I Told You So 85

I told you before and want to remind you that when I am saying "I Told You So", I am saying that God told me so, told me to tell you so, and I obeyed God and I told you so.

Once again, I have been telling you for years that our economy is in a super depression while the "experts" have been providing you with an abundant supply of both smoke and mirrors telling you the economy was recovering. I know that quite a few of you didn't want to believe the truth I was telling you and preferred to believe the much better sounding lies of the "experts".

Today, I read that the Washington Examiner reports that, in a memo to clients provided to Secrets, Wall Street analyst, David John Marotta, calculates the actual unemployment rate of those not working at a sky-high 37.2 percent.

Remember that I have been telling you that, when an occasional "expert" would report the astonishing fact that the real unemployment was really 20%, that the reported number was still very low and some day the truth would be made known that it was at least and probably over 30% with 15%+ being a depression. Well, via a leaked memo to very wealthy clients, God just blew the smoke away and the mirrors down and the truth has been made known that the real unemployment is at least 37% and we are in a super depression.

This is the second time in about a week that some expert let us know that we are not really in a recovering economy but we are in a depression or worse, you know, just like I have been telling you.

Please note that the Wall Street analysts know about this and are keeping it secret between themselves and their very wealthy clients. They don't want you, the general public, to know the truth.


They wouldn't be afraid of a few hundred million pitchforks and torches, would they?

Note that Marotta is the same analyst who told investors in another memo to get a gun a short while back because of our imploding economy. They know that our economy will eventually cause civil unrest or revolt.

Here are some more fun statistics:

Visits to retail stores have plummeted by 50% since 2010, during our great recover.

Hold it, during a great recovery, shouldn't visits to retail stores be going up and not plummeting?

They'll blame the Internet for that but....

Retailers like J.C. Penney, Best Buy, Sears, Radio Shack and Barnes & Noble continue to report appalling sales and profit results, along with listings of store closings. Sears has recently reported that they may not be able to remain in business beyond 2017. Even the heavyweights like Wal-Mart and Target continue to report negative comp store sales. Increasing numbers of businesses are laying off thousands of people.

Oh yeah, now that sounds like we are in a massive recovery, doesn't it?

Add to this that the number of people on food stamps have hit a new high while Obama is talking about income equality.

What income?

Oh, I get it, Obama's version of income equality is that none of us will have an income. It will be zero income for all of us. Get the picture yet?

So now we know the truth that the real unemployment rate is 37.2% but it is growing every day so it will be even worse next month, and the month after that, and....etc. Yep, we are definitely in a super depression, you know, just like I have been telling you for years.

See there, I did what God told me to do and I told you so.

If you like eating, it would be a good idea to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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