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Stupid People

We have all seen the left showing their hatred for cops, the military, and other such protectors of the US Constitution. Then we see some of those people being stupid enough to enforce the unconstitutional and illegal orders of the tyrannical lefties, making themselves complicit in the tyrants' crimes, because dey is are close to retirement and don't want to lose their jobs and retirement.

Really? You are really stupid enough to betray your oath, the Constitution, your family, your friends, and the people of this nation for your retirement pension?

You just might want to go get another job.

People, Social Security is a retirement fund we worked all of our lives, paid money into and the lefties have already pilfered that retirement fund a number of times with them saying that we "don't deserve Social Security", meaning they want to steal the rest of it with "us not deserving it" being their excuse to justify them stealing the rest of the money we paid into our retirement pension.

"Oh, we don't deserve our money back but they deserve stealing our money for themselves?"

Hey, you are lowly peasants who don't deserve anything and the royals should get everything.

Then Obama signed an executive order giving the government the right, authority, and power to seize everything you have including your bank accounts, 401K retirement pensions, and everything else whenever it wants.

Then they recently came out and stated that "no one will own anything and you will be happy" (or else), meaning they plan to steal everything from everyone INCLUDING YOUR RETIREMENT PENSIONS, just like I have been telling you for years.

Do you cops, military, or any others really think the same tyrants won't also use the same excuse to steal everything from your retirement pensions because "you don't deserve it", especially with you knowing that they already hate you? Just how stupid are you?

The lefties are already telling you that they want to get rid of you by "defunding you", you know, like stealing your retirement pensions blind so you WON'T HAVE A RETIREMENT PENSION EITHER! Yep, that would fall under defunding.

No, you, just like the rest of us people are beneath them and don't deserve to retire. Unlike them, you should have to work as their commie slaves for the rest of your lives.

If you cops, military, or others are sticking around obeying their illegal and tyrannical orders to oppress the people and make enemies of the people because you think they will let you retire when they have clearly stated that none of us deserve to retire and they openly call to defund you, you are playing the fool.

Get it straight, fools, if the lefties stay in power, you are NOT GOING TO GET TO RETIRE! It might be a good idea to pull your heads out of your butts before you help them seize absolute power so they can take everything you have.

Then we have the super stupid lefty Marxist voters who believe the lies about them getting free stuff with the royal tyrants telling us that no one will own anything.

OK, fools, pull your heads out of your butts and answer this question: "How will you get free anything if you can't own anything?" The tyrants are telling you that you will not get free anything because you won't own anything when they are through with you. You will all be living in absolute poverty completely dependent on the upper class trash for every meal of crumbs until you die.

Then we have the same royal tyrants telling us that they plan to depopulate their planet by better than 95% "to save their planet" with their Green New Deal so that the only thing free any of you twit lefties will get is a free mass grave.

Just how stupid are you people who believe that the lefties will let you have anything but a mass grave with everything they are telling you?

People, the lefties are telling you what they are going to do to you. Pull your heads out of your butts, clean the fecal matter out of your eyes and ears, and listen to the ugly truth they are telling you and quit listening to the great sounding lies they are telling you. Wake up, fools!

Now, considering EVERYTHING the lefties are telling you, what are you really going to get?

Butchered, better than 95% of you are going to get butchered in the greatest genocide in history, especially all non whites, and the survivors will get to be their free impoverished slaves until they work you to death. They have been telling you that is what you are going to get for more than 30 years now but you won't listen because their lies sounds so goods it gots to be true and you seen it on TeeBee.

You stupid lefty voters who refuse to wake up to the truth and you keep voting for your future genocide and slavery deserve to die but you do not have the right to take the intelligent people with you. If you bad cops, bad military, and other bad people help these evil human demons stay in power so they can oppress your families, friends, and fellow humans, you deserve to die but you have not right to take the intelligent people with you.

BTW, have you noticed who is being oppressed, bullied, and terrorized by these evil tyrants, especially with so many conservatives fleeing the blue zones?

Yeah, most of the people the lefties are RIGHT NOW oppressing and enslaving are the stupid lefty voters who keep voting for these tyrants to stay in power while being oppressed and they deserve it but they have no right to help the tyrants force their tyranny on others.

If you stupid lefty people want to end up dead or, if you are one of the lucky few, impoverished slaves for the rest of your short lives, more power to you but you don't have the right to force your insanity on the rest of us. Just quietly go to your mass graves and leave the rest of us alone.

Hey, your demise will significantly raise the planet IQ. That will be a good thing.

I just can't believe these bad cops, knowing they are hated by the lefties with the lefties openly stating they will get rid of the cops, and those stupid cops are helping those evil lefties stay in power so the bad cops can get their retirement? Really? Why? Don't you bad cops understand what "defund" means?

