Dream 5

Yesterday, November 27, 2010, I woke from a nap time dream in which, at the end of another dream, a white field or light suddenly appeared with a tiny, indiscernible image in the center. A voice came from that image saying, "After Iran gives Syria the next shipment of missiles, watch for the fighting to begin". I knew the fighting that will soon start has to do with Israel.

Being human, I first began to make the same mistake I had made with the Obama nuking Chicago dreams by trying to figure out when this might happen based on association with other soon coming events such as Muslim holidays. I quickly realized that I was making the same mistake and said, "Hold it, God has just given me the only reliable clue or sign for determining when the fighting will start, anything else will be pure speculation". Therefore, I know that I must just trust in God and wait for this sign to happen and then do what God told me to do, which is, watch for the fighting to begin.

I also knew that I am supposed to share this information with you so that we can watch for that shipment of missiles together and not be taken by surprise when the fighting starts. So, after Iran gives Syria the next shipment of missiles, watch for the fighting to begin. Watch for the next shipment of missiles from Iran to Syria. God will let us know about them.

I have been getting the feeling that things are going to really bust wide open soon. Hang on, this ride won't be any fun for at least a while then things will get a lot better. Personally, I have been rather anxious to get these bad things over with so we can get to better things in our lives. But the scriptures teach us to be anxious for nothing, so we must patiently wait for the will of God. He always shows up just in time with just enough to get the job done. He is never late and is never early. God has been showing me that there will be better things coming between now and the Rapture but, first, we have to get through these bad things.

Pray long, pray hard, pray often!!!

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