Dream 14

I have been wondering about when Obama will stage his false flag event, declare martial law, and set up his Muslim dictatorship imposing Shiria Law on us. God just gave me a dream telling me a number of things.

First, it is like I have been telling you, God is doing quite a few things at one time such as causing people to see the ugly truth about Islam. Second, God told me to put that and everything else on one burner to keep an eye on those events and keep the other eye on God's current primary task of turning everyone against liberal pagan Marxism.

God has to permit the liberal pagan Marxists to have control long enough for most people to see the ugly truth about liberal Marxism and turn against it. He let me know that, when we see the vast majority of people, including all conservatives, almost all moderates, and most liberals see the truth and turn against liberal pagan Marxism in one huge wave, that is when God will use Obama and his Muslim pals to stage a false flag event, declare martial law, and set up their Muslim dictatorship. Then God will use Obama and his Muslim pals to quickly and heavily purge all of the mid to upper commie traitors, including the rich puppet masters and the puppets down to significantly below the level of Lois Learner. Those liberals love Stalin, who purged very heavily, are currently planning to purge all of the rest of us, and those liberals will get their beloved Stalinism but they will be on the receiving end of the purging and not on the giving end. All of those liberal traitors are dead, they just have not finished kicking yet.

God has to turn almost all the people He plans to keep alive against liberalism and all its ugly aspects before God destroys their liberalism so they won't be seduced back into it following the coming revolution and cause the mess to start all over again.

This massive wave of rebellion is already developing and I have been pointing out bits of it for some time. For example, anywhere from 70% to 80% of the English and Germans, along with increasing numbers of people in other countries, want to get out of the European Union, which was set up by the upper class trash and their puppets to evolve into their beloved one world commie dictatorship. Many Europeans will soon be voting to secede from their current nations which will automatically put them out of the EU. From about 70% to 80% of the people in the US want the liberal run government to send illegal aliens home and not make them legal citizens. I have seen videos by hard core liberals who voted for Obama both times saying they have realized that it doesn't matter who they vote for because the corrupt politicians in both parties are all in the same criminal bed.

People are waking up in increasing numbers and turning against the corrupt upper class trash and their puppets. Though the liberal activists are still putting out their poison, increasing numbers of the rest of the liberals are quietly listening, thinking, and realizing they have been deceived and are being screwed. When the liberals stage a protest and only a handful of activists show up, the rest of the activists are protesting the protest saying they are realizing the truth and getting tired of telling such blatant lies that their liberal friends are avoiding them, turning from them, and ridiculing them. They are also seeing the liberals such as Reid, Pelosi, Boxer, and Hillary telling such blatant lies that it is humiliating them to associate with the lying liberal puppets. Increasing numbers of liberals are seeing the ugly truth about liberalism, such as Obamacare, and most of the left are turning against the rest of the left.

You know that, when the liberal upper class trash plans fail on a massive scale, Obama will stab them in the back just like he did King Abdullah when their mutual plans failed. I have already explained how Obama will use a data base the liberals have to have in order to control their huge national organization to quickly and effectively purge the top liberals and they won't purge the way you might by just killing the guilty parties, you know, like Harry Reid. The Muslims have a pretty universal practice of killing every man, woman, and child in the families of their enemies. Entire upper class trash clans like the Kennedys, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, and others will be wiped out by the coming Muslim purge.

I figure that this tsunami of rebellion will likely follow a catalytic event which will cause everyone to become extremely angry at the same time. This could be anything. For example, it could easily be a pandemic of diseases being caused all over the nation by these illegal immigrants the liberals in both parties have bused to all 50 states. Suddenly, people everywhere, including the liberals' families, friends, and fellow liberals, will become sick and start dying. The first emotion will be fear, followed by anger at the liberal leaders, and then revolt against liberalism and their leaders.

So keep an eye on this coming turning from and revolution against liberalism by almost all of the people. God told me that when we see this, Obama will stage his false flag event, declare martial law, and set up his Muslim dictatorship.

It will be during this coming Muslim dictatorship that God will open everyone's eyes to the ugly truths about Islam and turn the people against Islam. Then God will open everyone's eyes about the ugly truths of the rest of paganism during the coming war. It is when the people have run out of false gods and religions that they will turn to the one true God in their time of need.

God's immediate task is that He is working to destroy their false pagan god, Karl Marx, so they will have one less false pagan god to worship.

It is always a good time to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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