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This is another one of my 4 am essays and I know God won't let me get back to sleep until I write this essay so I write. I want to share quite a bit of information which will help clear up the developing picture even more.

I have read a number of times that "Obama has caused more than five million people in the US to go missing." You can bet they are in Chinese slave camps. We now know approximately how many US citizens have already been sold into slavery to China by Obama. Remember that Obama is a Muslim and Muslims see nothing wrong with slavery. But this is mostly middle and lower class people who lost their jobs and ended up homeless. China is only accepting these people as working slaves but is really looking forward to the great pillaging or sacking of America when China will gain 99% of her riches from sacking the US.

History teaches us that, when one nation sacks another nation, the sacking nation will ALWAYS rob the wealthiest people and never rob the poor people. When the Vandals sacked Rome, they didn't sack the poor side of town. The Vandals went to the wealthiest side of town and found so much wealth that history teaches us the Vandals couldn't carry off more than about 10% of Rome's total wealth.

When Nebuchadnezzar sacked Jerusalem, he took the wealthiest people as slaves back to Babylon along with all of their wealth. The Bible tells us that, on his way out of Israel, Nebuchadnezzar gave the farms, ranches, orchards, and vineyards of the wealthy to the poor.

The same thing will be true after Obama declares martial law and sets himself up as supreme dictator. Obama will help China sack the US and they will start at the top and work their way down, not the other way around. Once Obama has his Muslim dictatorship established, it will not be the lower and middle classes who should fear Obama the most but the wealthiest upper class. China can gain more wealth by enslaving Bill Gates and taking all of his wealth than by enslaving and robbing millions of middle and lower class people, which would take years to ship them all to China. If China enslaves and robs the top 3% of the people in the US or about 10 million people, they will get 90% of America's wealth or trillions of dollars, much more than China loaned the US.

Why would China want to waste space in their slave ships with people who are only worth thousands of dollars when they can fill up those slave ships with people who are worth from millions to billions of dollars? They won't.

After Obama has replaced all of the government leaders, administrators, and law enforcers with his black Muslims, Obama won't need any of those rich, powerful people any more AND those people will only become a threat to Obama so Obama MUST get rid of them to consolidate his power. History teaches this to be true. Therefore, these rich people will be put on the Chinese slave market by Obama to get rid of them.

Right behind the mega wealthy will be the professionals such as medical doctors, scientists, and engineers who can use their knowledge and skills to improve China in many ways. Behind the professionals will be the people who have the greatest remaining wealth.

The Chinese will be much more professional in sacking the US than the Vandals were in sacking Rome. You know the Chinese have computerized lists of their targets provided by Obama thanks to all of this IRS and NSA spying. The Chinese Army will have teams with designated areas which will go straight to specific addresses to round up entire families of wealthy men, women, and children, probably starting some time after midnight one morning. Entire wealthy families such as the Kennedys, Rockefellers, Morgans, and others will completely disappear at gun point onto Chinese slave ships by morning. Financial teams will quickly follow the arresting teams to round up all documents and other items pertaining to family wealth and this process could last months. Thanks to the DHS data base or shopping list the upper class trash had intended to use against the rest of us to murder us all off, the Chinese sacking of the US will be much more organized and less chaotic than the sacking of Rome. The Chinese Army will march right by the middle and lower classes to enslave the upper class.

The liberal corrupt upper class trash commie traitors are going to get their communism but won't like what they get. It will be them going off into slavery instead of most of you thanks to their own "engenius" plotting and planning. They and their own evil plans are what has made it possible for Obama to seize control of the US and help China sack the US. Man plans, God laughs.

God really meant it when He said, "be not deceived, your sins will find you out." They are planning to do unto others what will be done unto them.

Most of the people in such organizations as the FBI, NSA, CIA, various police organizations, and others who are currently helping Obama finish setting up his dictatorship have not figured out yet that their loyalty means nothing to Obama. Obama will only keep them around until he can replace them with his black Muslims and then those people currently helping Obama set up his dictatorship will be run out in the street with everyone else to be sold as slaves to China.

You have to understand that Obama's end game is for him to be ruling the world with absolutely no one else left alive on the planet except Muslims. Absolutely everyone else will eventually be killed off. That is required to fulfill Muslim end time prophesy and Obama is working to fulfill Muslim end time prophesy with himself as the Mahdi or global ruler. In Obama's Muslim mind, there is absolutely no room for anything else. Therefore, if you are not a Muslim, you are scheduled for eventual termination.

So why is Obama giving all of this great wealth to China?

What Obama is doing, is using the help of the Chinese Army to get rid of the rich and powerful people in this country who pose a threat to Obama or to help Obama consolidate power. Mean while, Obama is transferring all of America's best weapons and technologies to his Muslim Caliphate so he can use the Caliphate to conquer the world. In Obama's Muslim mind, after he conquers the world, including China, he is going to get all of that wealth back. Obama is just letting China use that wealth while Obama uses America's weapons and technology to finish conquering the world.

Concerning the matter of Obama betraying the Suni Arab Muslims by turning to Iran. Obama has already started removing sanctions against Iran to permit Iran to continue developing nuclear weapons. This is extremely serious.

Remember that Obama and King Abdullah were working together to conquer the world until King Abdullah's plans began to fall apart. Then Obama stiffed King Abdullah by contacting and dealing with Iran. If Iran develops nukes, it will only take a few higher end tactical nukes for Iran to cripple Saudi Arabia enough to force the entire Muslim world to accept a Shiite Caliphate which will mean that Iran will eventually wipe out all of the most powerful Suni Muslim families or clans, such as the family of Saud which currently rules Saudi Arabia and King Abdullah belongs to. Of course, the opposite is also true, if the Suni Muslims force the rest of the Muslims to accept a Suni Caliphate, the most power Shiite clans will eventually be wiped out.

This fighting between the Suni and Shiite factions is literally a life and death struggle which will eventually end up with one side wiping out the other side. Obama removing the power of the US from behind the Suni factions and placing it behind the Shiite factions is a massive restructuring of Muslim global power. But, according to my dreams, Iran will eventually betray Obama forcing Obama to turn to the US black Muslims for his power base. Iran's Housani doesn't want to share power with Obama any more than Obama wants to share power with Housani and Housani knows Obama will eventually stiff Iran just like everyone else Obama has already stiffed.

When you remember that it was the rich Suni Arabs and rich white cracker commie traitors who put Obama in power, then you realize that Obama has already betrayed absolutely everyone who helped put him into power and that Obama can't be trusted by anyone, not even other Muslims. It was the lust for power and wealth which caused these evil groups to put Obama into power to help conquer the world and set up their different global dictatorships. Obama is already causing all of their evil plans to fail because, it turns out, that Obama is the worst person they could have put into power. The only thing Obama cares about is Obama ruling the world and He doesn't even care which Muslim faction is his power base. All of these corrupt, power mad, greedy people's plans are coming back to haunt them and will eventually cost those vile people their freedoms, wealth, and lives because man plans, God laughs.

Be not deceived, your sins will find you out.

With all of these crazy, wicked, evil, vile people causing trouble for everyone, it is very important to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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