I Told You So 9

Today, Vice President Bush proved me right about bluffing and Russia and the Muslims calling his bluffs to win easy victories in world domination. Before, our wonderful duo of President Rice and Vice President Bush caved into the US liberal media and stalled the war in Iraq and then again in Afghanistan. Then, after considerable bluffing, they caved into not attacking Iran to stop their nuclear program and selling out our best ally, Israel, for cheaper oil. Now, after even more bluffing, they caved in to admit that Russia was "right for invading Georgia" in order to get Russia to not sell nuclear capable missiles to Syria but Russia will still set up house keeping in Syria with those nuclear missiles posing a serious threat to our former ally Israel.

After Reagan did so much to win the Cold War, President Rice and Vice President Bush have done so much to restart it giving Russia and the Muslims the strategic advantage. You can bet Putin and the Muslims are going to make hay while the sun is shining and laugh all the way to the bank. They are going to screw every US ally they can while they can get away with it. It has become very clear that, if you are a US ally, you better not bend over around Russia or the Muslims or you will get screwed fast and bad. You can thank our wonderful liberal media and others for putting us in this mess by cutting off Bush's balls with their acts of treason.

My question is, with Rice and Bush selling out ally after ally, why would anyone want to be a US ally? The liberal media said that we had alienated ourselves from the rest of the world by defending ourselves against our attackers and it was not true. But we are definitely alienating ourselves by selling out our allies to save our own cowardly butts. It won't take much more of this and we really will be alone facing everyone because our allies will realize they are safer to become our enemies' allies. After all, we now reward our enemies for attacking us and our allies and screw our allies for being our allies. You have to be an idiot to go for that deal.

A combination of the liberals, Bush, and Rice have done more damage to the US national security and the security of our allies than all of the previous presidents combined partly with the help of some of those previous presidents like Carter and Clinton.

This is one more reason why you should pray long, pray hard, and pray often that God will cause the Battle of Ezekiel 38 & 39 to happen quickly, that is before Bush and Rice can manage to sell out ALL of our remaining allies, if we still have any. Personally, I have stepped in smarter dog crap than the bunch currently "running" the world and I have seen braver chickens than Bush. Somebody give that guy a testicle and show him how to use it.

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