Dream 13

This morning I woke up to a very brief but important dream. The US military had just saved us from the current dictators in a hard fought civil war, they had reluctantly taken control of our government with a military dictatorship, the military leaders were very good men who were, in turn, being lead by a very good military man, a handful of civilians had taken a stand near and facing the leaders showing their support for their new military dictators, and the rest were either running around not knowing what to do or standing scared at a distance not trusting the military. I walked around the leaders a few times watching them and everyone else and then quickly took a place near those leaders facing them to show my support for those leaders and what the leaders had just done.

One of our biggest problems, at this time, is that we have been taught to not trust and even to hate the military, Christians, a military dictatorship, and a Christian theocracy and taught to trust Marxism, democracy, and the liberals by the very liberals who have destroyed our democracy, nation, and economy. In other words, we have been taught to distrust our protectors and good people by the very bad people we trusted the most and should have trusted the least.

We are going to have to 1) unlearn to trust the liberals, who are our true enemies, which is what God is doing now by permitting these same evil people to put us through this mess, 2) unlearn hating the military, most of whom have no intension for harm but only want to protect us from bad people, and 3) unlearn hating true Christians and a Christian theocracy while getting rid of the poser or bad Christians, which is what God is doing now.

As a nation, we are going to have to very quickly and very radically change our belief system while quickly cleaning house to get rid of all of these bad guys working to cause us harm. I see God doing this now by permitting the bad guys to have enough control the bad guys are showing their true colors turning increasing numbers of people against the bad guys. The bad guys have become so obvious with their criminal activity that you have to want to believe they are good guys in order to not clearly see they are bad guys. Part of the problem is that many people don't know if there are any good guys left, much less who the good guys are. God will take care of that for most of us by the end of the civil war but the rest will be up to us to prove we are the true good guys by our actions.

The military knows that most people won't fight, which is both good and bad. It is good in that, after the civil war is over and, if the military hunts down and kills the remaining bad guys as quickly as possible, there won't be any violent resistance to the military forming a new nation which will make it possible for the military working with Christian civilians to quickly and more easily build a new nation to protect the good people from the bad people. The bad side of the coin that most people won't fight is that, there will be a limited number of people to fight the bad guys during the war.

It doesn't help that most humans are risk averse and appose any real change and will be even more so after the current commies doing so much damage and causing so much harm while campaigning under the promise of change. The military and Christians will have to prove by their actions that we mean no harm to good people but only want to protect good people from bad people.

That will be a difficult task but I feel and believe God has shown me that will be best and most quickly accomplished by just protecting the good people from bad people, both internal and external threats, while establishing the conditions for a non-crony, free, capitalist economy to grow quickly providing everyone with jobs by quickly incorporating the Biblical political and economic system having only a 10% flat tax on income. This will encourage the good people who still have money and businesses to invest in their businesses quickly increasing jobs to put everyone to work with lasting full time jobs, instead of temporary government jobs created by taking money from people and giving part of it back to them in salaries, draining the economy.

When the good people return to work and are not being over taxed or oppressed by their government, they will begin to at least accept that government. Most good people want to just be left alone by their government to work, earn whatever honest living they can, and enjoy life as best as they can. If their government provides them with that, the good people will gladly accept that government. A properly structured Christian theocracy using the much more simple Biblical Laws, limited to a 10% flat tax, and backed by the military can easily provide the good people with what those good people want.

Before we can achieve this, we must first get rid of the extremely complex and corrupt laws and government which were designed to cause and have caused the destruction of our nation and economy by seceding from the Union of the United States of America and setting up a new nation as a Christian theocracy with the already existing Biblical Laws in place. We will still have to quickly build a much smaller Christian government infrastructure, which will require getting rid of the corrupt liberals running our current government infrastructure, which is what God is doing now and the military will finish in the coming civil war, while keeping the good people in our government, and then quickly build the new and much smaller Christian government infrastructure. We will probably have to depend on a combination of military and Christian government infrastructure and courts until we can get enough Christian courts and Christian government agencies running to take over the job.

Our government will have to be small but effective with the military stepping in when necessary to fill gaps until the Christian civilians can fill those gaps. Some of those military people will have to become civilians to permanently fill certain positions. This massive task will require team work between the good people in our military, mostly Christians, and the good Christian civilians.

This is a far greater challenge than our founding fathers faced because the founding fathers only had to unite 13 pretty independent colonies with a few hundred thousand people and we have to unite a much larger and more complex nation of hundreds of millions of people. The military, working with some good civilians, will have to completely build a new nation from the ground up including such things as a new currency, government, and laws. I believe that, with quite a bit of help from God, the good guys in our military along with some other government agents including law enforcement, intelligence, and others and some Christian civilians will be up to the job. The first two to three years will be the hardest for everyone.

I will tell you up front that a lot of good Christians are going to have to get up off of their butts in those very comfortable pews and go to work on a very difficult task because this thing won't resolve itself and will only be possible with our help and a lot of help from God.

During this coming time, it will be very important for all of us to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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