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I just got an e-mail from one of my three site readers telling me of his frustration with how people are treating Israel while she is trying to defend herself and protect her people from the Muslim terrorists, Hamas.

But let's look at what God is doing with this.

Israel is really destroying Hamas, their weapons, and their infrastructure this time. She is devastating Hamas' ability to wage war against Israel and terrorize and murder Israel's people. As Israel continues to do this, the outcry from the left is becoming deafening and increasingly desperate. The liberals, especially our great commie traitor, John Kerry, are even openly talking about sending Hamas, a known terrorist organization, tens of millions of dollars to rebuild everything Israel is currently destroying.

Hold it, they are openly talking about providing aid directly to a known terrorist organization which is firing weapons at Israel to rebuild the terrorist infrastructure and replace the weapons Israel is destroy?

That is blatant treason. Just by attempting to do that, Kerry is openly committing conspiracy to commit treason and we can finally get that evil turkey for treason after all of these decades.

Hillary has just offered justification for Hamas to use children as human shields to protect Hamas' weapons by saying that it is alright for Hamas to store their weapons in a school with children because Gaza is so small and they don't have enough space to store those weapons else where.

That is aiding terrorists and is an act of treason.

Obama has become so frustrated that Israel is destroying the Hamas terrorist organization that Obama, in his desperation, was reported by one of his personal advisors as having yelled at Israel's Netanyahu to stop destroying Hamas.

That is also aiding terrorists and is an act of treason.

Remember that I told you that the liberals are becoming more desperate as Israel keeps destroying Hamas? Remember that desperate people do desperate things?

In their desperation, the left is being more open with the fact that they are actually in bed with and helping known terrorist organizations. That is blatant treason.

God is using what is going on with Israel destroying Hamas to show everyone who the people are who are in collusion with the terrorist organizations and committing treason. By causing those traitors to become increasingly desperate to save Hamas, the traitors are becoming more reckless and outing themselves as being in collusion with the terrorists and being traitors.

Remember that I told you in the last essay that God told me that He is exposing the liberals for what they really are to turn everyone against the liberals?

That is exactly what God is doing with Israel destroying Hamas and the liberals becoming so desperate they are exposing themselves to everyone. This is a fantastic example of what God told me He is doing in that dream.

So, as a Christian, what should you do?

You pray for the safety of Israel and her people, you pray that Netanyahu will continue to destroy Hamas so that the liberal traitors will become even more desperate to save Hamas and make it even more obvious they are in collusion with the terrorists so more people will learn the truth about the liberals, and pray that God's will be done because He obviously knows what He is doing and is doing a great job of it. Then pray for the peace of God in accepting His will. Oh yeah, watch and learn who the liberal traitors are. God is teaching you.

Who knows, maybe this is the catalyst God will use to turn everyone against the liberals? He is definitely using it to expose the liberals for what they really are.

Always remember that man plans, God laughs.

As always, it is good to....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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