Remember what happened to the SS guards at Nuremberg when they tried to use the defense that they aided Hitler in his crimes because the guards were just doing their jobs and just following orders. The judges ruled that the guards just doing their jobs and just following orders was not a valid defense for them committing their crimes and they hung everyone of them because the Nazis couldn't have committed their crimes without the help of those guards. Don't ever forget that.

You bad cops might want to go get another job before you turn the people against you and get yourselves hung. The only true friends you have right now are the people and you are betraying those people for the tyrants, who hate you and want to get rid of you, so you can keep your jobs a little while longer. That is stupid.

Super Stupid People

Now, if you want to see some really super stupid people, just look at the idiots who have been brainwashed by the media to feel sorry for poor, widdle, sweet, innocent drug offenders in prison, especially for pot, and they are saying that Trump should pardon them.

First, these "nonviolent drug offenders" are not innocent. They voluntarily committed the crimes of purchasing and using those drugs knowing it was illegal so they knowingly committed crimes and got caught and quit believing the lie that drugs are a "victimless crimes".

What other crimes were these people committing and they just didn't get caught?

Second, yeah, it is a really great idea to turn these dopers loose so they can return to buying their dope from violent street gangs, increasing the revenues for those violent street gangs, which will encourage young people, especially young men, to join those violent street gangs for lots of fast easy money, greatly increasing the potential those young people will either go to prison or be killed by gang violence.

Yeah, that will work well.

"Oh," but you say, "if we legalize pot and other drugs, the violent street gangs won't be able to make money selling the dope and they will go broke solving the violent gang problem."

Yeah, right. You have not been paying attention, have you?

Where they have legalized pot, the gangs just use extortion against the legal pot shops in their gang's areas to make more money while continuing to sell pot on their own with the cops not being able to arrest them anymore, with the number of users increasing, which makes the violent gangs even more wealthy. The gangs have not gone away from those areas. They are still there.

And you want to turn loose the imprisoned pot users to increase the wealth of those violent gangs even more to encourage more young people to join the violent gangs?

Plus it also ignores other problems caused by the drug abuse such as dopers becoming so incapacitate by their drugs that they can't keep a job and have to start stealing for the money to buy their dope, increasing the number of people overdosing and either being hospitalized or dying, increasing the numbers of people driving under the influence, increasing the accident and death rates for driving, killing many innocent people, including children, and increasing taxes for those who become so incapacitated they have to live on Welfare in vain hopes they will stop stealing to support their habits.

Listen people, the real reason you have been brainwashed to feel sorwy for dem poor, sweet, innocent dopers, especially pot users, who willfully committed crimes and got caught is because the upper class trash want to turn those dopers loose on you the way they are turning other criminals loose on you so those dopers can resume buying dope from those pushers because the upper class trash get kickbacks from the pushers and increased taxes from the legal pushers. Too many of their dopers got put in jail so the upper class trash are not making as much money and they don't care about the problems those dopers cause you because the upper class trash live in their very protected upper class neighborhoods.

Besides, the more of you there are using dope, the easier it will be to control everyone and enslave us all.

But, hey, the super stupid people are all for not arresting dopers because they are dopers and don't want to have to go to jail for their crimes so they sell their souls to the upper class trash devils to keep getting their dope and not having to worry about going to jail.


Remember that I told you that China and Mexico are building armies in California and elsewhere for seizing control of the US?

This video shows an increasing concern about China's actions, especially in Commiefornia. Gee, who would have figured?

People, it should be obvious that China would not have spent as much time and money on people like Swalwell, Feinstein, and Pelosi if they were not getting something in return and that should concern you.

What was China getting that made it worth it for China to spend so much time and money working with them and others?

Legal System

Remember that I have been telling you how corrupt our legal system has become?

This video shows some of that corruption. Every time I turn around, the legal systems seems worse and worse. It is definitely being abused and has to be cleaned up.

Free Boats

Remember that I have been telling you about so many people who buy boats, rarely, if ever use them, and try to store them with the intention of getting around to using them, which they never do so they end up spending big money storing boats they never use and, to stop the bleeding, they either sell the boats cheap or just give them away so the used boat market is a buyer's market?

This video gives you just one example of this. This couple bought their used boat to fix up and go cruising but, after about 2 years, the repairs and storage got to costing them more than if they just saved their money and bought a new boat because the repairs were taking so long.

So, to stop the bleeding, they just gave their used boat away in spite of the time and expenses already invested in the boat to stop the bleeding so they could just as quickly save the money to buy a new boat and go cruising.

Most people have a dream of going off cruising and just living a life of luxury and fun with no problems and quickly find it ain't what they thought it would be. Most of them find that cruising is more work and problem solving than just living a regular job while taking a few weeks off for a vacation every year so they quit to have less work and more fun.

You have to understand that salt water is one of the most corrosive substances on the planet and, with your boat being bathed in it on a daily basis, stuff is going to go bad quickly and frequently, which requires a lot of extra work just to keep the boat from sinking, much less working.

