Dream 19

Decades ago God showed me a dream and just told me to get up out of bed early this morning to tell you about the dream and explain it to you so I write. I know that, when God kicks my butt out of bed early in the morning, it is going to be a long day.

In that dream God had me go nation to nation and, in every nation, the corrupt people running those nations and the other criminals danced a silly little dance and, as long as you danced that dance, you could get away with any crimes you wanted. It was their "politically correct" little dance that made all of their crimes alright and was like a pagan religious ritual.

For decades I have been watching humans in all nations dance this little dance to openly get away with their crimes that are so obvious they are public or common knowledge but, hey, they dance their dance and they are innocent. They dance the dance to fool the stupid people and, when they dance the dance, they are insulting your intelligence.

That dance is the evil word games they play. If they say all of the right things the right way, they are not guilty, they are not innocent either but they are technically not guilty and get a pass on whatever crimes they were being questioned about.

One blatant example here is the dance both of the Clintons did when being interrogated by Congress and they couldn't remember anything but their names. It was blatantly obvious that they were both lying to Congress, which is a crime, but, hey, dey couldn't proves dat dey couldn't remember nuttin' so the Clintons danced the dance right and got away with their crimes.

Call in other witnesses who could remember more than their names to find out what really happened?

No, that wasn't part of their dance so you knew they were never going to do that.

You see, the dance is that the people doing the interrogating, whether politicians or the media, get to pretend and make it look like dey is are be being tough and are bad butts while giving the criminal an easy out for their crimes and to fool the stupid people into believing that the people doing the interrogating couldn't prove the person was guilty so the criminals ain't officially guilty but dey ain't innocent either and the stupid people always drink that Kool-Aid. When they dance their dance, they are insulting the intelligence of the people and there are enough stupid people to be fooled into submission.

Another great example is when they repeatedly call in people like Zuckerberg to "testify" or play dodge ball with Congress for the crimes he and FB are committing against the people. The dance is that the corrupt politicians get to make it look like dey is are be so bery tough in protecting the people while Zuckerberg gets to pretend he doesn't know crap about what his business is doing because "he ain't familiar" with anything going on in his business "but will check it out and get back to them about it", which he never does.

People, Zuckerberg is blatantly lying to Congress and they are letting him get away with it. If you don't believe me, go to college and get an MBA. As the CEO, he is responsible for everything his business does and, if anyone in his business is committing crimes or even just doing something unethical and he finds out about it, he is required to find out what is going on and stop it or he will lose his job and could even go to jail because not doing something about it is criminal negligence.

I mean, come on, everyone on the planet, including our corrupt politicians, know about what FB is doing, which is why Zuckerberg was called in to testify before Congress and Zuckerberg "isn't familiar" with what is going on in his own business? Really? What does the guy do, sit in a closet out of touch with reality and play with himself all day? And they pay him tens of billions of dollars to do that? Don't you think that, if Zuckerberg were that negligent, they would have fired his butt a long time ago? Maybe Congress should interrogate someone in FB who knows more about the business than Zuckerberg, you know, like the janitor?

Hey, maybe I am right, maybe you can be dumber than rocks and be one of the richest men in the world.

Which makes you wonder, just how stupid is their board of directors?

People, by law, if your corporation is doing something wrong and you are the CEO, you are ultimately responsible because, as the saying goes, "the buck stops at the top". It is Zuckerberg's job to know what is going on within his business concerning everything and to properly manage that business. It is called business management.

When they arrested the people who used ENRON to commit crimes, they also sent the CEO to prison because he had ultimate responsibility.

If FB is doing something wrong, everyone on the planet knows about it, and Zuckerberg doesn't know about it, Zuckerberg is "criminally negligent". If he really is even just a fraction of being that negligent, the board of directors for his business would fire his butt in a heartbeat. No one is going to continue to pay anyone anything who doesn't know more than that about the business they are managing, much less billions of dollars, therefore, it should be blatantly obvious that, when Zuckerberg says he ain't "familiar" with anything going on in his business that everyone else knows about, and he hasn't been fired, he has to be lying to Congress, which is a crime. This is especially true when you see how many different things "he ain't familiar with" that FB is doing wrong. That is called purgery and is a crime.

Zuckerberg pretending and lying about not being "familiar" with a thing going on in his business and that he "will check it out and get back to them" is his part of their little dance to insult your intelligence and fool you into believing that Zuckerberg might be innocent while the corrupt politicians get to fool you into believing they are tough and stand up for you when they don't do crap for you and are just insulting your intelligence because they think you are all stupid people.

Their little dance is just their pagan ritual for the corrupt political whores to let their johns continue to get away with their crimes while appeasing the stupid people, increasing the size of their off-shore bank accounts and doing nothing to help protect you from their criminal puppet masters. The political whores just keep sacrificing you, the people, to their pagan johns and gods to keep filling their bank accounts and hold off any revolts by the people to keep both of their heads a little longer. It is all an obviously scripted show and the stupid people just keep drinking the Kool-Aid.

What it usually means is that the political whores who do the most showboating are coming up for reelection soon and they have to put on a good show to fool their voters into thinking the political whores are doing their job of protecting their voters so that voters will keep voting for them.

How many times have the political whores spent millions of your tax dollars to put on one of those hearings and come up with enough evidence to actually bring charges against anyone?

I can't think of one time one hearing has resulted in charges against one member of the upper class trash in more than half a century. Wow, dey is really protecting you.

The lefty media do the same dance when interviewing any of these criminals to make it look like those criminals might be innocent while filling their bank accounts to live lives of luxury while you get to play the victim to their crime partners.

Everyone benefits except you. You get to play the stooge because you keep being fooled by their little dance.

I have been watching this little dance by our upper class trash for more than half a century, it just keeps getting worse, and it is sickening. It has finally reached a point now to where increasing numbers of people are getting angry enough they are starting to fight back. It is almost Bastille time again because the upper class trash can never steal enough from enough people fast enough and they always have to have more power. They can never be satiated and always end up driving the people to revolt. Hey, maybe the upper class trash love their Bastille haircuts.

BTW, today is Christmas so Merry Christmas.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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