Dream 4

Note that this is not the fourth dream I have had but is the fourth dream I am writing about as a dream. God has given me plenty of other dreams He just has not wanted me to write about yet, it is just that this is the fourth one He wanted me to write an essay about.

This morning before I woke, I had a dream about power brokers and armies of contract killers or hit men I call contract murderers. Just before I woke, God let me know that the gist of the dream is that the commie's have so completely infiltrated the key positions of the different power organizations controlling the US and the world that the commie's are now in almost complete control. They only need a few more positions and they will have the control they need to set up their communist dictatorship in the US and then their communist dictatorship over the entire world.

This means the commie's have so completely infiltrated enough of the key positions in the Republican Party along with the Pentagon and Federal Law enforcement agencies, which were set up by the country's founders as controls, that they don't have to worry about those controls stopping their dictatorship. The only real thing they need to be concerned about now are the lower levels of the military and Federal law enforcement agencies along with the general public staging a revolution to over throw their dictatorship. At this point, they just need to finish off a few more power grabs and they will be in a position where they will only have to worry about the revolution and I have shown that they intend to use their "Citizen Security Force" (the CSF which I call the Communist Strike Force) to replace those lower levels within the military and Federal law enforcement agencies to be able to suppress a citizen revolution.

The commie's set up the two commie financial organizations, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, along with the laws I have repeatedly told you about concerning forcing the banks to take loans for houses from people who could not pay those loans in order to not only get involved in but to seize control of the home mortgage industry. It was with those laws and these two commie organizations that they were able to first create the housing bubble and then cause that bubble to burst causing the banks to begin failing which caused so many businesses to fail that we now have our current economic problems for which nothing Obama and his Commiecrat friends have done has actually helped the economy but everything has actually been causing the economy to get worse.

I hope you have noticed that the commie's have so effectively shifted the attention from the fact that it was the implosion of both Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae which led to the current banking crisis to it being the banks fault that most people seem to have forgotten that it wasn't the banks imploding but Freddie and Fannie imploding which caused this mess. Their commie media are so good at their propaganda. There are two main reasons for this slight of hand. First, it makes it possible for them to shift the blame from the commie's causing this problem to them being able to say the current economic problem was caused by capitalism failing. The second reason is so the commie's can show the bankers as being the "evil villains who caused this mess" so the commie's can get the backing by enough of the people to eventually take over the banks giving the commie's almost complete control of the economy and every aspect of our lives.

You have to understand that it wasn't that long ago that most smaller to medium businesses didn't use bank loans as a form of investment capital to run their businesses on a daily basis. Most businesses functioned on the basis of the owners using money they had saved to start their businesses and the profits they generated with the success of their businesses to grow their businesses slowly but the bankers, to increase their profit potentials, convinced almost all business people of the slight of hand that these business owners could get their businesses up to a higher level sooner by using bank loans. Of course the banks conveniently forgot to tell these business owners that at 10% interest the owners were giving the banks 100% of the principal for the loan in interest payments every 10 years. The bankers were able to get the business owners and managers to shift their focus from long term profits to short term profits causing almost all of today's businesses to become dependent on the banks for cash flow.

This has been so successful that all of the universities now teach using debt management as a standard and the only "accepted" way of managing businesses to the point that very few, if any, of today's business owners and managers know how to start, build, or manage a business without "leveraging" their business with debt management. This created a weakness in the capitalistic system which the commie's are working on using to take control of our economy. If the commie's can take control of the banks, then they will have control of ALMOST all US businesses. That is why Freddie, Fannie, and those laws were created; to break the banks so the commie's could justify and get the support of most of the American people for taking control of all of the banks or at least the largest banks. That will give them complete control of the US economy.

If you look at it, you should realize that the commie's have taken control of almost all of our economy and lives anyway giving them almost complete control of the people and the country. When you control the people, you control the country. They already have established control of almost all of our retirement with Social Security, have control of the medical industry for the elderly and poor with Medicare and Medicaid, have control of all of the poor people they keep creating via Welfare (now you know why Obama swore before he was elected that he would return the US to being a Welfare country), and with the many other laws and government agencies they have written and created, taken control of various aspects of our lives to the point that they now control almost everything.

For example, did you know it is not possible to own property in this country? The way it works is that you pay a large amount of money for "your" property then have to pay rent to the government for the rest of your life in the form of land taxes to keep using that property. Try not paying that rent to the government for just one year and watch how fast the government will take "your" property from you because you don't really own it, the government does. At this time, the government can take almost every significant thing you own away from you if you are not a good little citizen.

This should make it obvious as to why Ocommie is working so hard and feverishly to force his "health care" on the US. It will make it possible for him to seize complete control over the largest remaining industry they don't have control over plus he has a large number of other laws hidden within that package which will fill in the holes in the laws permitting them to finish seizing control of the rest of our industries and lives. Once this is done, the commie's will have set up everything for them to finish setting up their communist dictatorship and taking complete control of the people and the country.

I have been watching and believe that the reason Ocommie has recently put HIS entire original and unrevised health care package back to Congress is because, behind closed doors, he has managed to bribe enough politicians from both political parties to get the votes he needs to pass this peace of legislation. Keep an eye on this. If it passes, especially quickly, then you will know he got the infiltration and votes bought to get it passed. I don't think he would be putting his original package back to Congress at this time if he didn't already have those votes bought.

They are now within a stone's throw of being able to set up their commie dictatorship.

And if you still think God is not punishing this country for its wickedness, then just stop and realize that it is blatantly obvious that God has delivered us into the hands of our enemy (the commie's and Muslims) which is included in the last of the six phases of punishment explained to us by God. It is in that sixth phase that God destroys the country which is the main reason why this country is already dead, it just has not finished kicking yet.

Christians like to refer to Bible verses where God says that, if you repent of your sins and turn back to God, He will heal your country. The problem is that so many of the people in this country have become pagans because the Christians were taught to sit in the pews and pay their tithes to make the preachers rich and be tolerant of paganism by not "forcing" Christianity on others via witnessing instead of obeying the commission from Jesus to "go into the world and spread the Gospel" while the pagans were very busy spreading their gospel to those same people. The people, as a whole will not turn from their wickedness so this country can't be saved. It would require a country wide revival to save this country as was the case with Nineveh when Jonah preached to the people.

This is evidenced when God scattered the 10 northern tribes of Israel. There were plenty of devout Jews in those 10 tribes who were also scattered and set up synagogues around the world, many of which they are still finding today. In spite of this, God did not save the 10 northern tribes but did save a portion of Israel, the two southern tribes for the rest of the devout Jews to be safe in until they also strayed from God's Word and got scattered, several times. And remember that it was one of the Bible's most devout people who got scattered to Babylon in the first punishment of the remnant of Israel, Daniel.

God has shown me that His Christian country of the US really doesn't exist any more but that there are enough Christians left to warrant Him saving at least a portion of the country to provide a temporary haven for those people. I believe that, out of the ashes of this and surrounding countries created by the commie's and Muslims, God will set up another country to protect his remaining faithful people as He did with Israel.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often
because it has reached a point to where only God can stop this insanity.

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