Another common thing I have seen is the wife expects to just lie around basking in the tropical sun with nothing to do and, if she can afford to pay others to do her work for her, she gets board, and wants to return to normal life. She quickly becomes unhappy, which causes her husband to become unhappy, and they decide to call it quits with either both of them returning to their prior lives or she goes back to that life while her husband becomes a single cruiser and there are plenty of single cruisers out there because of this.

After they return from cruising, they either have to sell the boat or store it, which costs a lot of money so they usually end up selling the boat for very little or giving it away to stop the bleeding so they can spend the money elsewhere.

In a nutshell, that is what causes the used boat market to be a buyer's market. A suggestion is that, before you decide to make such life changes, do your homework to find out what that new life will be like so you don't find yourself surprised and wanting back out of it, after it has cost you a lot of money and possibly your marriage. Look very well before you leap because you want to be happy with the landing.

As a side note, the price on catamarans has decreased so that more people are buying cats and not mono hulls, drying up the mono hull market. This is because cats don't heal in the wind the way mono hulls do and most people want to live in a more stable environment without the healing. Therefore, I expect the prices for mono hulls to come down as the demand comes down.

One thing that bothers me is people taking off to "travel around the world" during these violent times, which tells me they probably have not been paying attention to world events, especially in other nations because it ain't purdy out there for travelers right now.

Did you know there is an increasing problem with pirates attacking cruising boats in a number of places around the world and most nations won't let you carry guns to protect yourselves on your cruising boats in their territorial waters? Did you know that these pirates often rob, enslave, and even kill the boaters?

The worst places I have heard of are the waters around the South China Sea and the Philippines, just off the north coast of South America, around the Straits of Aden in the Indian Ocean, and off the coast of North Africa in the Mediterranean Sea, which means it is almost impossible to go around the world without a serious threat of pirate attacks.

Personally, I would not want to put my family at risk by sailing in those waters. About the only places that are safe today are in the coastal waters of Europe, North America, Australia, the North Atlantic, the north Caribbean and the Pacific Ocean east of Guam.

Money & Intelligence

Remember that I have been telling you that having more money does not mean you are more intelligent and that there are a lot of stupid rich people?

Watch this video about some rich people whose building plans for mini castles in Turkey failed and cost them $200 million and bankruptcy, you know, like those private islands they built in Dubai that no one wants to buy.

Note that these castles are already falling apart, they have not even been finished yet and were started just 2 years before this video was made. Look how cheaply they were constructed, you know, using Styrofoam for outside trim.

Hey, that is two super duper plans by the upper class that failed.

If you really want to see stupidity by the upper class in wasting tax payer money, just research old Olympic facilities. The corrupt politicians always spend billions of your dollars on facilities for the Olympic Games and then, after the Olympics are over, they either abandon the facilities or bulldoze them, wasting billions of your dollars, because the politicians are too stupid, ignorant, and simple minded to ask, "and then what?" Meaning what will they do with those super expensive facilities after the Olympic Games are over?

They know nothing about athletic administration and sports management so they ignorantly and arrogantly build super expensive facilities for just one activity for which the local sports industry cannot pay to operate or maintain so they have to be abandoned or destroyed but, hey, dey gots to be purdy.

The arrogant clowns don't know anything about designing and managing multi activity facilities that can be financially supported by a variety of sports and activities. Politicians have to be the most wasteful people on the planet but, hey, der buildings is purdy.

If I were to design an athletic facility for a university the way they design facilities for the Olympic Games, I would be laughed out of the industry.

For example, I have never seen one bicycle track or velodrome built in the US that was done professionally. They all make the same mistake of finding an architect who just designs their facility to just be a velodrome with some stands and a parking lot, usually controlled by idiot politicians. Almost none of their velodromes can be used even half of the year.

You should see the track I designed to build after I get well and financially back on my feet. It will provide a variety of classes, clinics, and events for at least a dozen different activity and will be an all-weather, year round facility.

The first thing I did was to do the market research to see which activities my chosen area will support. These are my target markets with several chosen to be my main money makers. You gotta pay rent, baby, or the doors will close.

Then I researched and designed the facilities to fit in as small of an area as possible while being able to provide room for a number of different activities at the same time. It is called design efficiency.

It is also designed for family so my customers will bring their children, who will be my future customers for long term growth and development.

I set up the basic scheduling of activities for each season to include on and off season use for all activities just like a university program would do and I am trained to do.

The first person I intend to hire will be an athletic administrator that most people don't even know the profession exists. That person and I will update and fine tune the plans for construction while hiring different types of staff to help develop the scheduling for everything including things like different activities, classes, clinics, competitions, marketing and merchandising. It will be an extremely complex task but fun and the grand opening will be a one week ball.

No politician is intelligent enough to even begin that job, much less do it right. I don't know if I have ever seen any politicians do a job right in more than half a century. They are idiots.

Oh, they always think they did a great job and their idiot media pals make it look like they did a great job but I have never seen one who has done a great job.

John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

You better....

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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