilarious to watch. I have to admit it is fun watching the corrupt upper class trash squirm because of their own failed evil plans to murder the rest of us. Man plans, God laughs. There is a God and there is justice.

Common sense should have told the corrupt upper class trash that is was only going to be a matter of time until they put the wrong team in power and that team would successfully turn on the corrupt upper class trash but criminals don't use common sense or they wouldn't be criminals.

This is not going to end well for anyone and we have all earned what we are getting is because of our sins or crimes against God's Law. But there is still hope, we can acknowledge God, repent of our crimes against His Laws, and accept the amnesty provided for our crimes by Jesus on the cross or we can simmer in our own juices. Your choice, but choose wisely because the oven is going to get much warmer for those who refuse God.

Mean while, keep an eye on the O Machine, they are getting more confident and bolder depending on enough corrupt people in the right places to commit the crimes required for the O Machine to succeed in its evil quest for world conquest and a global Muslim dictatorship under the control of Big O and the Val. Remember that Big O is proud and arrogant and God said, "pride goes before the fall." The deadly O Machine will be brought down by the hand of God when and where God chooses because man plans, God laughs.

With so much evil running rampant in the world, it is a great time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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