Dream 12

Last night I had a dream from God about millions of US people being sold off into slavery to China. This is all part of God's judgment for this country because God said that the people will be scattered throughout the world and this will probably take place immediately after Obama establishes his US Muslim dictatorship and before Obama travels to the Middle East to invade Israel. You can bet this has been engineered and set up by a combination of the Val working with the Chinese military complex. This harvesting of US slaves could last anywhere from a few months to more than a year before what is left of the US military and different government agencies will be able to intervene and stop this. With this essay, you will see a lot of the parts come together and a clear picture form concerning the near future.

In the dream I saw millions of US citizens being taken to ships and traveling to China as slaves. In China, many will work for the military as slaves but many will also be sold to Chinese citizens who will use the slaves' skills and trades to prosper. Those US slaves who refuse to work will be beaten and tortured until they do work. Those who still refuse to work will be killed and their internal organs will be sold on the black market. The rest will work to keep their organs and for a few bowls of rice a day while their slave masters grow wealthy, you know, the way our liberal commie traitors have done by enslaving and stealing from the people. Remember that the Muslim and Chinese ability to seize control of the US was made possible by the devious plotting of our evil white cracker commie traitor leaders plotting to bring down the US and set up their beloved commie dictatorship to steal from you so they won't have to work. Man plans, God laughs.

Remember that I told you God said that pride goes before the fall? The US people have become the wealthiest, most proud, and most arrogant people in the world and, in China, God will teach them humility as slaves the way God taught Jews humility in Babylon as slaves.

Remember that I showed you previously and in the last essay that you can't trust a Muslim? No one, not even another Muslim can trust a Muslim. I bet some of you thought Obama betraying King Abdullah the way he has was unacceptable but that is normal within the Muslim world. Muslims make and break hundreds of deals daily in Islam. Obama was raised as a Muslim and all Muslim leaders have broken their fare share of deals. Remember that I taught you that for a Muslim to break a deal with a non Muslim, like our white crackers, is considered a good deed in Islam?

Remember that I taught you that the Chinese Army, the PLA, owns and manages its own businesses like COSCO? They regularly use these companies to move troops in and out of other countries clothed as civilians. This permits their officers and troops to familiarize themselves with roads, cities, towns, and villages along with the terrain. The Chinese have mapped out entire nations for China's eventual conquest of the world.

Remember Obama's deal with China where, if Obama defaults on US debt, China will get US people as slaves AND all of their wealth? Obama signed that contact with China about three to four months after Obama was first elected president and I warned you about it. This one thing should tell you that Obama intends to default on US national debt, after Obama establishes his US Muslim dictatorship and start delivering US slaves to China. Get the picture yet?

Did you know that better than half of all US citizens are concentrated along the Pacific and Atlantic coasts of the US within a relatively short distance of a major US sea port? Just think of such places as Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland, Seattle, New York City, and many others. The vast majority of our rich white crackers live in those cities and almost all of California and New York City have been disarmed by the white crackers to facilitate the white crackers setting up their beloved communist dictatorship. It wouldn't take anything for the Chinese troops, already in the US parading as civilians, to set up blocking forces to prevent US citizens from escaping such areas during a round up, especially places like New York City. A big commercial truck delivering troops and weapons to the right place at the right time would do the job. Hmmmm, ripe for the picking.

Remember that I told you years ago that Muslims told me years before that, after the Muslims have seized control of the US and set up their Muslim dictatorship, with the help of our liberal white cracker commie traitors, the very first people the Muslims intend to round up and get rid of will be the white cracker commie traitors? After all, with the black Muslims in control (think black gangs, Nation of Islam, New Black Panthers, and CSF), the Muslims won't need their white cracker crime partners (AKA politicians and puppet masters) and no one can trust a traitor. Remember that I told you that Obama said in one of his books before he was ever elected as president that, if he had to chose between communism and Islam, he would choose Islam? Obama is not a commie, he is a poser commie and a devout Muslim.

Remember the NSA and IRS spy thing where the government was spying on US people? All of that information went into a DHS data base, which you can bet the Val has made available to the Chinese Army. That data base tells everything about every American inside and outside of the US including how wealthy you are, where you work, where you live, where your money is invested, where you play, and etc. Remember that Obama's agreement with the Chinese permits the Chinese to get people AND all of their wealth?

Now, if you are the Chinese Army and you know you will only get to round up slaves until what is left of the US military and other government agencies can intervene, which will you go for first, the impoverished workers or the rich liberal white cracker commie traitors who stole most to all of their wealth from the US government with their corruption? But hold it, those white crackers aren't stealing that money from the US government or tax payers because the Chinese loaned that money to the US government so those white crackers are stealing that money from China and China is going to want her money back or slaves and their wealth for China's investment, just like the contract said which Obama signed with China immediately after he became president. Get the picture yet?

Now, about that DHS data base put together by all that government spying on US citizens, think Chinese Army shopping list. You can bet the Chinese Army has been going through that shopping list deciding which rich people they want in the first wave, second wave, and etc and their Chinese Army run businesses have had Chinese soldiers and officers in the US gathering intel for that operation, driving right through your neighborhood. Get the picture yet?

You see, after Obama sets up his Muslim dictatorship, he won't have to limit himself to harvesting slaves via impoverished workers called the homeless. He will be able to become more pro active and start going after the top rich slaves, which are much more valuable to China.

Remember that, with the Val and his black Muslims in control of the US, Obama won't need the liberal white cracker commie traitor politicians and government employees and all of those corrupt politicians and government employees owe China big time for all the money they have been stealing from China. Think Pelosi, Boxer, Feinstein, Brown, Bloomberg, and such going on the Chinese slave market, along with all of their wealth, of course. Other people Obama won't need include rich Hollywood (China will make a lot of money with those rich liberal Hollywood fat cats working as slaves for the Chinese movie industry to keep their internal organs intact), liberal college professors (you know, the rich, liberal fat cats who helped engineer all of this mess), liberal school teachers, scientists, engineers, business owners, and other rich people, not all liberals, unfortunately.

You can bet one of China's first stops will be places like Silicon Valley with all that wealth, talent, and high tech equipment they can quickly ship back to China. Then China will be putting all those expensive cars and other toys on e-bay to sell and get China's money back. Remember that I told you that China's master plan is to conquer the world, exterminate all but a relatively small number of slaves, and repopulate the planet with Chinese? You can bet that, after the US slaves have left their homes for China, those slaves' homes will be quickly filled with very appreciative Chinese citizens who will gladly work to help Mother China secure the area. Get the picture yet?

You can bet this has all been well planned out in advance by China, with the aid of our commie traitors, the Val, and Obama. Yep, I can easily see millions of US rich slaves leaving the US as Chinese slaves within just a few months. Hold it, I already did see that in my dream last night. Think maybe God was telling me and YOU something? Bet on it. You have been warned. Enjoy your freedom and wealth while you have it because you won't have it much longer.

You know, I bet China can recover at least a trillion dollars in debt within just a few months in California, New York City, and the rest of the West Coast and East Coast. And that is just by quickly grabbing all of those rich liberal commie white cracker traitors living in those areas plus their wealth and technology.

With such evil plans afoot, it is an excellent time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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